Part 4: Inventory of British Weekly leading articles (1909-1913)


Jan 7: Dr. Denney’s ‘Jesus and the Gospel’ [Bk Rv]: ‘Concerning things that go on’ (CCC)

Jan 14: Is there a New Testament Christianity? [Rv] (2): Personal Estimates by an Ultramontane (CCC)

Jan 21: The Claims of Jesus [Rv] (3):’Brought up by an Ant’ (CCC)

Jan 28: The Centenary of Dr. Horatius Bonar (Sermon WRN): A Weekend in Edinburgh (CCC)

Feb 4: ‘Criticising the Church’ (by James Denney): Ralph Connor’s Ideal Minister (CCC)

Feb 11: ‘The Church and Worship’ (by James Denney): ‘Musings at Torquay (CCC)

Feb 18: The Angel and the New Day: ‘A New God has appeared on the frontier, but... [H G Well’s novel - Tono-Bungay] (CCC)

Feb 25: ‘The Church and the Gospel’ (by James Denney): Notes on Torquay – The Three Rivieras (CCC)

March 4: The Depths of the Sea: Last Notes on Torquay (CCC)

March 11: ‘Things most surely believed’: ‘On the Tenderness and Courage of John Ruskin’ [Letters] (CCC)

March 18: The National Council of the Evangelical Churches: Miss Julia Wedgwood’s 19th century Teachers (CCC)

March 25: ‘Take ye no rest and give Him no rest’ (Sermon WRN): ‘Panic about the Navy’: ‘Hutton- Carlyle- Ruskin’ (CCC)

April 1: Principal Story (by Archibald Fleming): Saturday in Fitzgerald Country (CCC)

April 8: ‘The Church and Christian Character’ (by James Denney): ‘Sixty years in the Wilderness’ (CCC).

April 15: The Corselet of faith and love: ‘Algernon Charles Swinburne’ (CCC).

April 22: ‘Separate unto the Gospel of God’: Holiday Reading (CCC)

April 29: Principal Marcus Dods DD [Memorial edition] (POTC) ‘George Grenfell on the Congo’ (CCC).

May 6: ‘The Unhappy people in the world’: ‘Great Democratic Budget’ (Notes of the Week): The Centenary of the Quarterly Review – a Challenge (CCC)

May 13: Edward Mail and Bishop Gore: A Talk about the Memory (CCC)

May 20: ‘The Church and the Kingdom of God’ (by James Denney): ‘Sponges, How re-Glasses, Bagges & Sives (CCC)

May 27: The Ethical Teachings of George Meredith: Memories of Meredith (CCC)

June 3: Male Cassandras: Memories of Meredith [2] (CCC)

June 10: The Revival of 1859 - Anne Mozley and Archbishop Alexander: ‘In Cromwell Country’ (CCC)

June 17: A New History of Methodism [Bk Rv]: Lieutenant Shackleton (WRN): Round Huntington (CCC)

June 24: Methodism and Calvinism [Bk Rv Cont]: Round Huntington [2] (CCC)

July 1: Tartars and Lapps: ‘The Story of our Lives from Year to Year’ [1] Round of the Clock Series (CCC)

July 8: The Best Seeker (SE): ‘Has the Length of Life Increased? [2] (CCC)

July 15: Surely The Lord is in this place: ‘His Acts being seven Ages’ [3] (CCC)

July 22: Who are the Revolutionists? ‘Who can tell what the baby thinks?’ [4] (CCC)

July 29: The Issue at Stake [Concerns over the Budget]: ‘The New Hero and Heroine’ [5] (CCC)

Aug. 5: The Referendum: The Spectator and the British Weekly [Lloyd George at Lime House]: ‘The Schoolboy from 10 to 15’ [6] (CCC)

Aug. 12: Aspiration and Attainment: ‘Sturm und Draug; From 15 to 20’ [7] (CCC)

Aug. 19: ‘The Church and Legislation’ (by James Denney): ‘The Turn of the Road and you – from 20 to 25’ [8] (CCC)

Aug. 26: As Guest or as Host? ‘That Fateful Sixth Lustrum: From 25 to 30’ [9] (CCC)

Sept 2: Mr Chesterton, Mr Shaw and John Bunyan: ‘When our Children are about us – From 30 to 35’ [10] (CCC)

Sept 9: Plain talk about the Crisis: ‘Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon [11] (CCC)

Sept 16: Lord Rosebery’s speech [Reply]: ‘A Gate in Ghent – From 40 to 45’ [12] (CCC)

Sept 23: Lord Rosebery on Dr Johnson: ‘Discontents in Devon – From 45 to 50’ [13] (CCC)

Sept 30: What is Socialism? ‘Nonconformity and the House of Lords (1809-1909)’ [Series in 6 weekly parts]: ‘Winna Siller Do’t – From 50 to 55’ [14] (CCC)

Oct 7: The Life of Principal Rainy (review of Carnegie-Simpson’s biography by WRN): ‘New Socialism (WRN): ‘The Cataracts of Life – From 55 to 60’ [15] (CCC).

Oct 14: The Great Estimate of Jesus (by James Moffatt): ‘On Essays and Essayists’ (CCC).

Oct 21: ‘The Person and Place of Jesus Christ’ [review of P T Forsyth’s book by H R Mackintosh]: ‘Journalists and Consumption’ (CCC).

Oct 28: Christ’s attitude towards money: ‘New Principal at Aberdeen’ [G.A. Smith]; Reminiscences of Archbishop Tait (CCC)

Nov 4: ‘Able to save to the Uttermost’ (SE): Sir H m Stanley and Prof Blackie – A Contrast (CCC)

Nov 11: The Lords and the Budget, Anatole France and George Meredith: ‘Boyd Scott of Glasgow’ (WRN): More about Byron and Scott (CCC)

Nov 18: ‘Jesus or Christ’ (by James Denney): ‘Mainly about Ministers’ (CCC)

Nov 25: The Nonconformist Rally: ‘Shall we live by the Timetable?’ (CCC)

Dec 2: An appeal to Moderate Men [Criticism of the House of Lord’s action]: ‘The love-making of John Wesley’ (CCC)

Dec 9: The Great Remonstrance: Pym and Asquith [House of Lords’ Attitude]: ‘Profile on J H Jowett’ (Christmas Supplement): The Rev Prof David Smith [Life] (by John D MacGilp)

Dec 16: The Protectionist Programme: ‘The authoress of The Wide Wide World’ (CCC)

Dec 23: Are Nonconformists Bengalees? [Attacking the Lords – Lloyd George’s speech]: In Memoriam ‘Frederick Greenwood’ (CCC)

Dec 30: A Trap to Catch a People [continuing debate about the Lords]: Percy Ainsworth – ‘A Lamp too early quenched’ (CCC)



Jan 6: What manner of year shall this be? (WRN): ‘The Prim man in Cloth boots’ (CCC)

Jan 13: Shall we let slip the dogs of war? ‘A complacent retrospect’ (CCC)

Jan 20: Points for progressives: ‘Memories of Aberdeen Ministers’ (CCC).

Jan 27: Back again [after Election]: ‘A Jewish view of Christ’ (by James Denney)

Feb 3: What next?

Feb 10: The Word and the World (by P T Forsyth): ‘On Literary gossip and the 8th way of reviewing’ (CCC).

Feb 17: Theological Liberalism vs Liberal Theology (by P T Forsyth)

Feb 24: ‘Modern substitutes for Christianity’ (review by James Denney): ‘A new book on Robert Hall’ (CCC).

March 3: On the edge of the precipice.

March 10: A Goodly Lent: ‘The Novel – present and future’ (WRN)

March 17: The Legacy of Principal Dods [books reviewed]: ‘Mr C E Montague and the Old White Press’ (CCC)

March 24: ‘I will glorify it again’ (SE)

March 31: The right to believe [book review]

April 7: The Book of the Kindly Light [review]: ‘The Quest for the Historical Jesus’ (review by James Denney)

April 14: The Reformation in Scotland (review by James Orr): ‘Where Spurgeon was converted’ (WRN): ‘The people called Methodists’ (CCC)

April 21: Suicide: ‘Methodists’ [2] (CCC)

April 28: A Land of no Laughter: ‘Mark Twain’ (CCC)

May 5: Kings, Lords and Commons, William IV & Earl Grey: ‘A the Sign of the Burning Bush’ (CCC)

May 12: ‘King Edward the Peacemaker’ [commemoration – obit]: Alexander Maclaren [obit] (POTC).

May 19: The Nation’s Sorrow [tributes to Edward VII]: ‘Tributes’ to Alexander Maclaren

May 26: The Next Great Steps to Peace [funeral of Edward VII]

June 2: ‘Dividing Lines’ (by James Denney) ‘The Approach of Age’ (CCC)

June 9: Roman Catholicism, Cardinal Vaughan (POTC): ‘A Century of Andrew Bonar’

June 16: The Eternal Labours of the Holy Ghost (SE): ‘Godwin Smith’ (CCC)

June 23: Good and Faithful Servants (sermon by WRN)

June 30: The Religious Letters of Mr Gladstone (book review): ‘Curiosities of criticism’ (CCC)

July 7: The Referendum, in reply to Prof Dicey: ‘A Pension and a Hope’ (CCC)

July 14: The Making of Gladstone (by A Taylor Innes): ‘Letters of Dr J M Neale’ (CCC)

July 21: The Sabbath of the Son (SE): ‘On the folly and depravity of American Editors’ (CCC)

July 28: ‘Our Lord’s last words on Prayer’ (by James Denney): ‘In praise of Old Age’ (CCC)

Aug 4: Black sheep (book review): ‘Nonagenarians and Centenarians’ (CCC)

Aug 11: The Throne of Grace (by James Moffatt): ‘Emily Brontë’ (CCC)

Aug 18: ‘The Christian Cross’ (by James Denney): ‘Emily Brontë’ [2] (CCC)

Aug 25: The vision and the debt: ‘Wuthering Heights’ (CCC)

Sept 1: Knowledge and Love

Sept 8: The Land of lovely saving [review]: ‘My Holiday reading’ (CCC)

Sept 15: British Unrest [strikes & disputes]: ‘Mrs Gaskell’ (CCC)

Sept 22: A prosaic programme: ‘Young people and non-Church going’ [correspondence]: ‘Tedium’ (CCC)

Sept 29 ‘The stones of that place’ [review]: Principal Hutton (WRN): ‘A Bennett’s Clayhanger’ (CCC)

Oct 6: Our debt to Bristol Baptist College (speech of WRN)

Oct 13: The Eschatology of the Gospels (by James Denney): ‘The front pages of the daily Chronicle, the Daily News, and the Morning Leader’ (CCC)

Oct 20: Wounded in the House of his Friends

Oct 27: Dr Chalmers – A reconsideration (lecture by WRN): The Expositor’s Greek Testament (review by James Denney): ‘More of Mark Rutherford’ (CCC).

Nov 3: Dr Chalmers, his opinions (2): ‘Disraeli’ (CCC)

Nov 10: Literary Reminiscences 1886-1910 (WRN): ‘The Work of Christ’ review by James Denney: ‘Disraeli’ (CCC). [2]

Nov 17: Let it be done by the Constituencies [Constitutional crisis over the House of Lord’s Veto]

Nov 24: Trodden quite flat! [Constitutional Crisis]: ‘Interview’ with D Lloyd George: ‘A Hampstead library amateur’ (CCC)

Dec 1: The Red Comet of illusion [Constitutional Crisis]: Resignation of Archibald Brown from the Metropolitan Tabernacle

Dec 8: The Election and the Referendum: ‘Saturday Night in Manchester’ (WRN)

Dec 15: The Constituencies have done it: ‘The Ordeal of Marcus Dods’ (CCC).

Dec 22: The Name above every name: ‘A Sunday in Birmingham’ – an appreciation of a sermon of J H Jowett of Carr’s Lane: ‘Labours of Marcus Dods’ (CCC).

Dec 29: Facing the New Year (by David Smith): ‘Why was Jesus sent to the Cross?’ (by James Denney): ‘Anthologies and Poems’ (CCC)




Jan 5: For the Church! A New Year’s Motto: James Orr’s Sin as a Problem of Today (review by James Denney): ‘A pair of slippers and others’ (CCC)

Jan 12: The Interruptions of God: ‘Anarchy’ (by Silvester Horne): ‘Autobiography of Goldwin Smith’ (CCC)

Jan 19: ‘Thou gavest me no kiss’: ‘In Praise of Oxford’ (by James Denney): ‘Correction Corrected’ (CCC)

Jan 26: ‘Who shall go over the sea for us?’ (WRN’s sermon in St Giles Cathedral): ‘Dr Jowett’s call to New York’: ‘The first evening with the Encyclopaedia Britannica – 11th edition’ (CCC)

Feb 2: ‘Christ and the Vine’ [sermon by the late Marcus Dods]: Death of Charles Dilke: ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’ [2] (CCC)

Feb 9: The Irrelevance of the Cross: Prof Harnack at the Queen’s Hall: ‘Half a Century in Fleet Street’ (CCC)

Feb 16: ‘Discipleship and the Church’ (by James Denney): ‘’French writer on the Brontës’ (CCC)

Feb 23: The High Destiny of Canada: ‘Veto Battle’: ‘A Great Irish Journalist: Sir W.H. Russell’ (CCC)

March 2: ‘Sow your sweet peas now’: ‘Lord Rosebery on Dickens’ (CCC)

March 9: Dark Night of the Soul: Dr Jowett’s Farewell Sermon: ‘The True Story of Dora Copperfield’ (CCC)

March16: English Bible Day (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Lord Rosebery’s Literary Method’ (CCC)

March 23: Mighty in the Scriptures [from a WR Smith prayer in Bible class]: ‘Studies in the Synoptic Problem’ (by James Denney): ‘A relative of the barnacle family’ (CCC)

March 30: The Wings of a Dove: ‘John Oliver Hobbes’ (CCC)

April 6: Justification (by Alexander Whyte): ‘The Ancient Lights: The Pre-Raphaelites’ (CCC)

April 13: Jesuit Missions, Lessons and warnings (WRN): Autobiography of Sir William Butler’ (CCC)

April 20: Jesuit Missions, Lessons and warnings [2] (WRN): ‘Mr Johnston Ross’s attack on ministers’ (CCC)

April 27: For the Church, a league of worshipping children: ‘The Missionary Motive’ (by James Denney)

May 4: For the Church, ‘The Business’: ‘The Most Beautiful Book of the year’ (CCC)

May 11: Mr Lloyd George’s Insurance Scheme: ‘Edward Fitzgerald and Bernard Barton’ (CCC)

May 18: An Introduction to the New Testament (review of J Moffatt’s book by J Denney): ‘Biography of a Moderator’ (CCC)

May 25: The Supernatural in Christianity (book review): ‘The Late Mr Galloway Weir MP’ (CCC)

June 1: Considering Jesus (by James Moffatt): ‘League of Worshipping Children’: ‘A racy autobiography Robert Farquharson’ (CCC)

June 8: The Centenary of Sir James Young Simpson (by Alexander Simpson): ‘Ananios Chamberlain and others (CCC)

June 15: Dr Sanday on the Personality of Christ: ‘Capital Letter, Mr Alfred Austin’ (CCC)

June 22: Dr Sanday on the Personality of Christ, a Criticism: ‘On the treatment of old letters’ (CCC)

June 29: ‘Mr Fritterday [1] (address by WRN at New College, London): ‘Coronation in Westminster Abbey’

July 6: ‘Mr Fritterday [2]: ‘Lord Rosebery on Thackeray’ (CCC)

July 13: ‘Let him deny himself’: ‘Was Thackeray a cynic?’ (CCC)

July 20: For the Throne: Investiture of the Prince of Wales: ‘The Secret Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson’ (CCC)

July 27: Are we living in a time of Crisis? [Political Situation]: ‘The Late Sir Percy Bunting’ (CCC)

Aug 3: Spite and Distain: ‘A Gossip about Reviewing’ (CCC)

Aug 10: Children in the Temple [renewed concern]: ‘Asquith Triumphs’.

Aug 17: The Customs of Jesus: ‘Sir Sidney Lee on the Principles of Biography’ (CCC)

Aug 24: ‘St Paul and Woman’ (by James Denney): ‘An Ideal Biography: Sir Sidney Lee’ (CCC)

Aug 31: A Crown of Life: ‘The Christian Doctrine of Man’ (by James Denney): ‘A Note about Macaulay’ (CCC)

Sept 7: Emerson on Sunday-School Teachers: ‘Three weeks in Aberdeenshire’ (CCC)

Sept 14: Keeping up Courage: ‘The Novelist’s Life’ (CCC)

Sept 21: The Church and Labour: a new phase (TCATD): ‘The League of Young Worshippers’: ‘The Anti-Tommy-Rot Society’ (CCC)

Sept 28: A challenge to the Brotherhood: ‘The Church and Labour’ (correspondence)

Oct 5: Not Clear, Nor Dark: ‘Principal William Patrick’ (by James Denney).

Oct 12: ‘Do something – do it – do it! ‘In Honour of Dr Hastings’ (CCC)

Oct 19: ‘Down in the Mire’

Oct 26: Matthew Henry Hodder (obit by WRN): ‘Tributes’: ‘Can Journalism be taught?’ (CCC)

Nov 2: ‘The Living God’ (by James Denney): ‘Dr Forsyth and Mr Campbell’ [Letters]: ‘Mrs Humphrey Ward’s Autobiographical Notes’ (CCC)

Nov 9: On Loyalty to God (by James Moffatt): ‘Bishop Boyd Carpenter’ (CCC)

Nov 16: Resignations and resignation: ‘Professor Stuart’s Reminiscences’ (CCC)

Nov 23 The Psychology of the Christian Soul [review of Cunningham Lect]: ‘A New Critic’ (CCC)

Nov 30: Some Conversions [review of Cunningham Lect-2]

Dec 7: The Way Everlasting [review of James Denney’s book]: ’25 Years of Distinguished Contributors’ [Supplement]: ‘Maclaren of Southampton’ (CCC)

Dec 14: Immortality in the light of the Cross [review of Denney’s book -2]: ‘Maclaren of Manchester’ (CCC)

Dec 21: The Changes in India (by Andrew Fraser):  ‘Dickensiana: Fanny Dickens and her husband’ (CCC)

Dec 28: ‘Grace for Grace’ (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Dickensiana’ [2] (CCC)



Jan 4: ‘If it had not been for Jesus’: Biography of Oswald Dykes (WRN): ‘Dickensiana’ [3] (CCC)

Jan 11: ‘The position and prospects of the Liberal Party: The Late Francis Espinasse (WRN)

Jan 18: The Christianity of Charles Dickens (by G Adam Smith)

Jan 25: The Seamless Robe: ‘Plain Living and High Thinking’ (CCC)

Feb 1: The position and prospects of the Baptist Denomination (by Charles Brown): A Taylor Innes (obit by WRN)

Feb 8: Congregationalism, its place and prospects (by J D Jones): A Taylor Innes (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Viriamu Jones’ (CCC)

Feb 15: The Late Principal Fairbairn (WRN): tributes from A.W.W. Dale, James Denney & Alexander Whyte): ‘Dickens as Editor’ (CCC)

Feb 22: The Life of Cardinal Newman (bio. reviewed)

Feb 29: Newman in the Church of Rome (review cont.): ‘The Six best Biographies’ (CCC)

March 7: The Massing of the Masses (TCATD): ‘The Pleasures and Advantages of Reading’ (CCC)

March 14: The Chancellor’s retreat to Torres Vedras [Lloyd George]: Sarah Orne Jowett Lit D’ (CCC)

March 21: Faith amid changes (TCATD): ‘The Advance of a great Publishing House (Harper Bros)’ (CCC)

March 28: Newer aspects of syndicalism (Leadership & policy): ‘On Keeping a Diary’ (CCC)

April 4: Easter Morning (by J H Jowett): ‘Parliamentary Reminiscences’ (CCC)

April 11: The Church at School (TCATD): ‘Letters to the Editor’ (CCC)

April 18: ‘Increase our Faith’: ‘More about Edwin Drood’ (CCC)

April 25: W T Stead (obit. WRN) [Titanic disaster]: ‘Wilkie Collins at Brighton’ (CCC)

May 2: The Apologetic of Faithful Living (by H R Mackintosh): ‘Unfulfilled Prophecies’ (CCC)

May 9: The incredible things of life: Thoughts on Church Union (by James Orr): ‘The surgery of Personal Criticism’ (CCC)

May16: William Robertson Smith (review of biography by WRN)

May 23: Professor Robertson Smith [book review-2]

May 30: Norman Macleod (obit. by R H Fisher)

June 6: The Church and the Bible [W R Smith]: ‘About King Edward VII’ (CCC)

June 13: ‘God’s Forgiveness and Ours’ (by James Denney).

June 20: ‘Irreligious solitude for God’: ‘The Humiliation of 3 Higher Critics’ (CCC)

June 27: A new departure in politics.

July 4: Armageddon: ‘Fulfilled Prophecies’ (CCC)

July 11: Resistance, passive and active

July 18: Anarchism: Notes of the Week – ‘Mr Lloyd George’s day’.

July 25: Andrew Lang, scholar gipsy (obit.WRN)

Aug 1: The Ethiopian Treasurer’s Holiday (by Alexander Whyte)

Aug 8: Home Rule in 1886 and in 1912 (by D C Lathbury).

Aug 15: The Divine Society: ‘George Meredith’s Letters’ (CCC)

Aug 22: The Preacher and the Bible (by James Denney)

Aug 29: The Preacher and Christ (by James Denney): ‘How to become a Journalist’ (CCC)

Sept 5: More about the Home Rule Bill (by D C Lathbury).

Sept 12: Christian Faith in God (by James Denney).

Sept 19: The receiving of Christ: ‘David Lloyd George 1863-1896’ (CCC)

Sept 26: The mystery of pain

Oct 3: The greatness of the indwelling Christ

Oct 10: Marriage, power of the novel: ‘George Meredith’ (CCC)

Oct 17: Dr Jowett’s Yale Lectures.

Oct 24: The range of preaching: ‘Mark Twain’ (CCC)

Oct 31: The Balkan Miracle (by D C Lathbury).

Nov 7: The Balkan League and the great powers (by D C Lathbury): ‘George Gissing’ (CCC)

Nov 14: Father Tyrrell’s autobiography (review).

Nov 21: The General Situation.

Nov 28: The Historic Jesus (review of lect. by David Smith).

Dec 5: God manifest in the flesh.

Dec 12: Welsh Disendowment.

Dec 19: The Lessons of the Liverpool Church Census: ‘The Work of F N Charrington (CCC)

Dec 24: Foundations? (Review of book by James Denney): ‘Memories of Victorian London’ (CCC)



Jan 2: The Children for the Church, a New Year’s motto: ‘The Romance of a still life, with a note from Jane Austen’ (CCC)

   Jan 9: ‘Newness of life’, a New Year exhortation (by Alexander Whyte): ‘The Wisdom of Arnold Bennett (WRN)

Jan 16: ‘Come smiling from the World’s Great Snare, uncaught’: ‘A week in Brighton’ (CCC)

Jan 23: Prof. W P Paterson’s ‘The Rule of Faith’ (review WRN): ‘Shirkers’ (CCC)

Jan 30: The Illimitable Love of God (by J H Jowett): ‘Grumblers’ (CCC)

Feb 6: The Bards of the Bible: ‘What are the Facts of life’ (CCC).

Feb 13: The religious strength of Theological Reserve (by P T Forsyth): ‘The rights and Duties of Criticism’ (CCC)

Feb 20: Those things are in common: Postcards about Mr Spurgeon: ‘An Idyll of Old Devonshire (CCC)

Feb 27: The unforeseen reward: ‘The Conversation of Edmund Burke’ (CCC)

March 6: The Bishop of oxford on Disestablishment (by D C Lathbury)

March 13: Patience, an address to students (WRN): ‘Wales in earnest’ (WRN)

March 20: The Spiritual History of Mark Rutherford: ‘Memories of Mark Rutherford’ (CCC)

March 27: Is Mr Chesterton a Roman Catholic: ‘A speech to booksellers’ (WRN)

April 3: The Marconi Case [defence of Lloyd George]: ‘What are the main elements of your happiness?’ (CCC)

April 10: The lust for talk: ‘The Source of Unhappiness’ (CCC)

April 17: Baron von Hugel’s ‘Eternal Life’ (review): ‘What has been the greatest joy of your life?’ (CCC)

April 24: Until seventy times seven: ‘The Worst suffering of life’ (CCC)

May 1: National Service (by D C Lathbury): ‘What do you most desire?’ (CCC)

May 8: The Church dying and rising again (Congregational Address by WRN): ‘What do you most dread?’ (CCC)

May 15: The Century of McCheyne: (review of Andrew Bonar’s biography): ‘Acacias of Lausanne’ (CCC)

May 22: ‘Waesome cares’ (review): ‘McCheyne’ (by James Stalker).

May 29: The Life of John Bright (review): ‘Talebearing and character’ (CCC)

June 5: Christ the seeker (Missionary Society speech by WRN): ‘Mere memories’ (CCC)

June 12: A National Church (by D C Lathbury): ‘Jane Austen’ (CCC)

June 19: ‘John Foster’ (Memorial Address by WRN): ‘Learning to read’ (CCC)

June 26: Honour and Hindsight [Reflections on the Marconi Debate]: ‘The Grace of God’ – G Adam Smith.

July 3: The Way to Christian Unity (by D C Lathbury): ‘Two Seceders, Faber and Philpot’ (CCC)

July 10: Winsomeness, a speech to the boys (a Founder’s Day speech by WRN): ‘George Borrow’ (CCC)

July 17: ‘The one false word of life is Ichabod’: ‘The Few Men who would be Missed’ (CCC)

July 24: The Latest American Religion (review): ‘Oratory’ (CCC)

July 31: Miss Brontë and M Heger: ‘Public Speaking’ (CCC)

Aug 7: Forcible feeding: ‘The Early Life of Mark Rutherford’ (CCC)

Aug 14: ‘There He spake with us’ (by James Denney): ‘Mark Rutherford as a Politician’ (CCC)

Aug 21: Religions and the True Religion (review by James Denney): ‘Mark Rutherford as a Critic’ (CCC)

Aug 28: One among you whom ye know not: ‘Holidays at Home’ (CCC)

Sept 4: Believing Unbelief (by H R Mackintosh)

Sept 11: The Real Presence (sermon WRN): Professor James Orr (Obit by James Denney)

Sept 18: The Old Wind in the Old Anger [Irish Question]: ‘Three Days’ [Scottish Holidays] (CCC).

Sept 25: Mr H G Wells on the future: ‘The Last of the Holidays’ (CCC)

Oct 2: ‘Say not the struggle nought availeth’: ‘W T Stead’ (CCC)

Oct 9: The Facts of Life [review of Carnegie Simpson’s book].

Oct 16: The Chancellor’s Preface: ‘Love in Autumn’ (CCC)

Oct 23: The Late Professor Orr (by Principal Lindsay): ‘The Old Testament’ [review of J Stoddart’s book] (CCC)

Oct 30: The Cross in Modern Religion: ‘The Reporter’s Gallery’ (CCC)

Nov 6: Mr Bonar Law thinks aloud: ‘George Borrow and his circle’ (CCC)

Nov 13: ‘Her effectual call’ [review of biography of Florence Nightingale]

Nov 20: Lord Haldane on the conduct of life: Review of a history of Scotland [Prof MacEwan] (by James Denney): Case for Co-education by Silvester Horne: ‘Francis Thompson’ (CCC)

Nov 27: Primate Alexander (review of biography - POTC): ‘New books to read’ (CCC)

Dec 4: The New Testament and the English Tongue (review of Moffatt’s New Testament - by James Denney).

Dec 11: ‘Arise’ (sermon by WRN): ‘Haunted London’ (CCC)

Dec 18: Solitude and faith: ‘A Hero and his Valet’ (CCC).

Dec 25: The well of Bethlehem: ‘The Heaviness of Mr Roosevelt (CCC)

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