Memories of Val

Just a few photos of a special lady

There are 69 photos for this gallery.
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Val the new mum Val with June and Jan Val and the 'Clan'
Just Val in the conservatory at Hertford Road One of the common rooms at Maria Grey College At Maria Grey's College - a Christian Union take off of the Borough Road lot!
Val with Linda and Linda's mum and dad Val and Keith when called to Emerson Park Church Val with the ladies of the 'Clan'
'The Clan' Val with her mum and dad A lady on horseback
Mum and daughter at Christmas opening presents Mum and daughter in Lebanon Val and the 'old fella' at Tyre, Lebanon
Val at St Paul's for our Induction Service Val with Rhiannon at Lincoln An Interserve Conference at Swanwick
Val and Joan Harris Val with Lin White A young lady!
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