Part 6: Inventory of British Weekly leading articles (1919-1923)


Jan 2: The Election Result: ‘Mr. Shakespeare at the Crossroads’ [comments]: ‘With the President in the City’ (CCC)

Jan 9: God’s Balance of Power (by Archibald Fleming): ‘Theodore Roosevelt’ (WRN): A gossip about holidays (CCC)

Jan16: The Sword and the Wilderness: ‘Shakespeare & Reunion’ (short series by D C Lathbury): The humours of American Journalism (CCC)

Jan 23: Not Disobedient: Hints for Journalists (CCC)

Jan 30: ‘I fear Him…Thou saidst’: Puzzles about george Meredith (CCC)

Feb 6: The Future of Mr Asquith: ‘Does a burnt child dread the fire?’ (CCC)

Feb 13: Dr Hastings’ Dictionaries: ‘The Last of the Pre-Raphaelites’ (CCC)

Feb 20: To Everyone a Trade: Political Portraits (CCC)

Feb 27: James Russell Lowell [Centenary of Birth]: The new Elizabethan (CCC)

March 6: ‘Depression, The Devil’s last temptation’: A Victorian Evangelical, Lady V. Buxton (CCC)

March 13: Charlotte Bronte and Anne Mozley (address to the Bronte Society by WRN): Archbishop Thompson (CCC)

March 20: Samaria: Nonconformist teachers by John Clifford: The Late G. W. E. Russell -WRN: Clemenceau (CCC)

March 27: The Cloud after the Rain: A bundle of books (CCC)

April 3: Dr. Richard Glover (obit): Bishop Gore's resignation: A Great War diary, Mrs S. Macnaughton (CCC)

April 10: The Responsibility of Rest: A gossip about Literary History (CCC)

April 17: The Power of our Lord’s Passion: Sir Walter Runciman's Banquet (CCC)

April 24: The True Peace of Life: A Study in Misery (CCC)

May 1: The Plain Man and Spiritualism: ‘Viscount Burnham’ (WRN): The Education of an American (CCC)

May 8: The Christian and Spiritualism: ‘Stood up against it’ (WRN): Questions about Popularity (CCC)

May 15: The Terms of the Peace: ‘Alexander Lee’ (WRN): ‘Mr Gladstone and Dr Scott Holland’ (CCC)

May 22: The Cross in the Garden: Kenelm Digby (CCC)

May 29: ‘Sursum corda’ (by John Hutton): ‘A born preacher’ (WRN): Londoners in War time (CCC)

June 5: ‘Strangely united’: The Lure of the Pen (CCC)

June 12: The Centennial of Julia Ward Howe [Battle hymn of the Republic]: Mother & Son, 'John Ayacough' (CCC)

June 19: The Centenary of Charles Kingsley: Mother & Son, F. W. Bain (CCC)

June 26: The Enabling Bill: ‘The Lost Million’ (CCC)

July 3: The People and the Peace: ‘The Years of the Shadow’ (CCC)

July 10: The Preaching of the Cross: Dr. Campbell Morgan leaving England: Robert Lynd  & Criticisms (CCC).

July 17: The Return of the Premier: ‘Dr. James Hope Moulton’ (CCC)

July 24: The Day of Glory, The Mall-Peace Day 1919 (by Sir Ernest Hodder-Williams): Two Scott problems 'Nigel or Niggie' (CCC)

July 31: The Day that will not Come: A Scott problem (CCC)

Aug 7: The Divine Translator: Mr Kipling as a poet (CCC)

Aug 14: Seaside Religion (by Archibald Fleming): ‘What are Christians in Germany thinking?’- James Stalker A Woman's year in the food ministry (CCC)

Aug 21: Three Steps to God: ‘The Kaiser & Religion’ (by James Stalker): ‘Books that helped me through the War’ (CCC)

Aug 28: Through Grace to Peace: ‘Books that helped me through the War’ [2] (CCC)

Sept 4: General Botha (obit): Relatives, Lovers, Friends and Acquaitances (CCC)

Sept 11: New aspects of brotherhood (address by WRN): The originator of the 45 Rebellion (CCC): Professor Macalister (CCC)

Sept 18: Gathering grapes off thorns: Country Ministers of the past (CCC)

Sept 25: The Prayer of Samson: ‘Mr [Edmund] Gosse at 70’ (WRN): The Lady Secretary, Novel (CCC)

Oct 2: The Great Strike: A feudal Lady, Sophia Matilda Palmer (CCC)

Oct 9: Lessons of the Great Strike: ‘Sir Edward Cook, Problems of Journalism’ (CCC)

Oct 16: Dr. John Kelman [leaving for American pulpit]: The Critical Anarchy, An evening with Prof. Phelps (CCC)

Oct 23: Lord Fisher (review of memoirs): The Strange story of Samuel Butler (CCC) [1]

Oct 30: Towards Unity [Paper for the Congregational Union/Bradford](by T H Darlow): Samuel Butler [2] (CCC).

Nov 6: ‘If I forget thee, O Jerusalem’ (Psalm 137:5 by John Hutton): A story of a broken friendship (CCC)

Nov 13: The Fallible Dean (review of bk.): ‘Professor G.G. Findlay’ (WRN): 'Two Ministers, R. H. Fisher and Archibald Scott' [1] (CCC)

Nov 20: Spiritualism (case against by Jane T. Stoddart): ‘Two minister, Dr. R.B. Fisher and Dr. Archibald Scott’ [2](CCC)

Nov 27: Giving God Time (by John Hutton): Sir Victor Horsley (CCC)

Dec 4: The Dark side of Progress: Catherine Gladstone (CCC)

Dec 11: The Bright side of Progress: A diplomat's memories, Lord Frederick Hamilton (CCC)

Dec 18: Spikenard: How Paris saw it through (CCC)

Dec 25: ‘The Faith of an Admiral, Lord Fisher’s records’ (book review): Charles Storley & Ronald Poulton (CCC)



Jan 1: The Irish Proposals: ‘The tragedy of a lady novelist’ (CCC)

Jan 8: The By-Elections: ‘Scottish Clerical stories’ (CCC)

Jan 15: With God’s Consent: ‘More Clerical stories’ (CCC)

Jan 22: War No More: Asquith's Paisley By-election: ‘If we had lost the Channel Ports’ (CCC)

Jan 29: What we can stand: ‘The Perplexities of a Curate’ (CCC)

Feb 5: ‘Pity joined with Power’: When we look backward (CCC)

Feb 12: Things that make for Peace (by John Hutton).

Feb 19: ‘When we are Strong’: ‘Prohibition'  (CCC)

Feb 26: Facing life with our backs to the Altar (by John Hutton)

March 4: According to plan (by Archibald Fleming): The Long Frontage (CCC)

March 11: ‘How we grow:’ Pastor Tydeman Chilvers at Metropolitan Tabernacle [London]: In the King's Palaces (CCC)

March 18: The Severity of God our hope: A prisoner at Mentone (CCC)

March 25: The Prime Minister’s outlook: The education of the woman voter by Annie Swan: Mentone Memoranda (CCC)

April 1: Mrs Humphrey Ward (obit): ‘Fleet Street and Downing Street’ (CCC)

April 8: From Jerusalem to Jericho: ‘Robert Nicoll & Kennedy Jones’ (CCC)

April 15: A Jaded Easter (by Archibald Fleming): A feast of fat things (CCC)

April 22: Lord Kitchener (assessment): George Tyrell's letters (CCC)

April 29: The difficult step: James S. Stewart (WRN): A Lady of Quality (CCC)

May 6: Encouragement: ‘An American on American Colleges’ (CCC)

May 13: The Greatest Victory of the Coalition: ‘Reunion of the Churches’ (by T.R. Glover): Patrick Shaw-Stewart, Some problems (CCC)

May 20: Personality in recent Philosophy: Free Churches & Education: William Dean Powells (CCC)

May 27: ‘But God –‘: ‘Portraits of the Eighties’ (CCC):

June 3: The Decline in Church attendance (speech to General Assembly by Marquis of Aberdeen & Temair): Plymouth Brother [Charles Hargrove]: Dominican, Unitarian (CCC)

June 10: ‘Very far better’: 'Birrelliana' [Frederick-Locker-lampton] (CCC)

June 17: Dr. Headlam on Church Reunion (by Prof.  J. Vernon Bartlett): A Heart-breaking Book [Gallipoli Diary] (CCC)

June 24: Three Score Years and Ten: ‘Lord Beaconsfield’ (CCC)

July 1: What is that to Thee? 'Sir Oracle' [Life of Lord Courtney] (CCC)

July 8: Notes on the Anglo-catholic Congress: The Late Tsaritsa (CCC)

July 15: Lord Fisher (obit WRN): The Empress Eugenie (CCC)

July 22: Dependence and dependence: An English Wife in Berlin (CCC)

July 29: The Good Part: ‘Voices of Westminster Abbey’ (CCC)

Aug 5: Not all at once: The Housing problem (CCC)

Aug 12: Treasure in Heaven: ‘Late George F. Pentecost’ (appreciation):'Flagellation' (CCC)

Aug 19: The Lambeth Conference and home reunion [assessment of the Appeal]: Minor Courtesies (CCC)

Aug 26: The Strain of Sympathy: Lambeth Appeal comment (comments by Carnegie-Simpson: ‘The man who does not grow old’ (CCC)

Sept 2: Pilgrims: Lambeth Appeal [further Comments]: The Irish Crisis: Holiday Budgets for 1920 (CCC)

Sept 9: Propaganda (Bk Rv): Dr Jowett back at Westminster Chapel: Principal Bennett & Principal Adeney (WRN): ‘Love in a Cottage’ (CCC)

Sept 16: ‘Mental fight’: 'Not another Pepys but -' (CCC)

Sept 23: William Sanday 1843-1920 (obit by J. Vernon Bartlett): Lord Frederick Hamilton's Good Stories (CCC)

Sept 30: ‘Nor any honey’: ‘Letters of Mark Twain’ (CCC)

Oct 7: The Niche of Jesus Christ: ‘The making of a new minister’ (by Principal Wheeler Robinson): ‘The Plague of Dots’ (CCC)

Oct 14: Can we defend the recognition meeting? ‘The Amenities of Book Collecting’ (CCC)

Oct 21: The need for sober words: ‘Archibald Marshall in a New Edition’ (CCC)

Oct 28: Dr. Kelman on the problems of the present (review): ‘Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson’ (CCC)

Nov 4: Autumn Days: ‘A Great School Master: H.M. Butler’ (CCC)

Nov 11: Congregational Worship: ‘Mrs. Asquith and her critics’ (CCC)

Nov 18: The Unknown Mourners (by E. Hodder-Williams): ‘Children of the Slaves’ (CCC)

Nov 25: The Letters of James Denney (review by George Jackson): ‘Grenfell of Labrador (CCC)

Dec 2: Andrew Murray (review of biography): ‘Books we think we have Read’ (CCC)

Dec 9: ‘The Boy who would not grow up’ (Rv of biography of Charles Silvester Horne): ‘Re-Reading’ (CCC)

Dec 16: Andrew Carnegie’s Broken Heart (Rv of biography)

Dec 23: ‘Fear Not’: ‘An MP’s Library’ (CCC)

Dec 30: A Fund of Joy: ‘A Scottish Bishop’ (CCC)





Jan 6: Changes: ‘Miss [Mildred] Robertson Nicoll’s Wedding’ (The Woman’s World [JTS]): ‘The Incarnation of Force’ (CCC): Things in General [Signed by WRN throughout the year]

Jan 13: Dr. Alexander Whyte (Memorial Issue – POTC): ‘Tributes to Dr. Whyte’: ‘The Friends we Never See’ (CCC)

Jan 20: Much Serving: ‘An Afternoon with Mr. Arnold Bennett’ (CCC)

Jan 27: Wonder: ‘Three critics’ (CCC) [Middleton Murray, Robert Lynd, W.G. Robertson]

Feb 3: Love: (‘Claudius Clear’ by E. Hodder-Williams)

Feb 10: Praise: Makers of the Scottish Reformation (Hay Fleming): (‘Claudius Clear’ by E. Hodder-Williams)

Feb 17: The three divisions of life: ‘Pride, vanity, conceit’ (CCC)

Feb 24: Whither? (By John H. Hutton): ‘Cecil Rhodes’ (CCC)

March 3: On being disquieted: ‘Northumbria’ (CCC)

March 10: On Active Service: ‘The Debt of Scott to Goethe’ (CCC)

March 17: Christ in Christian Experience (review of T.R. Glover’s book): ‘The Death of B.B. Warfield (‘Things in General’ [WRN]): ‘The Dearth of Anecdotes’ (CCC)

March 24: The Free Churches and the Lambeth Appeal: The Political Crisis: ‘A Journalist in Sing Sing Prison’ (CCC)

March 31: ‘All Hail!’ ‘The Master Spinner’ [Review] (CCC)

April 7: The Secret Experience of Bishop Moorhouse: The master Spinner in search of a wife (CCC)

April 14: Need there be Class War? (by JTS): ‘Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort’ [1] (CCC)

April 21: The Strikers and the Struck: ‘Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort’ [2] (CCC)

April 28: Coming to Jesus (by James Moffatt): ‘Henry Scott Holland(CCC)

May 5: A Practical Catholicism: ‘More Lights on the War’ (CCC)

May 12: The Patience of God: Lord Shaw’s 'Letters to Isabel’ (CCC)

May 19: Rocks ahead: ‘The Critic and the Author’ (CCC)

May 26: How Dr. Chalmers begged for children: ‘The Snake of Unselfishness’ (CCC)

June 2: The ‘Myth’ of Georges Sorel (by JTS): ‘Edmund Gosse and Lewis Hind’ (CCC)

June 9: Collier of Manchester (Rv by George Jackson): ‘The East Anglian Revival’ [Lowestoft & Douglas Brown]: ‘How they lectured Thomas Hardy’ (CCC)

June 16: Union (by John Hutton): ‘Revival in Great Yarmouth’ [EAR]: ‘The Editor who understood Women’ (CCC)

June 23: The Spirit of Sonship: ‘A Scottish Lady on Wales’ (CCC)

June 30: The Church of Scotland Bill 1921 (by Archibald Fleming): ‘With Labourists at Brighton’ (CCC)

July 7: God knows: ‘Douglas Brown in Norwich’ [EAR]: ‘The Vain Cry for Super-Men’ (CCC)

July 14: The Late Lord Balfour of Burleigh, Knight of the Thistle: ‘Short Stories’ (CCC)

July 21: The Supreme Standard: ‘Memoirs of a Clubman’ (CCC)

July 28: Dante thoughts on Prayers: ‘A Book I can recommend’ (CCC)

Aug 4: When God says ‘Tomorrow’: ‘The Student Christian Movement’ (by T.H. Darlow)

Aug 11: The Charge of God’s Elect: ‘Holiday Reading’ (CCC)

Aug 18: The Offer to Ireland: ‘The Death of A.W. Dale’: ‘A Country Minister’s Life’ (CCC)

Aug 25: A Scottish Churchman of 100Years ago [Matthew Leishman] (By Archibald Fleming): ‘A Journey by Charabane’ (CCC)

Sept 1: The Question of Reunion: ‘An American Politician, Was Blaine a good man?’ (CCC)

Sept 8: The Fifth World Methodist Conference (by Robert W. Perks): ‘Finds in the Old Manse’ (CCC)

Sept 15: Expectancy: ‘The Helpfulness of Games’ (CCC)

Sept 22: The Strength of the Prime Minister: ‘Desultory Reading’ (CCC)

Sept 29: Lord Rosebery and Christianity (review of bk.): ‘Three Entries in his Free Book – Robert Palmer’ (CCC)

Oct 6: Dr. Hutton on Preaching (Rv): Conoan Doyle on Australia (CCC)

Oct 13: The Need of Reverence: ‘WRN’s Seventieth Birthday’: Scotland with sunshine (CCC)

Oct 20: ‘Princes of the Church’ (review of Nicoll’s book by George Jackson): ‘The Life of Sir. E.T. Cook KBE (CCC)

Oct 27: The Light of Divine Principle (by J.H. Jowett): From Gladstone to Lloyd George (CCC)

Nov 3: Respect of Persons: The newest Travel Books (CCC)

Nov 10: ‘Freed by Fire’ (by George Jackson): Armistice Day: Viscount Rhondda (CCC)

Nov 17: Principal Forsyth (obit WRN): ‘Tributes to the Late Rev Principal Forsyth DD’: ‘Two Good Deans’ (CCC)

Nov 24: Church Union in Scotland (by Alexander Martin): Lord Salisbury (CCC)

Dec 1: Gold under the Turf: Dostoyevsky (CCC)

Dec 8: The Besetting God: Emeralds in History and Literature (CCC)

Dec15: ‘Rabboni’ (Rv of Anthony Deane’s book): Over work and nervous exhaustion (CCC)

Dec 22: ‘The Hovering Angel girt with Golden Wings’: Dr. John Hunter (CCC)

Dec 29: The Wonder of it all: My Birthplace (CCC)



Jan 5: The Gap in the Gospels: ‘Revival in Scotland’ (Dundee, North-East): Things in General (Signed by WRN continued)

Jan 12: The Reading of the Bible: Things in General (WRN)

Jan 19: Also Mercy: Things in General (WRN)

Jan 26: In Defence of Conference and Coalition (by Sir. E. Hodder-Williams)

Feb 2: ‘Dead ere his prime’: Dr. Jowett resigns at Westminster Chapel

Feb 9: A Great Relief

Feb 16: Living by the Faith of Others

Feb 23: Where are the Young Men?

March 2: John Buchan’s ‘History of the War’ (Rv)

March 9: The Prime Minister [support article]

March 16: Evangelism in the Church

March 23: The Guests of God [a pre-communion meditation]

March 30: Unbreakable ties

April 6: Maclaren and Newman – ‘Ministers through whom you believed’: The Late Archibald Brown

April 13: Ministries of Healing

April 20: Faith healing and its dangers

April 27: Sir Alfred Pearce Gould (by Frederic Spurr)

May 4: Where Bunyan fails us

May 11: Barrie’s message [Rectoral Address]

May 18: ‘Ataraxia’ (appreciation of Dr. Rendel Harris)

May 25: A Free Church movement in Germany (By B.H. Streeter)

June 1: ‘Deep unto deep’ (Appreciation of Alexander Whyte’s last book on prayer)

June 8: ‘The two ways of it’: ‘Rev. Douglas Brown’: Late John Cairns (WRN)

June 15: Does God Care?

June 22: America – an interpretation (by Charles Jefferson)

June 29: Sincerity: Lambeth Report [comments]

July 6: Unity (by P. Carnegie Simpson)

July 13: The Church and the Old Testament (by George Jackson)

July 20: The pulse of service

July 27: ‘From the horns of the wild oxen’ – Mark Rutherford’s favourite text

Aug 3: ‘The business of the Churches’ (by E. Hodder-Williams): ‘Premier and the Old Nonconformist Guard’ {Luncheon for Lloyd George]

Aug 10: ‘Behold your God’

Aug 17: Lord Northcliffe (Memorial Issue by WRN): The Church and the Old Testament (by A.S. Peake): ‘Preachers of Today’ (CCC)

Aug 24: Pulpit and pew

Aug 31: ‘This treasure’: ‘Problem of the Colleges’ (by Principal Oman)

Sept 7: What has the Church of Christ to say? (by J.H. Jowett)

Sept 14: ‘The shadow fear’d of man’

Sept 21: What will the Churches do? (by J.H. Jowett)

Sept 28: The programme and the Credo: French and German views on Jowett’s Manifesto

Oct 5: The League of Nations needs a Christian Soul (by Archbishop of Upsala, Nathan Soderblom)

Oct 12: Controlled or uncontrolled (by John Hutton)

Oct 19: The Political Situation [Lloyd George resignation]: Rev. James Hastings (obit WRN)

Oct 26: Two Prime Ministers [David Lloyd George & Andrew Bonar Law]

Nov 2: Political Quietism: ‘Sir H.P. Hartley (reminiscence by WRN)

Nov 9: Principle Denney’s Letters (reviewed by George Jackson)

Nov 16: The Neglect of the Bible: ‘From the nursery window’ (WRN)

Nov 23: The Lessons to the Liberals [Results of the Election]

Nov 30: The Supremacy of Love: Bishop Moule of Durham (CCC)

Dec 7: The Creed of Creeds

Dec 14: ‘Look up a second time’

Dec 21: The Unspeakable Gift: Favourite Politicians (CCC)

Dec 28: Reviewing our own lives: Favourite Politicians [2] (CCC)



Jan 4: ‘Think it not strange’: Watch night service at Spurgeon’s Tabernacle: ‘Sir Arthur Pearson’ (CCC)

Jan 11: Impressions of Central Europe (by Alexander Ramsay)

Jan 18: The guests at the first Lord’s Supper: ‘Home life of the Fourth Earl of Aberdeen’ (CCC)

Jan 25: The Congregational Forward Movement (by J.D. Jones): ‘Full Salvation’ (J.H. Jowett): [JTS was writing up ‘Claudius Clear’]

Feb 1: A desire to depart

Feb 8: A credible Christ (by James Moffatt): ‘Dr. Charles Stanford’s100s’ (CCC)

Feb 15: John Woolman and Saint Teresa (Rv of journal and essays)

Feb 22: The Arm of Flesh

March 1: ‘Adsum’ [Rv of Anglican Essays]

March 8: What Faith has to face

March 15: ‘The Father who seeth in secret’: ‘Sir William Harcourt’ [Nicoll’s last ‘Claudius Clear’ – completed by JTS]

March 22: ‘What God hath joined’ (by John Hutton): J.A. Hutton called to succeed J.H. Jowett at Westminster Chapel, London

March 29: The Miracle of Easter

April 5: The Loyal Heart: J.A. Hutton accepts the call to Westminster Chapel

April 12: The Tree Crowns

April 19: Liberal Evangelicalism (Bk Rv of a symposium of a group of Anglicans)

April 26: Wanted – a simple creed

May 3: The Story of Christ: Royal Wedding at the Abbey

May 10: SIR WILLIAM ROBERTSON NICOLL –Memorial Issue: Tributes and friends and colleagues: ‘20 years of Twa-som Cracks’

May 17: Eleven months of the year: Tributes from the weekly press to WRN

May 24: C.H. Spurgeon’s Message to the Modern Preacher (by F.W. Norwood): ‘20 years of twa-som cracks’ – memories of WRN

May 31: ‘Carry us not up hence’ (by John Hutton)

June 7: The Reserves of the Soul: J.D. Jones’ 25th Anniversary: Some Spurgeon Letters

June 14: The Great Welcome: Dr. Hutton at Westminster Chapel

June 21: Out of Dry Ground

June 28: The Minister of Christ

July 5: Puritanism and Beauty (by George Jackson)

July 12: The Free churches and the Sacrament of Communion

July 19: The Congress, the Church and the Nation

July 26: The Wrong Attitude (by John Hutton)

Aug 2: The Old Testament in Home and school

Aug 9: The Sin of contempt (by T.H. Darlow)

Aug 16: Do we believe in the Holy Spirit?

Aug 23: To the dreamer of dreams

Aug 30: The supreme Claim

Sept 6: The Temptations of Power

Sept 13: The Reviving Look

Sept 20: The Living God

Sept 27: Church union in Scotland: ‘A message for the hour’ (by John Hutton)

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