Part 5: Inventory of British Weekly leading articles (1914-1918)


Jan 1: A New Year Homily (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Mr Lathbury’s Essays (WRN): ‘Lord Burnham at 80’ (CCC)

Jan 8: Kikuyu and the Church of England: ‘The Struggles of a Woman Journalist (CCC)

Jan 15: The Issues of Kikuyu: ‘New Light on Charles Eliot Norton’ (CCC)

Jan 22: A short way with the Modern Mind: ‘Carlyle and Ruskin’ (CCC)

Jan 29: St Paul and the Mystery Religions (review by James Denney).

Feb 5:  Theology at its best! (Bk Rv): ‘Curiosity of Biography’ (CCC)

Feb 12: Return to thy rest: ‘Katherine Tynan’ (CCC)

Feb 19: Jesus receiving sinners: ‘A Difference of Taste’ (CCC)

Feb 26: Risking it [Liberals and future election]

March 5: The Five-Fold tears of sowing: An Appreciation of the late Canon Driver (WRN): ‘Difficulty of Expression (CCC)

March 12: The Child and the Church (address by WRN at National Free Church Council)

March 19: The Reconciliation of Ireland: ‘Platonic Love’ (CCC)

March 26: ‘No armour for the back’: ‘With folded hands’ (CCC)

April 2: Questions at issue (Irish questions): ‘William James and Mary Temple’ (CCC)

April 9: Forgiveness like God’s: ‘William James and Mary Temple [2] (CCC)

April 16: An Easter Morning Sermon (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Dreams’ (CCC)

April 23: A Prophecy Revived: ‘An Ulster Irishman (CCC)

April 30: Baptist country ministers: St Paul’s fight for Galatia (by James Denney): ‘S R Crockett’ (CCC)

May 7: Silvester Horne (POTC): Tributes from P T Forsyth etc: ‘Justin McCarthy’ (CCC)

May 14: The Spirits of the Just: ‘The Colonial Imprudence of Canon MacColl’ (CCC)

May 21: ‘Can Faith dispense with Facts?’ (by James Denney): ‘Silvester Horne’ (by J H Jowett): ‘The Life of Water Bagehot’ (CCC)

May 28: When Thou shalt enlarge my Heart: ‘The Courtship of Walter Bagehot’ (CCC)

June 4: The Difference Christ is Making; [1] ‘They’: ‘The Gospel according to Smiles’ (CCC)

June 11: The Difference Christ is Making; [2] Property: ‘Theodore Watts Dunton’ (CCC)

June 18: The Difference Christ is Making; [3] The order of our going: Mark Rutherford (WRN): Address to Booksellers’ (WRN)

June 25: The Difference Christ is Making; [4] Christian Legislation: ‘Prof. Edward Dowden’ (CCC)

July 2: The Difference Christ is Making; [5] The Millennium & the John Mill-Enium: ‘The Centenary of Waverley’ (CCC)

July 9: Christianity and Nationality (by P.T. Forsyth): ‘Joseph Chamberlain’ (CCC)

July 16: ‘Gave matters’: ‘The Age of Jeanie Deans’ (CCC)

July 23: The Difference Christ is Making; [6] ‘Charity never faileth’: ‘The Charm of Anatole France’ (CCC)

July 30: ‘Despondency Corrected’: ‘Holiday Reading’ (CCC)

Aug 6: United We Stand: ‘Holiday Reading’ [2] (CCC)

Aug 13: The Christian Community and the War (by James Denney): ‘Concerning Cats’ (CCC)

Aug 20: The War and the National Conscience (by James Denney): ‘Concerning Cats’ [2] (CCC)

Aug 27: Quietness and Confidence: ‘Concerning Dogs’ (CCC)

Sept 3: ‘Set down my name sir!’ ‘Concerning Dogs’ [2] (CCC)

Sept 10: Has Corsica conquered Galilee? ‘Lady Novelists – Florence Barclay’ (CCC)

Sept 17: ‘The Ten Commandments will not budge’: ‘Lady Novelists – Gertrude Atherton’ (CCC)

Sept 24: Prayer in Time of War (PIWT): War Notes starts (WRN): ‘The Tongue of Fire’ (CCC) [a speech of Lloyd George]

Oct 1: The Pilgrim Soul of Russia: ‘The German Army from within’ (CCC)

Oct 8: A Case of Kaiserism in Israel, with some of its lessons to ourselves (by Alexander Whyte)

Oct 15: Christianity and War (by D C Lathbury)

Oct 22: The Churches and the War (WRN): Wartime sermon (by Alexander Whyte)

Oct 29: A Call from the Battlefield (Address at City Temple, London –PIWT): ‘The New Testament in life and Literature’ (CCC) [review of Jane Stoddart’s Book]

Nov 5: First Righteousness and then Peace (Address at City Temple, London – PIWT): ‘British Pluck and Fear (CCC)

Nov 12: More men and still more men: ‘The Great Napoleon in the Realms of Print’ (CCC)

Nov 19: The Government and the War: ‘From an old letter box’ (CCC)

Nov 26: The Triumph of General Red Tape: ‘On Keeping a Diary’ (CCC)

Dec 3: Saving Self and Saving Others (sermon by Prof. A.R. MacEwen): ‘Disraeli in Middle Life (CCC)

Dec 10: Christmas in the time of War: ‘Principal Fairbairn’ (CCC)

Dec 17: The Power of Knowledge (review of biography of Robert Flint – POTC).

Dec 24: ‘A Unique Book on St Paul’ (review by James Denney of the Baird Lectures of 1913): ‘Schools and Schoolmasters’ (CCC)

Dec 31: 1914 Looking Backwards: A Chapter of Anecdotes (CCC)



Jan 7:  1915 Looking Forwards: A German rejoinder to British Theologians.

Jan 14:  Consolations: Review of James Stalker’s ‘Christian Psychology’: ‘The Four Temperaments’ [series of 4] (CCC).

Jan 21: ‘The War and the Fear of God’ (by James Denney)

Jan 28: The Happy Warrior

Feb 4: ‘Man and Money’ (by James Denney)

Feb 11: ‘That the Scripture might be fulfilled’

Feb 18: Suspense (PIWT): The Death of Prof Cheyne

Feb 25: Dr. T.K. Cheyne (obit WRN): ‘The student movement’ (by Principal Selbie)

March 4: On a Much-Neglected Virtue (by Prof. L.P. Jacks): Do we believe in Education? (CCC)

March 11: Drinking and Horseracing in Wartime: ‘Relations between fact and fiction’ (CCC)

March 18: Welsh Disestablishment ‘Compromise’: ‘The waste of Christian influence’ (by J.H. Jowett)

March 25: The safety of Elevation (by H R Mackintosh)

April 1: When the wounded go home (PIWT): Lessons from Richard Baxter’s life (by Alexander Whyte)

April 8: The Soul of Germany [book review of Prussian culture]: ‘My first schoolmaster’ (CCC)

April 15: The Limits of Human Achievement; ‘My Favourite reading, in self defence’ (CCC)

April 22: Total Prohibition? ‘Jane Austen on Marriage’ (CCC)

April 29: Dr G A Smith on War and Peace (review of two sermons): ‘Weeding a library’ (CCC)

May 6: Mr Lloyd George’s Drink Proposals: ‘Can Puritans love Romantically’ (CCC)

May 13: ‘I will send the Comforter’ (An Ascension Sermon by Alexander Whyte): America & The Lusitania: ‘The late Charles Frohman (WRN)

May 20: On receiving Bad News: ‘My first house, the Absolution of Snow’ (CCC)

May 27: Work for the National Government.

June 3: The Call to the Christian Church: ‘How to be happy through working’ (CCC)

June 10: The Next Three Months: ‘On Essay & Essayists’ (CCC)

June 17: Time means Life: ‘The wife of Charles Darwin’ (CCC)

June 24: Endurance [comment on speech by Asquith] (PIWT): ‘Second Readings and Unhappy Endings’ (CCC)

July 1: The remorse of James (war sermon by Alexander Whyte).

July 8: Officialism and Obscuranticism: The B/W and Conscription: ‘The Writing of an Essay’ (CCC)

July 15: Better (assessment of the War to date by WRN).

July 22: The Claims and the Rights of Women: ‘The last pages of Mark Rutherford’ (CCC)

July 29: ‘The Rocks are not Burning (speech of Rendel Harris at Methodist Conf. -PIWT): ‘The Late Principal Stewart’ (WRN)

Aug 5: Angels and demons: ‘Heroes and Heroism’ (CCC)

Aug 12: ‘The Darkness and the Light’ (by James Denney): ‘Late Maartens’ (WRN)

Aug 19: On Thrift (by Sir Lauder Brunton): ‘Essay on Black Sheep’ (CCC)

Aug 26: ‘Victory over Death’ (by James Denney).

Sept 2: War’s Red Touchstone: Dr Clifford’s Retirement – WRN: ‘Scotland at time of War’ (CCC)

Sept 9: The Limits of Vituperation: ‘The Invincible Soul – J H Jowett.

Sept 16: ‘We Wrestle not against Flesh and Blood’ (by Alexander Whyte): R.J. Campbell retires from the City Temple (London): ‘The Capacity to Converse (CCC)

Sept 23: ‘Speak ye’: ‘History of Christian Missions’ (review by James Denney)

Sept 30: The best of both worlds: ‘The Contagion of Health’ (CCC)

Oct 7: ‘Mr Balfour’s Gifford Lectures’ (reviewed by James Denney): ‘Music & War’ (CCC)

Oct 14: ‘When the commandment came’.

Oct 21: No sulking: ‘The Victorians’ (CCC)

Oct 28: ‘Her Soul goes marching on’ [The death of Edith Cavell].

Nov 4: Mr Asquith’s Statement: ‘Dr. Chalmers and books’ (by Alexander Whyte)

Nov 11: The People and Lord Kitchener

Nov 18: Rulers and the Press: ‘Footnotes to Life’ (CCC)

Nov 25: The Sword, the Fire and the Baptism.

Dec 2: The New Imperialism (by J.D. Freeman).

Dec 9: The Crucible of War (by W.M. Clow): Messages in War Time (by James Denney)

Dec 16: The Dragon at the Last Bridge: ‘Shakespeare’ (CCC)

Dec 23: Christmas 1915: ‘An Aberdeenshire Gossip’ (CCC)

Dec 30: Our Help in Ages Past: ‘Wills of Famous Men’ (CCC)



Jan 6: ‘They compel’: ‘Sapper, A New Writer’ (WRN): ‘R.J. Campbell’ [Resignation from the City Temple and move to join the Anglicans] (by P.T. Forsyth)

Jan 13: Father Stanton, the Centre of Communion (POTC).

Jan 20: To the Quiet in the Land (PIWT): ‘Some Memories’ (CCC)

Jan 27: The Eighteenth Month in Germany.

Feb 3: The Centenary of Frederick Robertson (POTC): ‘Two Golden Lads, D.O. Barnett & G.H. Sorley’ (CCC)

Feb 10: Work for Lord Northcliffe.

Feb 17: Sir Edward Grey: ‘Donald Macleod’ (WRN)

Feb 24: Lord Fisher (by James Douglas).

March 2: Privileges of Beer.

March 9: Shakespeare and France: ‘Dr. William Knight’ (WRN)

March 16: Mr. Churchill and Mr Balfour: ‘The love of the limelight’ (CCC)

March 23: Hold On! Dr. Stopford Brooke (WRN)

March 30: The Love of Christ: The capacity for sympathy (by J.H. Jowett): ‘Grooviness’ (WRN): ‘The constraint of the Cross’ (by James Denney).

April 6: ‘Shall He Find Faith’ (by James Denney).

April 13: The Acceptance of Sacrifice (PIWT): ‘The Late Sir Alexander Simpson’ (CCC)

April 20: ‘Their Un-overtakeableness’ (PIWT): ‘The art of Questioning’ (CCC): ‘Charles Cooper of Scotsman’ (WRN)

April 27: How Much More? ‘The Hall Mark of True Courage’ (by J.H. Jowett): ‘Our Readers on Mr. Shakespeare’s Scheme’ (CCC)

May 4: ‘Abide with us for it is toward Evening (PIWT)

May 11: ‘The Stone which the Builders Rejected’ (by John Hutton): ‘Nonconformists and Mr. Lloyd George’

May 18: Humiliation a part of Prayer (PIWT): ‘Climbing the greasy pole’ (CCC)

May 25: ‘In Time of War’ (address by G..Adam Smith): ‘Too Much Hugh Benson’ (CCC)

June 1: A plea for the YWCA: ‘The cat did it’ – WRN.

June 8: Lord Kitchener [his ship sunk]

June 15: Pray Without Ceasing (PIWT): Memorial Services for Lord Kitchener: ‘Scott’s “Mitherless Bairns”, Questions of our readers’ (CCC)

June 22: ‘But rather giving of thanks’ (PIWT).

June 29: The Four Anzac stars.

July 6: The Hand of God in Judgement (PIWT).

July 13: ‘Conscience’ (by James Denney).

July 20: The War, a Parallel.

July 27: Importunate Prayer (PIWT): ‘On the trail of Stevenson’ (CCC)

Aug 3: Carry on! Lord Derby, an impression – WRN: ‘A Lively Lady’ (CCC)

Aug 10: Visiting the Churches: Scot’s ‘Mitherless Bairns’ again (WRN)

Aug 17: ‘After the War’ (by James Denney): ‘The difficulty of Translation’ (CCC)

Aug 24: Not as the World Giveth.

Aug 31: The Meaning of Romania’s Choice.

Sept 7: The Consecration of our Goods.

Sept 14: The Casualty Lists.

Sept 21: Calling up our Reserves.

Sept 28: The Lamb breaking the Seals.

Oct 5: Britain and the United States.

Oct 12: ‘A foregone conclusion’ (A review of R.J. Campbell’s A Spiritual Pilgrimage  by WRN).

Oct 19: Seven miles in Picardy: Dr Clifford at 80 (WRN): R J Campbell’s Spiritual Journey reviewed.

Oct 26: Garvin or Churchill? (An exercise in higher criticism)

Nov 2: Thirty Years of the British Weekly: ‘Strong Canadians’ (CCC)

Nov 9: British endurance: Letters of congratulation for Thirty Years of B/W.

Nov 16: The Re-discovery of Persons: ‘The life of Theodore Watts-Dutton’ (CCC)

Nov 23: Conan Doyle as Historian (book review).

Nov 30: Conan Doyle on four Great Battles

Dec 7: The Crisis (WRN) [The fall of Asquith in the making]: The War – The Story of the Crisis – Disquieting facts: ‘So Great a Cloud of Witnesses’ (War Sermon by G Adam Smith): Change of Government.

Dec 14: The National Government: The Prime Minister’s Services in the War: ‘Lord George Hamilton’s Reminiscences (CCC)

Dec 21: Stand up, Ye Dead: ‘Auld Reekie’ (WRN)

Dec 28: The Struggling God (by Prof. P Carnegie Simpson): ‘George Buchanan Smith’ (WRN)



Jan 4: ‘Have faith in God’ (A New Year’s Motto).

Jan 11: Divine Providence, Browning & Stevenson.

Jan 18: State Purchase (by James Denney): ‘Wanted – Great Preachers in London’ (CCC)

Jan 25: The War after 30 Months.

Feb 1: ‘For such a Time as This’.

Feb 8: Hail Columbia!

Feb 15: Prohibition (by James Denney): ‘A Nonconformist Professor, Dr O C Whitehouse’ (CCC)

Feb 22: ‘The years of dearth’ (by J H Shakespeare).

March 1: Mr Lloyd George’s Conquest of England: ‘T W Stoughton’ (CCC)

March 8: ‘Other Foundations can no man lay’.

March 15: ‘I sleep, but my heart waketh’.

March 22: The Faith of Fighting Men (by Archibald Fleming).

March 29: The Government and State Purchase (by J Duncan Millar/ Clifford etc).

April 5: Reunion in Eternity, (1. RIE): Immortality without God.

April 12: ‘Let my People go’ (by John Hutton).

April 19: A Week of Victories: ‘An American Luncheon’ (CCC)

April 26: Shall the Trade Starve Us? [Bread vs Beer] (By Duncan Millar): ‘A Literary life’ (CCC)

May 3: Life in God and Union there (2. RIE): ‘Charles Lister’ (CCC)

May 10: The Children of the Resurrection (3. RIE)

May 17: Miracle in War (by Archibald Fleming): ‘How to read’ (CCC)

May 24: The Homeliness of Jesus: ‘More about reading’ (CCC)

May 31: The Fear of Fear (by Norman Maclean): ‘Can the memory be strengthened’ (CCC)

June 7: Father Stanton.

June 14: Principal Denney (obit WRN): ‘Dies Irae, Scott, Hutton and Swinburne’ (CCC)

June 21: Principal Denney (by James Moffatt): ‘A Notable Nonconformist Marriage’ (WRN): ‘Notes and Comments’ (CCC)

June 28: Questions for the Prime Minister: ‘Good Soldiers’ (CCC)

July 5: The Premier in Scotland ‘A Library for £5’ (CCC)

July 12: The Sin of Panic (by John Hutton): ‘ALFFP’ [2] (CCC)

July 19: In the Day of the Ordeal: ‘ALFFP’ [3] (CCC)

July 26: Esperanto of the Ages (by Archibald Fleming) ‘ALFFP’ [4] (CCC)

Aug 2: Renunciation and Reunion (RIE): ‘ALFFP’ [5] (CCC)

Aug 9: Three Years – and after: ‘ALFFP’ [6] (CCC)

Aug 16: The Fourth Agony, the firm resolve (by Archibald Fleming).

Aug 23: The Wrath of the Lamb.

Aug 30: The Otter and his breathing hole (by Alexander Whyte).

Sept 6: The Solvent of Sympathy (by John Hutton): ‘From the Heart of the Hills (CCC)

Sept 13: ‘The Land that is very far off’ (by Archibald Fleming): ‘From the Old Manse Library’ (CCC)

Sept 20: Mr. Well’s Golden Tonic: ‘More about quarrels’ (CCC)

Sept 27: ‘Salted with Fire’ (In memory of John Hutton – WRN): ‘Dilke & Chamberlain’ (CCC)

Oct 4: Thomas Goodwin, his theology in writing on Christ (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Dilke & Chamberlain’ (CCC) [2]

Oct 11: The Pulpit and the War: ‘A Great American Editor’ (WRN)

Oct 18: Can we trust Rome?

Oct 25: A plea for poor ministers: The late Thomas Spurgeon.

Nov 1: Luther being dead yet speaketh or is yet spoken of (by Alexander Whyte)

Nov 8: A Raid Night Reverie in London (by Alexander Whyte): ‘A Victorian Essayist’ (CCC)

Nov 15: Ambassador Gerard’s Book.

Nov 22: Viscount Morley.

Nov 29: Stopford Brooke’s message.

Dec 6: Lord Lansdowne and America.

Dec 13: Jerusalem Delivered. [Allenby]

Dec 20: Bethel Revisited.

Dec 27: ‘Sacrificing to the gods which smote us.’ (by John Hutton)



Jan 3: A Prayer for the New Year: The love letters of Charlotte Bronte (CCC)

Jan 10: War Aims and Prospects: Envy, the Stately Vice? (CCC)

Jan 17: A Welcome to the Woman Voter: Tired and Retired (CCC)

Jan 24: The Creed of the Battlefield (book review): Wives of the Prime Ministers (CCC)

Jan 31: The Cross and the Battlefield: Mary Barton, A tale for the time (CCC)

Feb 7: Encouragement: 'Worry' (CCC)

Feb 14: A study in David’s Old Age (by an octogenarian): The Manifesto from Moscow (CCC)

Feb 21: Three Duties of the Day: ‘A Sequence of Air Raid, London’s noisy Weekend’ (Lorna): ‘Wellhausen, A Memory’ (CCC)

Feb 28: Between Bereavement and Reunion (RIE): Deas Cromarty (WRN): ‘In the Days of Victoria’ (CCC)

March 7: The Press and the Nation: ‘How to Save’ (CCC)

March 14: ‘Frogs under a Flagstone?’: The abandonment of State Purchase: ‘The Confessions of a Browning Lover’ (CCC)

March 21: ‘The renewal of strength’ (address by Sir Alfred Dale): 'Dismissals' (CCC)

March 28: A Time for Faith: ‘Mr. Asquith’s Addresses’ (CCC)

April 4: A Time for Hope: ‘Under one roof: Miss Cholmondeley’s Memories’ (CCC)

April 11: The Great Promise of God: ‘A.C. Swinburne and Edith Sichel’ (CCC)

April 18: The Government and Manpower: ‘The Cardiff Giant’ (CCC)

April 25: Peace in Believing: ‘Through American Eyes’ (CCC)

May 2: A Time for Charity: ‘Originality’ (CCC)

May 9: ‘On giving and taking comfort’ (by John Hutton): 'Paul Jones' (CCC)

May 16: Bearing Up: ‘Who was John Buckley?’ (CCC)

May 23: The Face of Jesus Christ: ‘Wartime Washington’ (Annie Swan): ‘The Best War Novel, J.E. Buckrose’ (CCC)

May 30: The Prime Minister in Edinburgh (by Norman Maclean): Eminent Victorians (CCC)

June 6: The Reunion of Souls, Tennyson (RIE): ‘Dedication of Dr Jowett’s Ministry, Great Meeting at Westminster Chapel’: ‘About Pelmanism’ (by the Editor): The war, A very anxious week (WRN)

June 13: Mornward, the Reunion of Souls (RIE): Dr. Arnold of Rugby (CCC)

June 20: What shall we say? Sophia Jex-Blake, The Life of a Pioneer (CCC)

June 27: The League of Nations; Sir Edward Clarke K. C. (CCC)

July 4: Three saving truths of God: ‘Mr. Asquith on the Victorian Age’ (review WRN): The Blue Guide to London (CCC)

July 11: A Study in Spiritual and Personal Antichrists (by Alexander Whyte): ‘What every woman knows’ (WRN): The Arch-enemy of Dickens (CCC)

July 18: ‘In Christ Redeemed, in Christ Restored’ (RIE): An advocate of polygamy, James Hinton (CCC)

July 25: ‘Love bade me Welcome’ (RIE)

Aug 1: ‘The Historic Episcopate’: Christianity in History (James Moffatt): A story of the Supernatural (CCC)

Aug 8: The Crowning Quality: The3 Children of Sir Walter Scott (CCC)

Aug 15: The Patriotism of the prophets (by Prof. Alexander R Gordon): The Children of Sir Walter Scott [2] (CCC)

Aug 22: The Blessing of God: The Old House in Little Dorrit (CCC)

Aug 29: The Touch and the Word (by Hubert L Simpson): British Labour & War (Arthur Henderson): Small task in Devonshire (CCC)

Sept 5: The Pity and the Power of Jesus: Holiday Notes (CCC)

Sept 12: ‘How it must need be that changes come’ (by John Hutton):Dr. Denney's great friend (CCC)

Sept 19: The Prime Minister at Manchester (by J.E. Hodder-Williams): Concerning War Notes (CCC)

Sept 26: The Mystery of Metz: ‘Applied psychology’ (WRN): Happy Endings (CCC)

Oct 3: ‘Like Them that Dream’: John Brown of Haddington (CCC)

Oct 10: The Issue of their Life: A Psychologist's Autobiography (CCC)

Oct 17: Is it Peace? ‘The Story of an English Sister’ (CCC)

Oct 24: Three-arrow men and Six-arrow men [Elisha and the king]: The Power behind the President - Colonel House (CCC)

Oct 31: The End of the War (by Archibald Fleming): John Buchan’s Mr Steadfast B/W serial; The Dickens Circle (CCC)

Nov 7: Thoughts for the present hour: The Church after the War: ‘A Scottish War Heroine: The Life of Dr Elsie Inglis: ‘Mrs. Humphrey Ward’s Recollections (CCC)

Nov 14: Behold the Fallen Satan [The Kaiser abdicates]: The Life of Marshal Foch: ‘Sir Henry Lunn’s Reminiscences (CCC)

Nov 21: The Premier’s War Record: ‘Free Church Thanksgiving at the Albert Hall’: ‘Canon Deane’s Library of Religion’ (CCC)

Nov 28: The Hero as Statesman: ‘The Woman Voter’ (Dr Jowett’s message): ‘A Welsh Courtship, Charles of Bala’ (CCC)

Dec 5: Mr. Shakespeare at the Crossroads: ‘The PM at Newcastle’ (J E Hodder-Williams): ‘Canon Barnett of Toynbee Hall (CCC)

Dec 12: The Calmness of Jesus Christ: Mr Lloyd George (The PM’s Address): A gossip about poetry (CCC)

Dec 19: Searchlights of the War (by J Munro Gibson): The Lion Hunter (CCC)

Dec 26: A Great Soul in a small House: Dickens and the Thames (CCC)

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