The Purpose behind Keith's Histories


Hi - I'm KEITH IVES a former teacher of History/Religious Studies/Sociology in secondary schools in the UK, until I took early retirement in 1997. Then I studied for a Master of Theology degree and became a pastor in Hornchurch, Essex (2000-4).  Spent some time in Tenerife and ministered regularly for extensive periods to a group of Christians in Los Cristianos. In 2008 I had some major surgery to deal with some cancer. Then from 2008 to 2012 I helped in the leadership of Upney Baptist Church, Barking as an Elder (2009-2012). During this time I was also to be an itinerant preacher amongst the churches of East London and Essex. In May 2012 my wife Val and I relocated to Braintree in Essex and in November 2013 I was invited to become the pastor of Braintree Evangelical Church.


I have a passion to encourage firm and stable Christian spiritual maturity based on an active, vital, trusting relationship with Jesus Christ. I would also wish to encourage and foster a better understanding of the history of the Christian Church; not primarily in some  antiquarian way, but as a way of deepening our understanding of the ongoing problems facing the Church in the contemporary context. I do  love to engage with any who have a concern to see the Gospel of the Kingdom of God needing to be displayed in our contemporary life and society. I have been studying in the 19th and 20th centuries in particular, but for me there is no restriction on the periods or personalities of interest. I have a particuliar love of biography and even my theological studies I appreciate them in their Historical time and context.


At the moment I am seeking to gain biographical information and would welcome any help/indicators/suggestions for information on the Scottish Evangelicals who 'battled' against William Robertson Smith during the 1870s trials; any contemporary interaction with a character like Robert Govett of Surrey Chapel, Norwich(1813-1901), who was the great-grandson of the great 18th century Evangelical, William Romaine; and finally, for the present, information on late 20th century British Evangelical leaders (eg. Paul Tucker of the East London Tabernacle, Geoffrey King, Theo Bamber, Leith Samuel, Stanley Voke, etc).



Feed-back, comments and any further sources of information would be appreciated -



Thanks for your interest.