Part 3: Inventory of leading articles of the British Weekly (1901-1908)


Jan 3:  ‘Who knows but the world may end tonight’.

Jan 10:  That Unbelief is the Sin of Sins: ‘Mark Rutherford’s Journal’ (CCC).

Jan 17:  Bathing the Sword in Heaven: ‘Dr Herbert Evans’ (CCC)

Jan 24:  The Empire without the Queen [Queen Victoria Memorial Number]: ‘Principal Rainy among the London Clergy’ (CCC)

Jan 31:  ‘And ye shall see me no more’ (SE): ‘Dr Parker preaching the Sermon at the Guildhall’ (CCC).

Feb 7:  ‘Now therefore arise’: ‘The Queen’s Funeral’: ‘The Biography of Phillips Brooks’ (CCC).

Feb 14:  Modern Criticism and the Preaching of the Old Testament: [review of G.A. Smith’s book by WRN]: ‘R S V P’ (CCC)

Feb 21:  The Historical New Testament [review of James Moffatt’s book. by James Denney]: ‘Firing out the Fools’ (CCC)

Feb 28:  Then I had to pray: ‘That Literature is Autobiography’ (CCC).

Mar 7:  The Human Approach to the Divine Atonement: ‘A Fellow by the name of Rowan’ (CCC).

Mar 14:  A Place of Repair: ‘Satan disguised as a railway train’ (CCC).

Mar 21:  Tekel Mene? ‘A Visit to the Rev John Spurgeon’ – Lorna [JTS]: ‘Taking Good Men into Confidence’ (CCC).

Mar 28:  The Prince of this World Judged (SE): ‘The Secret of Mrs Farfrae’ (CCC).

April 4:  Not Slothful in Business: ‘Lord Rosebery, the last 5 years’ – JTS: ‘Midnight Tea’ (CCC).

April 11:  The Church’s One Foundation [1] Christ and the Newer Criticism): ‘On growing old’ (CCC).

April 18:  TCOF [2] The Modes of Access to Christ): ‘Vanity and its Mortifications’ (CCC)

April 25:  TCOF [3] The Historical Christ): ‘Tuesday morning at the City Temple’ (CCC).

May 2:  TCOF [4] The Historical Christ): ‘Maclaren, Parker & Rainy’ (CCC)

May 9:  TCOF [5] The Sinlessness of Jesus): ‘Marie Corelli and Ian Maclaren’ (CCC)

May 16:  Evangelical Doctrine, Bible Truth [Review]: ‘James Stalker’ – appreciation & biography

May 23:  TCOF [6] The Resurrection of our Lord from the Dead): ‘The Nation’s Book Bill and the Use of Books’ (CCC).

May 30:  TCOF [7] Christ’s Triumphant Captives): ‘An Open Letter to Andrew Carnegie, Esq.’ (CCC).

June 6:  TCOF [8] The Argument from Aureole): ‘Mr Herbert Paul as a Critic’ (CCC).

June 13: TCOF [9] The Christ of the Dream): ‘Sir. Walter Besant’ (CCC).

June 20:  Immortality: ‘Good Manners’ (CCC)

June 27:  A Dialogue on the War [Liberal Divisions]: ‘Dr. Robert A. Neil’ (CCC)

July 4:  The Threatened Liberal Split [The Crisis in the Liberal Party]: ‘A pilgrimage to Wessex’ (CCC).

July 11:  The Fair Deposit [reconciliation in the Liberal Party]: ‘Broken Hearted’ (CCC)

July 18:  TCOF [10] ‘Keep’): ‘Introducers and Introducees’ (CCC)

July 25:  ‘Let this Ruin be Under thy Hand’: ‘The Revolution in Journalism’ (CCC)

Aug 1:  Bishop Westcott (POTC): ‘Government by Newspaper’: ‘The Art of Life’ (CCC)

Aug 8:  What the Battle turns on [critical study of the New Testament (WRN)]: ‘The Innermost Room’ (CCC)

Aug 15:  Treating the Bible like any other book (by P.T. Forsyth)

Aug 22:  The Religious Use of Memory

Aug 29:  Two Angels in the Tomb (by H. Elvet Lewis): ‘The New Bishop of Durham’ [Handley Moule] by JTS

Sept 5:  God is not Mocked: Harnack’s What is Christianity? (by R.H. Horton): ‘Notes from the Old Book room’ (CCC)

Sept 12:  Always (SE): ‘Mr Jowett on the Restlessness of modern Life’

Sept 19:  The Impotence of Civilisation [the assassination of President McKinley]: ‘Is Scoundrelism a Sacred Probation? (CCC)

Sept 26:  The Woman of the Future [Review]: ‘What makes a book popular?  (CCC)

Oct 3:  An Ideal Ecclesiastical Assembly: ‘The popular notion of an Editor’ (CCC)

Oct 10:  Evangelical Mysticism [an Alexander Maclaren address reviewed by WRN]: ‘Mr Kipling in the school of Dickens’ (CCC).

Oct 17:  The United Congregational Church [review of a speech by Joseph Parker]

Oct 24:  The Watershed - ‘We Preach Christ Crucified’ (TLOS): ‘Notes and Queries about Robert Louis Stevenson’ (CCC).

Oct 31:  Patrick Walker (WRN): ‘How to mark books’ (CCC).

Nov 7:  Scripture interpreted by Scripture TGON): ‘Disappearances’ (CCC).

Nov 14: The Face of Death in the Son of Life (TGON): ‘Cardinal Newman’ by Alexander Whyte

Nov 21:  Dr Parker’s Pulpit Bible [review by Marcus Dods]: ‘Be still and know’ (WRN).

Nov 28:  Christ in the first Psalm (TGON): ‘In defence of Mr Casaubon, Dora Copperfield, and the May Queen’ (CCC)

Dec 5:  A Mysterious Order [Jesuits]: ‘Pumblechooks’ (CCC)

Dec 12:  The Animation of Our Lord’s Surrender (TGON): ‘The New B W  Printing Machine’: ‘Fifteen years of London Journalism’ (CCC)

Dec 19:  Lord Rosebery’s speech: ‘Fifteen years of London Journalism’ (CCC)

Dec 24:  Twenty-five Years 1876 – 1901 (WRN): ‘Journalism as a Profession’ (CCC)



Jan 2: Dr. Whyte on St Paul and Newman [book review]

Jan 9: ‘For their sakes’: ‘Potatoes or Cabbage’ (CCC)

Jan 16: ‘Thy Father Himself Loveth you’ (by H. Elvet Lewis): Paternoster Row (WRN): ‘English and Scottish’ (CCC).

Jan 23: ‘Talmagising’: ‘George Macdonald’s Church’ (CCC)

Jan 30:  A Pure Scholar, In Memoriam, Dr. A.B. Davidson (by John Watson): ‘Professor A.B. Davidson in the Pulpit’ (A Taylor Innes): Tributes to A.B.D. from S.R. Driver; George Adam Smith; James Stalker; etc.

Feb 6:  Principal Rainy on the Ancient Catholic Church [book review]: ‘The Late A.B. Davidson’ (CCC)

Feb 13:  Go not from House to House: ‘Changes on the Riviera’ (CCC).

Feb 20:  The Open Scriptures and the Burning Heart (TGON): ‘How to start a Daily Paper’ (CCC)

Feb 27:  Should the Liberal Party Commit Suicide? ‘On the present decay in Style’ CCC).

Mar 6:  The New Spirit in the Church of England [book review]: ‘Caleb Morris’ (Wm Hale White): ‘Does security of Tenure Promote Efficiency?’ (CCC)

Mar 13:  The Message for Midnight (TLOS): ‘One lights a candle called patience’ (CCC).

Mar 20:  Our Lord’s Estimate of Human Love (SE)

Mar 27:  ‘If Joshua had given them Rest’: ‘The New Education Bill’

April 3:  The New Duty of Nonconformists [The Education Bill]: ‘Life at Fifty’ (CCC)

April 10:  The Last Resort [The Education Bill]: ‘On certain ultimate differences between Men’ (CCC).

April 17:  ‘The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved’: ‘William Black’ – (CCC)

April 24:  ‘The Bible in Tatters’ [review of the Encyclopaedia Biblica]: ‘A Visit to Ulster’ (CCC).

May 1:  ‘The Shame’: ‘Achievement after Fifty’ – (CCC)

May 8:  ‘Inconsistency’: Education Supplement: Speeches on Religious Freedom by Joseph Chamberlain [critiqued]

May 15:  How things stand [The Education Bill]: ‘Do Men take Pleasure in the Misfortunes of their Friends? (CCC)

May 22:  The British Revolution: ‘The Place One should retire to’ (CCC).

May 29:  ‘I will build my Church’ (TLOS): ‘Mr Oman on Vision and Authority’ (review by James Orr): ‘A Prince of Journalists’ (CCC).

June 5:  Leslie Stephen on George Eliot [review]: ‘Where I should like to live and why’ (CCC)

June 12:  Principal Fairbairn’s New Book [review by James Denney]

June 19:  Mr Balfour and an Injured Innocent: Principal Forsyth at New College

June 26:  The Crown of Life: Coronation Supplement: ‘A Layman’s Advice to Doctors’ (CCC).

July 3: ‘We ought to say -’ [Coronation Postponed]

July 10:  Barring out the Sunshine [review of Wm James’ Religious Experience]: ‘Invisible Ink’ (CCC)

July 17:  Christ the Author of Salvation [part 2 review of James’ bk.]: ‘A Proposal for a New Profession’ (CCC)

July 24:  Nonconformity on its Trial [The Education Bill]: ‘Mr Swinburne on Mr Dickens’ (CCC)

July 31:  ‘Set down my Name Sir’ [resistance to the Education Bill]: ‘Nonconformist Objections to the Education Bill and Nonconformist Duty’ by Principal Fairbairn: ‘Can Journalism be taught? (CCC)

Aug 7:  ‘It is not Reason that we should leave the Word of God’ [Conference Sermon by WRN]: ‘In Westminster Abbey, Aug 9 1902’ by J E Hodder Williams [Coronation].

Aug 14:  The Next Step [resistance to the Education Bill]

Aug 21:  ‘When Thou Makest a Feast’

Aug 28:  Hugh Miller, Journalist [appreciation]

Sept 4:  ‘Offended in Christ’ by James Denney: ‘From Home to Home’ (CCC)

Sept 11:  The Brothers Talbot: ‘Free Church Councils Declare for Passive Resistance’: ‘Why do people write books?’ (CCC)

Sept 18:  The Priesthood and Education: ‘The Solemn League and Covenant (Reports from 180 Councils): A Nonconformist Rising: ‘There must be Many a Pair of Friends’ (CCC).

Sept 25:  ‘For Conscience Sake’ [resistance to the Education Bill]: ‘The New Encyclopaedia Britannica’ (CCC)

Oct 2:  Voices from the Veldt: Catechism of the Education Bill – as it affects Nonconformists [resistance]: ‘Dr Parker Returns – Thoughts on Preaching’ (CCC).

Oct 9:  The Liberal League and the Education Bill: Review of Joseph Parker’s biography (WRN): ‘Had it been Early it had been Kind’ (CCC)

Oct 16:  On Courage and Faith [Education Bill opposition]: ‘The Confessions of a Wife’ (CCC)

Oct 23:  The Church of Scotland and the Education Bill

Oct 30:  James Martineau (POTC): ‘The life and Letters of James Drummond’ (WRN) ‘Dr Clifford at the City Temple’ ( JTS)

Nov 6:  The Gospels and the Gospel (by James Denney): ‘A Gossip about Chamber’s Encyclopaedia of English Literature’ (CCC)

Nov 13:  The Gospels and the Gospel [2] ( by James Denney): ‘Sailing against the Wind’ (CCC).

Nov 20:  Hugh Price Hughes (POTC)

Nov 27:  Dr Denney on the Death of Christ [Rv]: ‘The White Feather’ (CCC)

Dec 4:  Memorial issue for Joseph Parker (POTC): Reminiscences and Appreciations of Dr. Parker: ‘Taking one’s Temperature’ (CCC).

Dec 11:  Memorial Issue for Joseph Parker: In Memoriam (TLOS): ‘Might have been’ (CCC).

Dec 18:  ‘Aged Fifty-Five Years’ [appreciation of Hugh Price Hughes (WRN)]: ‘Might-Have-Beens’ (CCC).

Dec 23:  ‘That Holy Thing’ (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Mr. G.W.E. Russell’s The Household of Faith’ (CCC)



Jan 1:  ‘Soft Invincibility’: Lord Rosebery to the Nonconformists [Notes of the Week]: The House of _____ (CCC)

Jan 8:  The Surprises of the Christian life: ‘The Best Interpretation’ (CCC)

Jan 15:  The Saving Obedience of Christ [Rv of Denney’s Death of Christ]: The Value of a Margin (CCC)

Jan 22:  The Story of John Thorogood: ‘Samuel Smith MP’ (CCC)

Jan 29:  ‘Our Humiliation’: ‘In an old Library at Nice’ (CCC)

Feb 5:  The Strength of the Mountains: The February Magazines (CCC)

Feb 12:  The Church outside the Churches (Address by WRN): Robert Buchanan (CCC)

Feb 19:  John Knox in the hands of the Philistines [Bk review]: ‘Invalidism’ (CCC)

Feb 26:  John Knox in the hands of the Philistines (2 by D. Hay Fleming): The One Fact More (CCC)

Mar 5:  Our Lord in Rest and Work (SE): ‘R J Campbell invited to City Temple’: ‘Snow-drop Jane – A Study in inefficiency (CCC)

Mar 12:  Dr. Parker’s Last Message [prepared but not given]: The Art of Thinking (CCC)

Mar 19:  The Lamb’s War with the Beast [Anniversary Sermon WRN] (TLOS): Thinking & Talking (CCC)

Mar 26:  Work for the National Free Church Council: ‘Swelled Head’ (CCC)

April 2:  Mr Booth’s Pseudo-Scientific Study [Rv of Charles Booth’s Life & Labours of the People in London]: Bishop Westcott (CCC)

April 9:  The First Words of the Risen Lord (SE): Perseverance Right & Wrong (CCC)

April 16:  The Evangel as Assertion: Sir M E Grant Duff (CCC)

April 23:  The Future of Quakerism and the Salvation Army: ‘Never wear a brown hat in Friesland’ (CCC)

April 30:  Free Churchmen as Conspirators [the opinion of Counsel on Passive Resistance]: ‘The Stress and Strain of Literary Life’ (CCC).

May 7:  ‘The Frankness of Jesus Christ’ [Address by WRN] (TLOS): ‘The Carlyles Once More’ (CCC).

May 14:  Mr Silvester Horne’s History [Bk Rv]: Concerning Eels (CCC)

May 21:  The Cave and the Tower [Rv of Yeats]: ‘Chesterton on Browning’ (CCC)

May 28:  Dr. Schmiedel on the Resurrection of our Lord [Rv of Encyclopaedia Biblica]: Bulwer Lytton (CCC)

June 4:  Mr Chamberlain’s Policy of Displacement: The Passive Resistance Catechism: ‘The Art of Teaching’ (CCC).

June 11:  Does Today affect Yesterday? ‘Preferential Tariffs and the Book Trade’ (CCC)

June 18:  Will Mr Chamberlain Win? A Literary History of Scotland (CCC)

June 25:  The true Policy for Free Traders: The Art of Packing (CCC)

July 2:  ‘If I follow’ (SE): ‘The Bible in the Nineteenth Century’ (Marcus Dods): The Virtue of Obedience (CCC)

July 9:  First notes on the Religious Census of London (Conference Paper WRN): ‘Put Yourself in His Place’ (CCC).

July 16:  ‘Will they Fortify Themselves?’ (SE): ‘In Praise of Country Towns’ (CCC)

July 23:  ‘If the Son shall make you free’: ‘Death of Pope Leo III’: Dr Robert Wallace (CCC)

July 30:  The Election of a Pope in the Sixteenth Century (by D Hay Fleming): ‘Observe the flight of yonder solitary crow’ (CCC)

Aug 6:  Some Encouragements and a Warning [Passive Resistance Movement]: Personalia in the Magazines (CCC)

Aug 13:  ‘Hidden Treasures’ (Harold Storey)

Aug 20:  Kept Peaceful in the Midst of Strife: A visit to Kilmany (CCC)

Aug 27:  The Spiritual Consciousness of Today (by R J Campbell): Read in the far North (CCC)

Sept 3:  Superman and the New Man [Rv of Comedy by George Bernard Shaw]: ‘Lord Salisbury as a Journalist’ (CCC)

Sept 10:  The Sacrifice of Praise (SE): ‘......’ (CCC)

Sept 17:  The Sacrifice of Communication (SE): Secret Witnesses (CCC)

Sept 24:  ‘The Next Revival’ (by John Watson): Dr. Alexander Bain (CCC)

Oct 1:  Is Nonconformity worth Preserving? ‘Medicated Literature: John Brown and Oliver Wendell Holmes’ (CCC).

Oct 8:  The Lost Leader [Resignation of Chamberlain]:  October Magazines (CCC)

Oct 15:  Morley’s Life of Gladstone [Rv]: ‘Gladstone and the English Nonconformists’ (CCC).

Oct 22:  The Lost Art of Reading (Address WRN): ‘Gladstone and the Scottish Nonconformists’ (CCC).

Oct 29:  The Lost Art of Reading (2): ‘The Late Mrs C H Spurgeon’: ‘Guinness Rogers’ Autobiography’ (CCC)

Nov 5:  A Report of Progress [Passive Resistance Movement]: ‘The Key of the Blue Closet’ (CCC)

Nov 12:  ‘I thought’ (TGON): ‘Hints on Work – Hugh Black’s new volume’ (CCC)

Nov 19:  Two Poet Preachers: [Reviews of Elvet Lewis & Maclean Watt]: Concerning Spectacles (CCC)

Nov 26:  Suggestions for the ‘greater’ efficiency of the Church (by John Watson): ‘Thoughts on Courage’ (CCC)

Dec 3:  The Renaissance of Wonder [Bk Rv of ‘Bishop Butler’ by Alexander Whyte]: Trust Thyself (CCC)

Dec 10:  ‘Love so Amazing’ [Pt 2 Rv of Whyte’s Bk]: ‘Sir John Robinson & the Daily News’ (CCC)

Dec 17:  ‘The Golden Age’ (by J H Jowett): ‘John Morley: His relations to Methodism and Scotland’ (CCC)

Dec 24:  Henry Drummond (by Ralph Connor): ‘A Wesleyan Editor: Dr Benjamin Gregory (CCC)

Dec 31:  ‘Up again, Old Heart’ (SE). : ‘Melted down for the Tallow Trade’ (CCC)



Jan 7:  A New Interpreter of Dante [Bk Rv]: ‘Lovers, Friends and Acquaintances’ (CCC)

Jan 14: By the Fire on the Beach (TGON): ‘The tragedy of First Numbers’ (CCC)

Jan 21:  The Double Translation of Holy Scripture [Centenary of British & Foreign Bible Society]; ‘Half-penny or Penny’ (CCC)

Jan 28:  The Religious Life of London [Rv of Mudie-Smith’s Religious Life of London]: ‘City Temple Sermons’ (Rv by Ian Maclaren)

Feb 4:  Imperial Preaching (by John Watson): Edward FitzGerald (CCC)

Feb 11:  Covenanters and Compromise (Bk Rv by D Hay Fleming): February Magazines (CCC)

Feb 18:  The Political Situation: ‘Mr. Herbert Paul’s History’ (CCC)

Feb 25:  The History of the British and Foreign Bible Society [Bk Rv]: ‘The attitude of England in the American Civil War’ (CCC)

Mar 3:  Was Tennyson a Christian? [Bk Rv]: ‘A Nice Man’ (CCC)

Mar 10:  The Sympathy of the Dead: ‘Problems of Memory’ (CCC)

Mar 17:  ‘Salute no Man by the Way’: ‘The man with a Cold’ (CCC)

Mar 24:  Positive Religion (by John Watson): ‘Letters in general and Lord Acton’s in particular’ (CCC)

Mar 31:  ‘What are these Wounds in Thy Hands?’ (TGON): ‘On Judging and being judged’ (CCC)

April 7:  ‘We would see Jesus’ (Rv by James Denney): ‘Literature – two Aberdeen Poets’ (CCC)

April 14:  Fresh light on Chinese Labour: Stranger than Fiction (CCC)

April 21:  The Pastor’s College [Address by WRN]: ‘The Last of Carlyle’ (CCC).

April 28:  How to become Fishers of Men (by J H Jowett): Herbert Spencer’s Autobiography (CCC)

May 5:  The Father and the Three Sons [Dedication Sermon WRN] (TLOS): ‘Work Drunkenness’ (CCC)

May 12:  The Church and Humanism [Rv]: ‘Mr Barrie in the Chair’ (CCC)

May 19:  The Last Things [Rv]: ‘Doing without’ (CCC)

May 26:  Catholicism and Religious Liberty [Rv]: ‘Newman’ (by John Watson): ‘Andy’ Wauchope (CCC)

June 2:  Notes on the ‘Scarlet Letter’ [Bk Rv]: A Weekend at Leamington (CCC)

June 9:  Arthur Dimmesdale’s Solution [‘Scarlet Letter Cont]: The Literary judgements of the Times (CCC)

June 16:  Hester Pryune’s Solution [‘Scarlet letter’ Cont]: Lord Rosebery from the Platform (CCC)

June 23:  The Christian Solution [‘Scarlet Letter’ Cont]: ‘Are books too old at forty?’ (CCC)

June 30:  The Half-Discovered Words of Jesus: On the Art of Letter writing (CCC)

July 7:  Christianity and Current Literature (address by H Van Dyke): ‘The Resurrection of Mr Scrooge’ (CCC)

July 14:  Dr Denney on Ministerial Education [Rv]: ‘Never chew your pills’ (CCC)

July 21:  The Spiritual Conflict of Paul Kruger: ‘Prof Henry Van Dyke – The New Preaching’ (CCC)

July 28:  Principal Tymms on the Atonement [Bk Rv]: ‘Popular Preachers – a plea for the unpopular’ (CCC)

Aug 4:  The Scottish Church Case (by WRN)

Aug 11:  The Living Church or the Dead Hand: ‘In Edinburgh’ (CCC)

Aug 18:  Hyper-Calvinism and Foreign Missions (Sermon WRN): ‘Superstitions and Proverbs’ (CCC)

Aug 25:  A State Church Theologian [Appreciation of Dr Hastie]: ‘Wise and Otherwise’ (CCC)

Sept 1:  The ‘Marrow’ of the Gospel: ‘Doing without Newspapers’ (CCC)

Sept 8:  The Teaching of Recent Fiction [Bk Rv]: ‘Mark Rutherford and Dr A C Simpson’ (CCC)

Sept 15:  The Honest Way with Confessions: ‘Goldwin Smith on Gladstone’ (CCC)

Sept 22:  Christ the Head of the Nations: ‘Dr Saintsbury’s Likes and Dislikes’ (CCC)

Sept 29:  The Pastor in contact with great National Problems [Conference Address by WRN]

Oct 6:  Sub-Conscious Bias (Rv of a History of Scotland by Dr Hay Fleming): Aubrey de Vere (CCC)

Oct 13:  ‘The Prophecy of the Bruisings’ (TGON): The Life of Bishop Creighton (CCC)

Oct 20:  Wilson of the Barclay [Bk Rv]: The Rehabilitation of Mr Squeers (CCC)

Oct 27:  The Lighting of the Lamps (TGON): ‘Relations of a Church to its Creed’ (Marcus Dods) [1]: ‘Has Dr Torrey’s Mission strengthened the Churches’? [An inquiry]: ‘Mistakes in life’ (CCC)

Nov 3:  Religion in the East and the West [Rv Cont]: ‘Why did Shakespeare retire to Stratford on Avon?’ (CCC)

Nov 10:  Mark Rutherford on John Bunyan [Bk Rv]: ‘Lord Chief Justice Coleridge (CCC)

Nov 17:  Can sin be forgiven? [Rv of Denney lectures]: ‘Fifty Years in Fleet Street: Ten Years too long’ (CCC)

Nov 24:  A New Life of Coligny [Bk Rv]: ‘A Free Thinker and 3 Pillars of Orthodoxy’ (CCC)

Dec 1:  The Life of Hugh Price Hughes (review): ‘The Great Welsh Revival’ (H Elvet Lewis): Some superseded Books (CCC)

Dec 8:  The Love of the Cradle: The Christmas Number: The Welsh Revival (H Elvet Lewis)

Dec 15:  Lucidity: Canon Liddon and Mr Hugh Black [Bk Rv]: The Progress of the Welsh Revival – opinions of ministers

Dec 22:  Dr Maclaren as an Expositor [Bk Rv]: Progress of the Welsh Revival: Theodore Watt-Dunton (CCC)

Dec 29:  ‘In Quietness and Confidence’: ‘The Welsh Revival’ (by Prof Ellis Edwards): The Superannuated Man (CCC)



Jan 5:  The Abiding Companionship (by J H Jowett): ‘The Welsh Revival, opinions of Welsh Ministers’: ‘A Gossip about Letters’ (CCC)

Jan 12:  ‘They came to the Iron Gate (TGON): ‘The Welsh Revival – How it spread’ (by H Elvet Lewis) ‘The Modern Novel’ (CCC)

Jan 19:  The Bishop’s Book Bill: ‘Incidents in the Welsh Revival’: ‘What to do in the meantime’ (CCC)

Jan 26:  Professor Ramsay on the Letters to the Seven Churches [review]: The Welsh Revival, a mystic of the Revival (by H Elvet Lewis): ‘Using the meantimes’ (CCC)

Feb 2:  The Heart of Revival (by H Elvet Lewis): ‘Mistaken Identity – Thomas Hogg and Joseph Parker’ (CCC)

Feb 9:  ‘I sat where they sat’: ‘Torrey & Alexander in the Albert Hall’: ‘Hyeres – R L Stevenson’ (CCC)

Feb 16:  Deliverance through Love (Mark Rutherford, Charlotte Brontë & George Eliot): ‘Recollections of Periodicals’ (CCC)

Feb 23:  Is the Power of the Press on the Wane? {Bk Rv]: ‘The Vicar of Morwenstow’ [R S Hawker] (CCC)

Mar 2:  The sound of a Trumpet and the voice of Words {Sermon WRN](TLOS): The Welsh Revival - ‘The silence of Evan Roberts’: ‘Recollections of Periodicals – 2. Chambers’ Journal’ (CCC)

Mar 9:  ‘Thou Remainest’ [Rv]: The Last of Bohemia’ (CCC)

Mar 16:  Alpine sermons [Rv of Dr George Adam Smith Sermons]: ‘Wanted’ (CCC)

Mar 23:  ‘The Business’: ‘Evan Roberts’ health’: ‘Recollections of Periodicals -3. Goodwords’ (CCC)

Mar 30:  ‘That will I do’ (by H Elvet Lewis): ‘The Letters of Charles Lamb’ (CCC)

April 6:  Twenty years eclipse [review]: ‘The Goodman’s Croft’ (CCC)

April 13:  The questioning of Annas (SE): ‘In Honour of Frederick Greenwood’ (CCC)

April 20:  From poverty to riches: Miss Corelli’s Free Opinions (CCC)

April 27:  The Report of the Elgin Commission: The Secret of Popular Success (CCC)

May 4:  Disestablishment in France: The Author ‘John Inglesant’ (CCC)

May 11:  ‘The Diary of a Churchgoer’ [Bk Rv]: The Dual Life – Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot and Jane Austen (CCC)

May 18:  The Homing of the people [Sermon WRN] (TLOS): A Gossip about Booksellers (CCC)

May 25:  Terms of the French Disestablishment Bill [Rv]: ‘Salary £5 a year – A Master of Arts preferred’ (CCC)

June 1:  Shabby Victories and Shabby Defeats: In the World of Jane Austen (CCC)

June 8:  How Christ is Preached? [Bks Rv]: ‘Vaary the schane: The Rest Cure’ (CCC)

June 15:  The Scottish Church Bill: ‘With the Booksellers at Edinburgh’ (CCC)

June 22:  Mr Lang’s John Knox: Some Landmarks of Memory (CCC)

June 29:  The Practical uses of Christian Mysticism [Lecture WRN] (TGON): ‘The Leaving Certificate of Edward FitzGerald’ (CCC

July 6:  The Stages of the Inward Way [Lecture WRN] (TGON): ‘Evan Roberts and the North Wales Revival’: ‘Eheu Evelina’ (CCC)

July 13: Mysticism in Theology and Practice [Lecture WRN] (TGON): ‘The Earliest Recollections’ (CCC)

July 20: The Doctrine of the Holy Assembly [Lecture WRN] (TGON): ‘Mr Evan Roberts at Bala College’: ‘Unkillable Delusions’ (CCC)

July 27:  A Summer’s Journey (by W M Ramsay): ‘The First Recollections of Reading’ (CCC)

Aug 3:  A Year in Tents: ‘In East Anglia’ (CCC)

Aug 10:  Almond and Cherry Blossom (by James Moffatt): The First Recollections of Reading (CCC)

Aug 17:  The Measure of a Man and of an Angel: The First Recollections of Reading [2] (CCC)

Aug 24:  The Game of Religion: ‘A Plea for the Breadwinner’ (CCC)

Aug 31:  The Blessing of Persecution [Sermon WRN] (TLOS): ‘Old Goriot’ (CCC)

Sept 7:  Back again to work: Recollections of Sermons (CCC)

Sept 14:  The Virtue of Violence: Recollections of sermons – Spurgeon and Tipple (CCC)

Sept 21:  Dr George MacDonald (obit WRN): ‘Mr Lucas’ Life of Lamb’ (CCC)

Sept 28:  Dr Beet on the Last Things (Rv by James Moffatt): ‘The Late Dr Barnardo’: Letters of Samuel Brown to George Gilfillan (CCC)

Oct 5:  The Assumption of Christ (Address WRN): ‘Reminiscences of Preachers’ (CCC)

Oct 12:  The Criticism of the Fourth Gospel [Rv of W Sanday’s Bk]: ‘Principal G M Grant’ [Canadian] (CCC)

Oct 19:  Past and Present (Farewell Sermon by John Watson on his retirement): John Collett Ryland (CCC)

Oct 26:  The Throne of Grace: Recollection of Preachers (CCC)

Nov 2:  Jesus Christ the Righteous (by James Denney): Sir Wemyss Reid (CCC)

Nov 9:  Mysticism (Rv of WRN’s Bk by Principal T M Lindsay): ‘Personal remembrances of Sir George Williams’: John Bull & Jonathan (CCC)

Nov 16:  The Latest Word on the Atonement (Rv by Denney): Moffatt’s Literary Illustrations of the Bible (CCC)

Nov 23:  The Efficiency of Our Lord (From Bk by J T Inskip): ‘After twelve months – thoughts on revival’ (by Elvet Lewis)

Nov 30:  Party Troubles [The Conservative Party]: Lord Rosebery and Campbell Bannerman: Concerning Energy (CCC)

Dec 7:  The Course of True Love [Sermon WRN] (TLOS): The Co-ordination and Reward of Energy (CCC): ‘Revival in Wales’ (Supplement

Dec 14:  The New Cabinet [Liberals]: ‘Two Irishmen – Parnell & O’Brien’ (CCC)

Dec 21:  Dr Watson’s new volume of sermons (Rv by R.C. Gillie): The Late John Smith of Edinburgh (CCC)

Dec 28:  Our Thousandth Number [vol.39 no. 1000]: ‘Hatred, Callousness and Crime’ (CCC).



Jan 4:  ‘Two years before the earthquake’: ‘Early Rising’ (CCC)

Jan 11:  The Issues of the Election: ‘Life of Randolph Churchill’ (CCC)

Jan 18:  The Avalanche [The Election]: ‘The Late President Harper’ by George Adam Smith: ‘Sir Mountstuart E Grant Duff’ (CCC).

Jan 25:  The Future of Mr Chamberlain: ‘Exports and Imports: The Law of Life’ (CCC)

Feb 1:  A Plea for Magnanimity: ‘The Power of the Newspapers’ (CCC)

Feb 8:  The Winter of Jesus: Plea for Poet’s Corner (CCC)

Feb 15:  The Limits of Life

Feb 22:  ‘What is that to Thee?’ George Macdonald’s books and Friends (CCC)

Mar 1:  ‘Peace at any Price’ (SE): Review of biography of Archbishop Temple (WRN): The Sorrows of the Scribes (CCC)

Mar 8:  The Magnificence of Divine Grace (by John Watson): Mr Balfour’s Master (CCC)

Mar 15:  Roman Catholicism and Liberty: The Story of a Newspaper (CCC)

Mar 22:  The Solemn Optimism of the Gospel: How to form a Library (CCC)

Mar 29:  ‘As we have sown’ (SE): The Influence of literature upon Life (CCC)

April 5:  The Bread of Conquerors: ‘Death of William Kelly’ [Christian Brethren]: The letters of Charles Lever (CCC)

April 12:  The Education Bill: The Heart of a Conservative (CCC)

April 19:  Vehementer Nos [Papal Encyclical –‘we vehemently condemn’]: Richard Garnett (CCC)

April 26:  The Authority of Christ [Rv]: Some Secrets of Success (CCC)

May 3:  Christian Moderation: John Mason Neale (CCC)

May 10:  The Truth about Proselytising: ‘A Challenge to the Spinsters of Cambridge’ (CCC)

May 17:  Aspects of the Mystical Union [Address WRN] (TLOS): Alfred Ainger (CCC)

May 24:  Aspects of the Mystical Union [Address WRN] (2: TLOS): ‘Pillars, Props and creepers’ (CCC)

May 31:  Ibsen and Christianity: ‘Mr Mackintosh on Joseph Chamberlain’ (CCC)

June 7:  The Bones of Elisha: ‘Gladstone vs Chamberlain’ (CCC)

June 14:  A Whit Sunday Reunion Sermon (by Alexander Whyte): The Duke of Argyll (CCC)

June 21:  The Future of the Christian Church (Sermon by WRN) (TLOS): ‘Toby, MP’ (CCC).

June 28:  Where are we? [Comments on Education Bills]: ‘Bring me up the File’ (CCC).

July 5:  The Church Times and the British Weekly: ‘Their light on the Teresina’ (CCC)

July 12:  The Temptations of the Church: The Cruciality of the Cross (by P T Forsyth): Vitality (CCC)

July 19:  The Morality of Style: ‘On Public speaking’ (CCC)

July 26:  T L Harris: False Mysticism: ‘George Augustus Simcox’ (CCC)

Aug 2:  The Sanctuaries of Life: The August Magazines (CCC)

Aug 9:  Found of God: ‘Marie Corelli’s new novel’ (CCC).

Aug 16:  The Literal Interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount (1) Marcus Dods: Presidents of the Cambridge Union (CCC)

Aug 23: The Literal Interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount (2) James Denney: John Oliver Hobbes (CCC)

Aug 30:  The Literal Interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount: (3) James Moffatt: ‘Position of the Passive Resisters’: ‘O sleep it is a gentle thing’ (CCC)

Sept 6:  Dr George Matheson (POTC): Chesterton on Dickens (CCC)

Sept 13:  The Finality of the Christian Religion (Rv by Marcus Dods): More of Chesterton on Dickens (CCC)

Sept 20: The Future of Romanism: ‘Red Poppies in the Corn’ (CCC)

Sept 27: Romanism and the Human Reason: ‘Tis Forty Years since’ Lines read at Reunion of Class at Aberdeen University 1866-1870 (WRN): A Great Journalist – W T Arnold (CCC)

Oct 4: The Future of the Education Bill: The Aberdeen university Celebrations (CCC)

Oct 11: A Christian War Correspondent [An appreciation of Dr W H Fitchett]: The Life of Sir George Williams (CCC)

Oct 18: The Embassy of the Gospel (by John Watson): The Empress Eugenie (CCC)

Oct 25: The Ending of the Agony [Scottish Church Settlement]: Questions & Answers about Books (CCC)

Nov 1: Archbishop Davidson’s policy: Dr Birkbeck Hill (CCC)

Nov 8: ‘Nothing is here for tears’: Lord Macaulay (CCC)

Nov 15: The Ethics of Public Service: Sir Leslie Stephen (CCC)

Nov 22: ‘Whom say ye that I am?’ The  Rossettis' (CCC)

Nov 29: A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (book review of James Hastings’ Dictionary): On the Virtue of Theft (CCC)

Dec 6:  When the Lord gave the Word: ‘Outlook of Free Churches for 1907 – F B Meyer, R F Horton, etc [insert]

Dec 13:  Faith and Freedom (Rv of John Oman’s book by Denney): The Best Novel of the Year (CCC)

Dec 20:  The Opportunity of the Provincial: Sir John Lemg (CCC)

Dec 27:  Redeemed by the Beauty of the Lord: ‘Success in Life’ (CCC)



Jan 3:  Memorial for Principal Rainy (POTC): ‘Tributes’ – Marcus Dods, Ian Maclaren & James Denney: ‘Influenza’ (CCC)

Jan 10:  The Government in 1907: About Sir Walter Scott (CCC)

Jan 17:  Students and Principals: ‘Mr R J Campbell and the New Theology’ – from interview in the Daily Mail: Lafcadio Hearn (CCC).

Jan 24:  City Temple Theology [WRN]: ‘Three Elephants and Three Morals’ (CCC)

Jan 31:  More about City Temple Theology: The Education of Grown-up People (CCC)

Feb 7:  The Last Prayer of the Bible: John Oman comments on the ‘New Theology’: February Magazines (CCC)

Feb 14:  Dr Dale’s History of English Congregationalism (review): ‘Dr Black (Inverness)’ (WRN): The Morality of Present Day Fiction (CCC)

Feb 21:  The New Theology and Sin: ‘White and Black: Henry James on America’ (CCC)

Feb 28:  Christianity and the Immanence of God: Thirty Roses (CCC)

Mar 7:  ‘The Newest Theology’ (by P T Forsyth): ‘The Dread of Democracy’ (CCC)

Mar 14:  The Ritual Commission and the duty of the Free Churches (Address WRN): ‘Interview with Samuel Chadwick on Cliff College’: ‘Three meetings and Three Speeches’ (CCC)

Mar 21:  ‘The New Theology’ [1] (Rv by James Denney): ‘When to Retire’ (CCC)

Mar 28:  God, Sin and Atonement [2] (by James Denney): ‘When to Retire’ [2] (CCC)

April 4:  Pantheism and the Churches [3] (by James Denney): Some April Magazines (CCC)

April 11:  Sir Oliver Lodge’s Catechism: ‘Faith and Science’: ‘An Independent Politician: W S Caine’ (CCC)

April 18:  St Paul’s love for Christ: ‘Pleasant Memories’ (CCC)

April 25:  ‘I caught myself wishing’ (SE): ‘Dr A B Davidson as a Grafian’ (by A.S. Peake): ‘The Press Gallery’ (CCC).

May 2:  The Limits of Christian Union: ‘Lord Beaconsfield and others’ (CCC).

May 9:  Memorial for Ian Maclaren [John Watson] (POTC): ‘On the Duty of Answering Letters’ (CCC)

May 16:  Tributes to Ian Maclaren: ‘Some good Letters’ (CCC)

May 23:  The Gospel according to St Paul [review]: ‘Literature of the Scottish Border’ (CCC)

May 30:  The Losing of the Legions: The Nonconformists and the Government – the Rising Storm: ‘The Character of Fraulein Schmidt’ (CCC)

June 6:  Grippers and Nippers: ‘Two Heroes of the Confederacy’ (CCC)

June 13:  The Powers of Mr McKenna: The Problems of Australasia (CCC)

June 20:  The Holy Spirit as a Soul-Winner (by H Elvet Lewis): Parents and Children (CCC)

June 27:  The Sermons of C H Spurgeon (Address WRN): ‘Shall we make a change?’ (CCC)

July 4:  The Sermons of C H Spurgeon (2): ‘The Situation in Wales’ by H Elvet Lewis: ‘Convinced of Stupidity’ (CCC).

July 11:  An Evangelical High-Churchman [appreciation of Father Stanton]: Glimpses of Garibaldi (CCC)

July 18:  Christ in Christian Doctrine (by James Denney): ‘My first competition and a second’ (CCC).

July 25:  The Leper’s Window: The Philosophy of William de Morgan (CCC)

Aug 1:  Sir Walter Scott on Methodism: The Prospect of a Holiday (CCC)

Aug 8:  Back to the centre: ‘At Waterbeach’ [C H Spurgeon’s birthplace] (CCC)

Aug 15:  A Teacher of Quietness (by H Elvet Lewis): Breaking the News (CCC)

Aug 22:  Fear in the Night: Breaking the News [2] (CCC)

Aug 29:  ‘What things ye have need of’: ‘A Victorian Anthology’ (CCC)

Sept 5:  Lessons of the Church Crisis (Address WRN): ‘Three Weeks Holiday’ (CCC)

Sept 12:  Is War ever justifiable? [Bk Rv]: ‘How to Refuse a Proposal’ (CCC).

Sept 19:  The United Methodist Church: The Art of Self-Tormenting (CCC)

Sept 26:  The Preacher and the Book (by H Elvet Lewis): Walter Crane & Alice Diehl (CCC)

Oct 3:  A New Religious Poet [Rv]: Interview with Lloyd George on the Welsh Church: Rv of Revivals of the Eighteenth  Century in England (WRN): The Art of Descriptive Writing (CCC)

Oct 10:  Professor David Masson (obit. WRN)

Oct 17:  Afterwards: The London Correspondent and his Future (CCC)

Oct 24:  Principal Forsyth on Preaching (Rv by James Denney): ‘Impressions of Queen Victoria’ (CCC)

Oct 31:  Jesus and Paul: ‘Father and Son: Edmund Gosse and Frederic Mistral (CCC)

Nov 7:  Professor Drummond after 10 years [appreciation articles by Dods, Stalker etc.]: ‘Father and Son – Frederic Mistral’ (CCC)

Nov 14:  The Voice of the True Shepherd (SE): The Letters of Dr John Brown (CCC)

Nov 21:  ‘To Him the Porter openeth’ (SE): ‘The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ’ (by James Denney) ‘Sacked’ (CCC)

Nov 28:  The Life of Dr Matheson (Rv WRN): ‘Sir Conan Doyle as a Critic’ (WRN): ‘Sacked’ [2] (CCC).

Dec 5:  ‘Cry’ [Bk Rvs]; ‘If all the World were of One Religion’ (CCC)

Dec 12:  The Virgin Birth of Christ [review of James Orr’s Book]: Bagehot’s Four Golden rules of Worldly Wisdom (CCC).

Dec 19:  The Inner Life of Jesus [Bk Rv]: Shirley Crooks (CCC)

Dec 26:  The Look and the Race: ‘Father and Son: An Experience’ (CCC)



Jan 2:  A New Year’s Day Homily (by Alexander Whyte): ‘Father and Son: An Experience’ [2] (CCC)

Jan 9:  The Shepherd’s Power over His life (SE): ‘What great events from little causes spring’ (CCC)

Jan 16:  The Socialist Art of Persuasion ‘Welsh Revival and Free Church Statistics’ (by Evert Lewis): Patronizers (CCC)

Jan 23:  Since ‘Adam Bede’: ‘Missionaries’ (CCC).

Jan 30:  Christ and the Gospels [Rv of James Hastings’ Dictionary]: ‘Second Fiddle’ (CCC)

Feb 6:  Between two burdens [Rv of Bishop Gore’s book]: Patronizers [2] (CCC)

Feb 13:  ‘A Greater is Here’ (by James Moffatt): Sir Henry Drummond Wolff (CCC)

Feb 20:  The Sacrament of Christian Service: ‘Thirteen at a Dinner-table’ (CCC)

Feb 27:  The New Education Bill: Moral Shipwrecks (CCC)

Mar 5:  The New Socialism: an Impartial Inquiry (by J T Stoddart): Looking Back – Prof Chiene (WRN): ‘Those Indomitable eyes’ (CCC)

Mar 12:  The New Socialism: an Impartial Inquiry (2): The Life of Thomas Boston (WRN): The Poetical Aspect of the Hustler (CCC)

Mar 19:  The Political Situation: Some New Novels (WRN): Can London be Evangelised? (Rv WRN: ‘The Millionaires of New York’ (CCC)

Mar 26:  ‘O’er moor and fen – ‘the wind on the heath: ‘The Millionaires of Arabia’ (CCC)

April 2:  An Earnest Appeal to Free Churchmen {Education Acts]:  Drunkenness among Women (CCC)

April 9:  ‘Taking away the Lord’ (by James Denney): ‘Resignation of Campbell Bannerman and next PM Asquith’: Stories of the Unseen World (CCC)

April 16:  ‘The Sure Mercies of David’: ‘Delane of the Times (CCC)

April 23:  The late Sir H Campbell-Bannerman: ‘Autobiography of a Super tramp’ (WRN): In the Country of Keble, Miss Yonge and Richard Trench (CCC)

April 30:  Dr Campbell Morgan’s Bible [Bk Rv: Haunted Houses (CCC)]

May 7:  The Licensing Bill: ‘Impudence’ (CCC)

May 14:  Anglican Liberalism 1848 and 1908: @Low Spirits: Thomas Gray’ (CCC)

May 21:  ‘Till we can dictate our own terms’: ‘Put all the nonsense away and do something useful’ (CCC)

May 28:  ‘Jerusalem’ (by James Denney): Mr Kipling in the Chair (CCC)

June 4: Principal Hutton (POTC) also Tributes from Denney & G.A. Smith: ‘John Foster and F.D. Maurice’ (CCC).

June 11:  Aaron’s breastplate [book review]: ‘Everyman’s Library’ (WRN): The Love-Story of Robert Hall (CCC)

June 18: ‘! ?’: ‘The Religious Teachers of Greece’ (James Denney): ‘The Human Ass’ (CCC).

June 25:  The Manchester Conference – a suggestion: ‘Resignation of Dr Fairbairn’: ‘The Human Ass’ [2] (CCC)

July 2:  A question for Monsignor Fraser: F W Robertson of Brighton (CCC)

July 9:  The Power of Piety (sermon by WRN): ‘Nottingham, Newstead and Hucknall Torkard’ (CCC).

July 16:  Monsignor Fraser’s Reply: Against Scolding (CCC)

July 23:  Is the Church of Rome a Church of Christ? Sydney Dobell – a letter to Sir Alexander Simpson (CCC)

July 30:  The Vision of Unity: John Ruskin and Rose La Touché (CCC)

Aug 6:  ‘Ye little birds, how can ye sing?’ Near Oxford (CCC)

Aug 13:  Church Union in Australia and the Lambeth Conference (by J Meiklejohn): W and R Chambers (CCC)

Aug 20:  John Morley – Viscount Morley of Blackburn: ‘The late Ira Sankey’: Mr Jerome on Socialism (CCC)

Aug 27:  The Centenary of Dr Lindsay Alexander (by E T McLeod): H Taine (CCC)

Sept 3:  The Golden Church: A Novel of Natal (CCC)

Sept 10:  ‘By prayer and fasting’ (by H Elvet Lewis): ‘A Dissenter of Royal Blood – Dr Ralph Wardlaw ‘(CCC)

Sept 17:  Lessons of the Eucharistic Congress: A Holiday in Aberdeenshire (CCC)

Sept 24:  Boswell (Address WRN): ‘With Percy Fitzgerald at Lichfield’ (CCC)

Oct 1:  Mr Chesterton on ‘Orthodoxy’ [Bk Rv]: ‘John Silence’ and some other books (CC)

Oct 8:  Orthodoxy in Fleet Street [Bk Rv Cont]: ‘King David’ of Melbourne [David Syme] (CCC)

Oct 15:  The Age of Encyclopaedias [review of Hastings’ books]: ‘Gravy’ (CCC)

Oct 22:  The girlhood of Mary Queen of Scots (by Hon Lord Guthrie): James McNeill Whistler (CCC)

Oct 29:  ‘Not by sight’: ‘The Brontës’ (CCC)

Nov 5:  Sin and Punishment – the Teaching of Hawthorne & Browning (lecture by WRN): ‘Dr Robertson Nicoll at Aberdeen University’: ‘The Troubles of the Essayist’ (CCC)

Nov 12:  Sin and punishment (2): ‘The Devil in London’ (CCC)

Nov 19:  Sir Oliver Lodge’s ‘Eirenicon’: ‘Education Crisis’ – Views of Free Church leaders: A Challenge and a Reply (CCC)

Nov 26:  The Education Compromise [New Education Bill]: Susanna and Catherine Winkworth (CCC)

Dec 3:  The Resurrection of Christ (by W H Griffith Thomas): ‘My First Pair of Spectacles’ (CCC).

Dec 10:  Milton Agonistes (address by WRN): ‘Milton Tercentenary’ [Supplement]: ‘That the best letters are written by the mortally wounded’ (CCC).

Dec 17:  Nonconformity and the House of Lords: ‘Dr Ambrose Shepherd’s Sermons’ (WRN): ‘Can You find the Platitude? (CCC)

Dec 24:  The Friendship of Christ (Sermon WRN): Criticism of Mr Tonson (CCC)

Dec 30:  ‘And He closed the Book’: ‘Stevenson, Henley and Will H Low’ (CCC)





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