Part 2: Inventory of British Weekly leading articles (1896-1900)


Jan 2:  From Glory to Glory (RTTC): The Armenian Atrocities – by W.M. Ramsay: ‘Sentimental Tommy & The Weir of Hermiston’ (CCC)

Jan 9:  The Old Testament in the Christian Church [book review]: ‘The Guardian’ (CCC)

Jan 16:  ‘Cast out the beam’: The Keswick Dispute: James Beattie & George Macdonald (CCC)

Jan 23:  The Exposure of Cardinal Manning [review of biography]: ‘Miss Rossetti’s last poems’ (CCC)

Jan 30:  Do we need a Fresh Revelation? [Bk Rv]: ‘My Apprenticeship’ – G.F. Pentecost

Feb 6:  A study of Religious Pathology [book review]: Ecclesiastical situation in Germany: ‘Visit to north Wales’ (CCC)

Feb 13:  Is the Gospel of Christ forgotten? (RTTC): Interview with J.H. Jowett: ‘Mr. L.F. Austin’ (CCC)

Feb 20:  ‘Cast your deadly doing down’ (RTTC): ‘Prof. Sainsbury on Nineteenth Century Literature’ (CCC)

Feb 27:  Is Christ Dead in Vain? (RTTC)

Mar 5:  ‘Hochma’ [book review]: The Liberal Party and The Education Question – interview with R W Perks: Survey of [Bible] Texts

Mar 12:  The Church and the Press (A paper read by WRN): The Free Church Congress (CCC)

Mar 19:  Maurice Maeterlinck’s latest essay [review]: Length of Sermons [competition and lists]: ‘Two New Scottish Writers’ (CCC)

Mar 26:  Washed White or Whitewashed? [Review of Mark Rutherford’s Clara Hopgood]: ‘The Offence of Religious people’– Ian Maclaren

April 2:  The Long Love of Christ (RTTC): ‘The Author of the Schonberg-Gotta Family’ [obit.] (CCC)

April 9:  The Education Bill

April 16:  A Friendly Reply to Dr Clifford and the Daily News: ‘A bundle of books’ (CCC)

April 23:  What Anglicans wish to teach children? [Review of Canon Gore’s book]: ‘A new poet: Marie Corelli’ (CCC)

April 30:  The Book of the Twelve Prophets [review of G.A. Smith’s Commentary by Marcus Dods]: ‘A chat with the President of the Baptist Union’ (WRN)

May 7:  The Bible as Literature [book review by R G Moulton]

May 14:  ‘The Mind of the Master’ [John Watson’s book reviewed by T G Selby]: Unpublished letters of John Stuart Mill to Thomas Carlyle

May 21:  ‘I will build my Church’ [review of P T Forsyth’s bk.]: ‘Alan Ramsay & Hugh Miller’ (CCC)

May 28:  A Suggested Liberal programme for 1902

June 4:  The Christian State and Christian Education [reply to Hugh Price Hughes]: ‘Six religious biographies’ (CCC)

June 11:  Dr Hort - The Cambridge School [review of Life and Letters]: ‘Bishop Thorold’ (CCC).

June 18:  The value of peculiar possessions (RTTC)

June 25:  Do ‘Great events from little causes spring’? ‘Professor Nichol’ (CCC)

July 2:  The Mothers of St Paul (RTTC): the Anglicans and the Education Bill: ‘The new Cornhill and other Magazines’ (CCC)

July 9:  Nonconformists in the Teaching Profession: ‘Mark Rutherford’ (CCC)

July 16:  The Prayer Meeting (RTTC): Interview with Silas Hocking: ‘What makes a novel successful’ (CCC)

July 23:  Robert Burns: ‘How his ghost was comforted’ [WRN]: ‘Dr R W McAll’s novel’ (CCC).

July 30:  ‘If you two shall agree’ (RTTC): ‘G Adam Smith’ by A B Bruce: ‘Pearls’ (CCC).

Aug 6:  The face of an Angel: ‘Curiosities of Crabbe’ (CCC)

Aug 13:  The Casting away of Theology [book review] (RTTC) ‘President McCosh’ (CCC)

Aug 20:  Is the Sermon on the Mount the Christian Gospel? [Bk Rv] (RTTC): ‘Kilsby Jones’ (CCC)

Aug 27:  The fear of Death and the Death of Christ [by James Denney]: The Alleged Decline of Church-going: ‘Some books which have interested me’ (CCC)

Sept 3:  Church Attendance: ‘Dr John Pulsford’ (CCC)

Sept 10:  Church Attendance: the Preaching of Today: ‘The Alleged Decline of Church-going’: ‘Benjamin Smith & Graham Travers’ (CCC)

Sept 17:  Our Duty to Armenia [the atrocities]: ‘Biblical Criticism and the Old Testament by G. Adam Smith: ‘The late Dr H R Reynolds’ (CCC)

Sept 24:  The People’s Bible [review of Joseph Parker’s books]: ‘The influence of Modern Literature on young men of today’ – by A Taylor Innes

Oct 1:  Loyalty to the Saints: The Cambridge University Nonconformist Union

Oct 8:  David Lyall [review and appreciation]: Armenian Demonstration at City Temple

Oct 15:  At Home with God: ‘Charlotte Bronte and her circle’ [reviews]

Oct 22:  Kate Carnegie and those ministers [review of Ian Maclaren’s book by Marcus Dods]

Oct 29:  A Methodist ‘Salem Chapel’ [Bk Rv]

Nov 5:  ‘An unknown and yet well known’ (by R.A. Watson)

Nov12:  ‘With Open Face’

Nov 19:  ‘A Listener unto Death’ (RTTC): The American Presidential Election (WRN).

Nov 26:  The Sorrows of Literature and Life [book review]: ‘A.B. Davidson’ by Late Prof. Elmslie [Davidson had been asked to be Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland: he was to decline it]

Dec 3:  Margaret Ogilvy [review of J M Barrie’s book]: ‘Literary people in Boston’ (CCC)

Dec 10:  Mark Rutherford on the death of Modern Conversions: ‘A Visit to Salem and Concord (WRN)

Dec 17:  Literature and the Gospel [review of bks.]; ‘Interview with Archibald Brown’ [East London Baptist Tabernacle] by Jane Stoddart

Dec 24:  ‘The Cure of Souls’ [John Watson’s Yale Lectures reviewed by WRN]: ‘A Manchester Poet – George Milner’ (CCC)

Dec 31:  The Theology of Walter Pater (RTTC): ‘Confessions of a Reviewer’ (CCC)



Jan 7:  ‘Those Ministers’: ‘Lord Bowen’ (CCC)

Jan 14:  Is God loving to Israel? [Review of modern fiction by T G Selby]: ‘An Editor’s sorrows’ (CCC)

Jan 21:  The Accessibility of Truth: ‘My favourite passages in prose’ (WRN)

Jan 28:  The Theology of Little Children (RTTC): ‘My favourite passages’ (Ian Maclaren): ‘The Land of the Dollar’ (CCC)

Feb 4:  The Evangelical Love for Christ (RTTC)

Feb 11:  Principal Fairbairn on the Death of Christ [review by James Denney]: 'Robert Burns – Chambers-Wallace Edition’ (CCC)

Feb 18:  The Secret of Stevenson’s Charm [WRN]

Feb 25:  The Melancholy of the New Testament: ‘Augustine Birrell and Reviewing’ (CCC)

Mar 4:  What is the Nation coming to? ‘A Weekend at Bournemouth’ (CCC)

Mar 11:  Shall we coerce Greece? ‘Dr Parker’s Sermon at the Free Church Council’ (CCC)

Mar 18:  Professor Henry Drummond [special edition] (POTC)

Mar 25:  Liberalism, the Christianity of politics: ‘The Private Library’ (CCC)

April 1:  Benjamin Jowett [review of Life and letters]

April 8:  The Sorrow of the Saviour (RTTC): ‘What will he do with it – Strachey and the Spectator’ (CCC)

April 15:  ‘Women received their Dead’ (RTTC): ‘The Bronte Sisters’ (WRN): ‘Another trip to Haworth’ (CCC)

April 22:  ‘Those Ministers’ in France. [Bk Rv]: ‘On the rate of reading’ (CCC)

April 29:  ‘The House of Dreams’ [book review]: ‘The rate of writing’ (CCC)

May 6:  The Religion of Oliver Cromwell [book review by R.F. Horton]: ‘The rate of writing’ (CCC)

May 13:  Dr Gifford on the Incarnation: ‘James Lane Allen’ (CCC)

May 20:  The Wesleyan Synods and the Strolling Pastorate: ‘Mr Greenwood on Journalism’ (CCC).

May 27:  Three Great Words of Jesus: ‘Mr Moody on the Late Prof Drummond’: ‘Read on the train’ (CCC)

June 3:  Geocentricism: The latest scarecrow (RTTC): ‘The Revised Version’ by Marcus Dods: ‘At Lourdes’ (CCC)

June 10:  The Headship of Christ: ‘Prof Ramsay’s Impression of Turkey’ (CCC)

June 17:  The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee [special edition]

June 24:  Science and Immortality: Dr Newman Smyth [book review]: Nonconformists during reign of Victoria

July 1:  Mrs Oliphant [obit. WRN]: ‘With the Fleet at Spithead’ by Ian Maclaren: ‘Twixt the Land and the Moss’ (CCC)

July 8:  The Secret of Christian Experience (RTTC)

July 15:  The Finger of God: ‘The Dictionary of National biography Dinner’ (CCC)

July 22:  From the Tabernacle to the House (RTTC): ‘The Women’s Dinner’ (CCC)

July 29:  Christ waiting to be Gracious (RTTC)

Aug 5:  Christianity and the Sword

Aug 12:  Mr Hall Canines The Christian (Review): ‘The True use of a Holiday’ (CCC)

Aug 19:  ‘As Chastened and not Killed’ (by R.A. Watson)

Aug 26:  St Paul on trial again [book review]: ‘Aberdeen Awa’ – Claudius Clear

Sept 2:  A new Methodist Theologian (review of book by John Scot Lidgett)

Sept 9:  The True Christian? ‘Mr Gladstone and Mr Chamberlain’ (CCC)

Sept 16:  A Stickit Minister: [obit. R H Hutton of the Spectator]

Sept 23:  This Ministry: ‘The Fantastic Fiction – The Invisible Man’ (CCC)

Sept 30:  The Cleansing Blood of Christ (SE)

Oct 7:  The Life of Lord Tennyson [review of biography]

Oct 14:  The House of Blackwood book review]: Review of Harnack’s History of Dogma by Marcus Dods                     

Oct 21:  ‘At His feet as dead’ (SE)

Oct 28:  The Expositor’s Greek Testament [review by James Denney]: ‘The New Terror to Critics’ (CCC)

Nov 4:  The Progress of Nonconformity [looking back over 10-11 years]: ‘A New Preacher – Mr. R.F. Campbell, of Brighton’ (CCC)

Nov 11:  Angelic Doctors [review of books]: ‘Mrs Barrett Browning’s Letters’ (CCC)

Nov 18:  Ten Sheepfolds [Our Churches and why we belong to them; book review]; ‘Some notable books’ (CCC)

Nov 25:  The Latest Theology and the Man in the Street

Dec 2:  Deacons: ‘Sarah Grand and John Oliver Hobbes’ (CCC)

Dec 9:  School Boards and the Moral Education of Children

Dec 16:  Professor Drummond’s Legacy: ‘In the Riviera’ (CCC)

Dec 23:  Friendship [book review. by Hugh Black]: ‘Professor Denney in his Class Room’ – by a Student: ‘Spurgeon’s Autobiography’ (CCC)

Dec 30:  The Quest of Happiness ‘Three New Books’ (CCC)



Jan 6:  Looking and Looking Off (SE): ‘Some thoughts on Criticism’ (CCC)

Jan 13:  The Moulding of the Scottish Reformation: ‘Christina Rossetti’ (CCC)

Jan 20:  Should the Gospel be preached to every Creature? ‘Rev John McNeill in London’

Jan 27:  The Christian Endeavour movement in the Churches

Feb 3:  The Everlasting Gospel by James Denney [review of P T Forsyth’s The Holy Father]: ‘A Friend of Burns’ (CCC)

Feb 10:  The Burning and the Shining (SE & AOTS): ‘What shall we do with our poets’ (CCC)

Feb 17:  A Christian Optimist: Dr. Philip Schaff [review of autobiography]: ‘Diary of a Nobody and War of the Worlds’ (CCC)

Feb 24:  A Breeze from the Eternal Summer (SE & AOTS): ‘The editor’s apology’ (CCC)

Mar 3:  The New Dictionary of the Bible [Hastings]: ‘Books about Bookmen’ (CCC)

Mar 10:  Lifted up out of the Earth (SE & AOTS): ‘Principal Morison’ (CCC)

Mar 17:  An Ancestor of Emerson (by W. Hale White)

Mar 24:  The Position of the Temperance Movement

Mar 31:  The Finality of the Bible [WRN]: Dr. Parker’s Jubilee: ‘James Payn’ (CCC) 

April 7:  The Easter Glory of the Angels (SE): ‘American wives and English husbands’ (CCC)

April 14:  Benjamin Parsons (A country minister’s life): Joseph Parker’s Jubilee

April 21:  The Uplift of the Soul (AOTS): ‘The Length of Pastorates (A First Series of Letters)

April 28:  The Burning of the Metropolitan Tabernacle [appeal to readers]

May 5:  Apostolic Succession [book review by Marcus Dods]

May 12:  A Word against Weariness: John McNeil at Islington

May 19:  Passing the Love of Women [Rv of a John Watson bk.]: ‘Dinna forget Spurgeon’ – Ian Maclaren: ‘G.W. Cable at Mr. Barrie’s’ (CCC)

May 26:  The Death of Mr. Gladstone [Memorial Edition]: ‘Dr. Whyte’s Address to Ministers’ (CCC)

June 2:  Revival Christianity: Principal Brown (POTC): ‘Mr Gladstone’s Funeral’

June 9:  Dr. Whyte’s Addresses: ‘Thomas Goodwin and the devotion of the Sacred Heart’ [review]

June 16:  The Print of Nails

June 23:  The Unpretentiousness of True Religion: Dr. Parker’s Jubilee

June 30:  ‘No popery’ [approval of statements by Sir. Wm. Harcourt]: New Series, ‘Ritualist Conspiracy’

July 7:  ‘Frost of the lips and thaw of the soul’ (SE)

July 14:  Theology and the Work of the Ministry (by Marcus Dods) 

July 21:  ‘What is our Chief Peril?’ (TLOS)

July 28:  The Second Mile: ‘Rev Edward White’ – WRN: ‘‘The Late Dr. W.A. Hunter (ex MP) (CCC)

Aug 4:  ‘We wrestle’ [Encouragement to preachers]: ‘‘Prince Bismarck’ [Obit & Appreciation] (CCC)

Aug 11: The Anaesthetic Gospel: ‘The London Dailies’ (CCC).

Aug 18:  The Immortality of the Soul (by Prof. Agar Beet & WRN): ‘Practical uses of the Bible’ (WRN): ‘My London Dailies’ [Evening Papers] (CCC)

Aug 25: Notes on Unconditional Immortality and Methodist Sacerdotalism: ‘Mr Spurgeon’s Wooing’ [review of second volume of Autobiography] (CCC)

Sept 1:  The Heritage of the Meek: ‘Repentance and Conversion, What are they?’ (WRN): ‘Mr. Jerome K. Jerome’ (CCC)

Sept 8: The Delight of the First Advent.

Sept 15:  What makes Christian Priests? New Series on ‘Christian Science’

Sept 22:  Death the servant of life: ‘Christian Science’, 2. ‘The Strange Claims of Christian Science’ - ‘Does it cure nervous troubles?’

Sept 29: ‘Let him be righteous still’ [Review]: ‘Christian Science’, 3. ‘Is Christian Science an Imposture?’ ‘John Splendid’ – Claudius Clear

Oct 6:  God’s Mild Curfew (SE): ‘Christian Science’, 4. ‘Why Christian science fails to Cure’: ‘Henry Reave’ (CCC).

Oct 13:  The Unknown Christ: ‘Our Society, Work and how to better it’ by R.J. Campbell: ‘The Equal Dividend’ (CCC)

Oct 20:  The Lord’s Servant Deaf and Blind (TLOS)

Oct 27:  The Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper [Remarks on pronouncement by Archbishop Temple]: ‘A Bishop without Ambition’ [Dr. Walsham How] (CCC)

Nov 3:  Was Bishop Walsham How a perfect Christian? (POTC): New Series ‘Palmistry in London’ – ‘Its Peril and Mystery’: ‘On Handwriting’ (CCC)

Nov 10:  John Blackwood and his Men: ‘Hain Friswell’ (CCC)

Nov 17:  John Angel James & R W Dale [WRN]: Biography of R.W. Dale reviewed by James Denney

Nov 24:  The Easy Way out of it all (SE): ‘Ian Maclaren’s Afterwards’ (CCC)

Dec 1:  Dr. Dale as a Churchman (by James Denney): ‘Aristocratic Evangelists’ by Ian Maclaren: ‘Robertson of Irvine’s Poems’ (CCC)

Dec 8:  A Forgotten Book (by W Hale White): ‘Dr. John Stoughton’ (WRN): ‘Halliday Rogers’ (CCC)

Dec 15:  An Evangelist’s Biography [review of G. Adam Smith’s biography of Henry Drummond by Ian Maclaren]: Notes on the First Six years of the British Weekly (WRN)

Dec 22:  The Eternal Child in the Midst (SE): ‘Thomas Hardy as a Poet’ (CCC)

Dec 29:  The Reformation of the Liberal Party: ‘Irish Life and Character’ (CCC)



Jan 5:  Bithynia and Jerusalem (SE): ‘On Critics and Criticism’ (CCC)

Jan 12:  God the Subtractor: ‘Principal Caird – Marcus Dods: Alexander Maclaren’s Annual Sermon to Young men

Jan 19:  Notes on English Style in the Victorian Period (1 - WRN)

Jan 26:  Notes on English Style in the Victorian Period (2 - WRN): ‘Scottish Characteristics’ (CCC)

Feb 2:  Principal Fairbairn on Catholicism [review]: ‘Dr Berry’ [Obit & tributes by P T Forsyth and Silvester Horne], ‘Mrs Parker’ [death of Joseph Parker’s wife] John O Hobbes & Annie Swan.

Feb 9:  The New Catechism: ‘Mrs Parker’ (WRN).

Feb 16:  The Lost Fear of God.

Feb 23:  What is to be the Next Step? [Ritualism]: ‘A Bookman in Italy’ (CCC).

Mar 2:  Can Protestants work Together? (1): ‘The Love letters of the Brownings’ (CCC) 

Mar 9: Can Protestants work Together? (2)

Mar 16: Mr Sheldon’s In His Steps (1. ‘not Christs, but Christ’s’) [review]

Mar 23:  Mr Sheldon’s In His Steps (2. The Quest of the Cross): ‘About some old ministers’ (CCC).

Mar 30:  Mr Sheldon’s In His Steps (3.Luxury & the new obedience): ‘Miss Fowler’s new novel’ (CCC).

April 6:  Mr Sheldon’s In His Steps (4. Where the stress should fall): ‘Concerning three popular delusions’ (CCC).

April 13:  The Latest Voices on the Atonement (Gore & Wilson reviewed): ‘Life saved by a sense of humour’ (CCC).

April 20:  Seven-day Journalism: ‘G Adam Smith’s Yale Lectures’.

April 27:  More about Seven-day Journalism.

May 4:  ‘We have an Altar’ (WRN): ‘The Life of Wm Morris’ (CCC).

May 11:  ‘Art thou the – Church?’ Interview with R J Campbell

May 18:  Conquering and to Conquer: ‘The Pleasures of Reviewing’ (CCC).

May 25:  The Name that is called Wonderful: Conan Doyle & WRN.

June 1:  The Greatest Text in the Gospel [review of Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible].

June 8:  The Critic’s Creed (Dr Samuel Davidson, review of biography).

June 15:  Matthew Arnold as Critic [review]: Death of W G Blaikie.

June 22:  Matthew Arnold as Theologian [review]: ‘An evening with Mark Twain’ (CCC).

June 29:  Suggestions towards the Ethical Union (TLOS): ‘A Christian Daily Paper’ (CCC).

July 6:  ‘Till the stars appeared’ [R.W. Dale’s Essays and Addresses reviewed by J.H. Jowett].

July 13:  The judgment of Christian Employers: ‘The Art of Conversation’ (CCC).

July 20:  Unaware of Angels (SE).

July 27:  John Wesley’s three saints: ‘Some Northern professors’ (CCC)

Aug 3:  The late William Wright of the Bible Society

Aug 10:  Professor Bruce [obit]

Aug 17:  Missionary strategy and permanent races

Aug 24:  ‘Whatsoever thou spendest more.’ (TLOS)

Aug 31:  How Christianity degenerates: The Northfield Convention (by F.B. Meyer)

Sept 7:  The ritualists at bay: ‘A Holiday in two kinds’ (CCC)

Sept 14:  ‘A leper as white as snow’ [Dreyfus condemned]: ‘The development of Authors’ (CCC)

Sept 21:  The Preaching of Hall and Foster (TLOS)

Sept 28:  ‘He would have gone further’ (SE): ‘Dr W F Moulton’ (CCC).

Oct 5:  What can we do for Peace? [South Africa & the Boers]: ‘The Greatest of Anthologies’ (CCC)

Oct 12:  The Next Revival of Religion [WRN]: Sunday opening of Theatres and Music Halls: ‘Young Oxford to the Rescue’ (CCC).

Oct 19:  Dr Matheson’s Life of Christ [book review]: ‘Wine on the Lees’ (CCC)

Oct 26:  We abode in the valley: Rebuilding the Metropolitan Tabernacle (Lorna [J T Stoddart]): ‘Some New Novels’ (CCC).

Nov 2:  The Encyclopaedia Biblica [book review]: ‘Less said about the better’ (CCC).

Nov 9:  The Blessedness of the Last Approach (SE): ‘The Ship of Stars’ (CCC)

Nov 16:  The Evangelicals and the ‘Encyclopaedia Biblica’: ‘Not Easily Forgiven’ (CCC)

Nov 23:  Ritschl – and after [review by James Orr]: ‘How to remember and how to forget’ (CCC).

Nov 30:  The Words of the Lord Jesus [review of James Stalker’s Christology of Jesus]: ‘What to do with an Old Minister’ – Ian Maclaren

Dec 7:  The Conveyance of the Divine thought: ‘Samuel – the cat’ (CCC)

Dec 14:  Canon Hammond and Dr Watson: The Christmas Number – an illustrated biography of S R Crockett: ‘Notes on the last seven years of British Weekly’ (WRN)

Dec 21:  Christianity and the War: Review of H Drummond’s last book by Marcus Dods: ‘The man in the street’ (CCC)

Dec 28:  Is right might? [The Boer War]: ‘Mr Moody’ – G. Adam Smith: ‘Two Pleasant Books’ (CCC)



Jan 4: ‘Thou He Slay – Him’: Diary of the War [comments on the Boer War]: ‘Bishop Benson’ (CCC)

Jan 11:  Shall we win? [A South African]: Diary of the War

Jan 18:  Will there be peace after the war? [A South African]

Jan 25:  Are the Cape Dutch disloyal? [A South African]: ‘The pew and the man in it’ (by Ian Maclaren)

Feb 1:  What is the task before us? [A South African]: ‘The Bonn and Webster Library’ (CCC)

Feb 8:  ‘When the keepers of the house tremble’: ‘Another 50 Bonn books’ (CCC)

Feb 15:  ‘Work’ and ‘glory’: ‘Concerning order and method’ (CCC)

Feb 22:  No cross on the Sabbath Day [book review by WRN]: ‘Ralph O’Connor’ (CCC)

Mar 1:  The Second Spring [Parker’s City Temple Pulpit reviewed]: ‘How Mr Spurgeon spent his week’ (CCC)

Mar 8: ‘Precarious’ (SE): The Transvaal situation: ‘Return to Grub Street’ (CCC)

Mar 15:  The Dutch Reformed Church and war [by a South African]: ‘Two Irish Poetesses’ (CCC).

Mar 22:  ‘Neither left nor forsaken’ (SE): ‘On the Notes of a True Bookman as discernable in T Seccombe’ (CCC).

Mar 29:  ‘Principal Edwards’ (POTC): ‘Memorial Sketches’: ‘Edward Fitz-Gerald’ (CCC)

April 5:  Has the Liberal Party finished its work? ‘The History of Punch’ (CCC)

April 12:  Where is the risen Lord? (SE): ‘The Founders of New College, Edinburgh – Principal Rainy’: ‘The Faringdons’ (CCC)

April 19:  The Sin of the Masterful Man; ‘The Zest of Life’ (CCC)

April 26:  Sunday school teachers and the Higher Criticism

May 3:  The Passion of Cower (TLOS): ‘On the prevailing shortness of Temper’ (CCC)

May 10:  Our Lord’s use of the immortal hope: ‘The sin of laziness’ (CCC)

May 17:  The Last Synod [The United Presbyterian Church before uniting with the Free Church]: ‘The sin of over-work’ (CCC)

May 24:  Many widows – many lepers: ‘Dr MacEwen on the Erskines – Mr Snell on Wesley’ (CCC).

May 31:  The secession church [by Principal Fairbairn]: Dr Snell on Wesley and Methodism’ (CCC)

June 7:  Bishop Ryle – and after [review of some sermons]: Interview with J R Miller: ‘Brilliance’ (CCC).

June 14:  Not afraid of sackcloth (TLOS): Farewell counsel to students – P T Forsyth: ‘Charles Henry Pearson’ (CCC).

June 21:  Be sober [WRN on South African War]: ‘The happy life’ (CCC).

June 28:  The English church union and transubstantiation: ‘Mr Henley and Mr G W Stevens’ (CCC).

July 5:  Illustrations of conversion ‘On some bad habits’ (CCC)

July 12:  Mr J Hay Thorburn [of the Evening Dispatch, Edinburgh]: Appreciation article on Principal Rainy: ‘Speaking’ (CCC).

July 19:  The Empress Dowager and her ‘tiger ride’ [by T G Selby]: ‘A country minister’s library’ (WRN): George Meredith (WRN).

July 26:  The Personality of the Word of God (SE): ‘On the Arts of Correcting and Being Corrected’ (CCC)

Aug 2:  The Life of the Spirit born: Liberals at War: ‘Some questions about holidays’ (CCC).

Aug 9:  The revival of a minister [by Ian Maclaren]: The Liberal Party on the Eve of Election by R W Perks

Aug 16:  Christ’s appeal to the intellect [by George Jackson]

Aug 23:  From henceforth expecting [by H Elvet Lewis]: ‘Miss Jane Jones – Mr Shorter once more’ (CCC).

Aug 30:  The Hope for Liberalism

Sept 6:  The Beatitude of the weak: Interview with James Orr: ‘Dustrious’ (CCC)

Sept 13:  St Paul’s view of marriage: ‘Should old letters be kept?’ (CCC)

Sept 20:  That the world may know: ‘When Tree Stars came out’ (CCC).

Sept 27:  The true issue of the Battle [General Election]: ‘Thomas Edward Brown’ (CCC).

Oct 4:  The tasks before us [The Khaki Election Fever]: ‘Miss Stoddart’s Life of Rosebery’ (CCC)

Oct 11:  The Oxford round table: Results of the election: ‘The Simple Gospel – P T Forsyth: ‘George MacDonald’s Hymn Book’ (CCC)

Oct 18:  The Work of the Holy Spirit: ‘Minister’s Jubilee – Robert Taylor’ (CCC)

Oct 25:  ‘Which is called Patmos’ (SE): ‘Charles Garrett’ (Joseph Parker): ‘Coventry Patmore, Free Church of Scotland & H S Sutton’ (CCC).

Nov 1:  ‘Irene Petrie’ [review of biography of a missionary to Kashmir]: ‘Poems by prelates’ (CCC)

Nov 8:  ‘It doth not yet appear’ [The United Free Church]: Special article on the occasion in Edinburgh (WRN): ‘A Napoleon of the Press’ (CCC).

Nov 15:  Common Grace: Dr Watson’s Theology by R F Horton: ‘Gratitude’ (CCC)

Nov 22:  The Unsearchable Poverty of Christ: Letter from John Clifford on the London School board Election: ‘The art of taking things coolly’ (CCC)

Nov 29:  He shall not speak of Himself (SE): ‘Children’s Sayings’ (CCC).

Dec 6:  Drinking of the brook in the way: Darby and Darbyism [New series]: D L Moody (by R F Horton)

Dec 13:  The Holy Child Jesus: ‘Study of Joseph Hocking’ by Lorna [J T S]: ‘Memories of the Manse’ (WRN) [supplement].

Dec 20:  The Ground of Christian Optimism: ‘Meditation at Pau’ (CCC)

Dec 28:  The Sin of Sins (SE): Frank Bullen’s Religious Autobiography: ‘Anthony Trollope on the problems of the day’ (CCC)

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