An Inventory of the leading articles from the British Weekly (1886-1895)

Appendix 7: A complete inventory of the Leading Articles of the British Weekly; 1886-1923 (The Nicoll Years)


The following abbreviations used to denote articles by W.R. Nicoll that were also published in book form:


                   The Key of the Grave – KOTG

Ten-Minute Sermons – TMS

                    The Seven Words from the Cross – SWFTC

                   When the worst comes to the worst – WWCTW

                   Return to the Cross – RTTC

                   Blessed are the cross bearers – BATCB

                   The Ascent of the Soul – AOTS

                   The Church’s One Foundation – TCOF

                   The Garden of Nuts – TGON

                   The Lamp of Sacrifice – TLOS

                   Sunday Evening – SE

                   The Christian attitude towards Democracy - TCATD

                   The Difference Christ is making – DTCIM

                   Prayer in War Time – PIWT

                   Reunion in Eternity – RIE

                   Princes of the Church – POTC


Other abbreviations used

      ‘The Correspondence of Claudius Clear’ – CCC [not complete listing]

               Some leading articles that form an important series are subsequent to the first   article reduced to initials.




Nov 5: The Creed and The Hope of Progress: ‘(1) Our Religious Census of London’: Sermons by C H Spurgeon & Marcus Dods.

Nov 12: The Nonconformist Invasion of Oxford: (2) ORCOL: ‘Sermon Column’ – The Lord Bishop of Ripon & C H Spurgeon

Nov 19: Preaching Prince Kpopotkine: (3) ORCOL: Hugh Price Hughes comments on the Religious Census.

Nov 26: Sir Robert Hamilton: (4) ORCOL: Marcus Dods on ‘Preaching’: ‘Some of Lord Shaftesbury’s Estimates of Men’: ‘Irish Affairs’ by Henry Drummond.

Dec 3:  A Plea for ‘Poor Gentlemen of Christ: (5) ORCOL: ‘Some Texts that have taken hold of me’ – Alex Whyte [first article].

Dec 10: Against Bamboozling: ‘Liberalism - the Christianity of Politics’ by Henry Drummond

Dec 17: The Lessons of our Religious Census of London (complete summary): ‘The present position of Liberalism in Scotland by Taylor Innes.

Dec 24: Who helped Lord Shaftesbury? ORCOL – Letters & Comments

Dec 31: Light in the Darkness: ‘Prosperous Churches and the causes of their success’ [1] Lyndhurst Road Congregational Church, Hampstead and Robert F. Horton: Letters on the ‘Census’ (cont)


Jan 7: Faith, Politics, and Culture: Prof. Henry Drummond on ‘Natural Law in the Spiritual World’: Letters on the ‘Census’ (cont)

Jan 14: The Temper of Controversy: Drummond ‘Natural law’ (cont): ‘Prosperous Churches’ [2] Westbourne Park and John Clifford

Jan 21: The Lessons of Lord Iddesleigh’s death: Prof. Warfield’s The Textual Criticism of the Old Testament reviewed by Marcus Dods

Jan 28: The Influence of Scepticism on Character: ‘Books which have influenced me’ (Marcus Dods): ‘Prosperous Churches’ [3] Broughton Place, Edinburgh and its ministers

Feb 4: The Present Position of the Temperance Movement: Bkwhim (Marcus Dods [2] & W.E. Gladstone): ‘Prosperous Churches’ [4] Nottingham Tabernacle

Feb 11: Is our Literature Declining? Dr J. Parker in Edinburgh: ‘Prosperous Churches’ [5]. Trinity Church, Poplar

Feb 18: Two Religions: ‘Prosperous Churches’ [6].Tottenham Court Chapel – Whitefield’s Tabernacle

Feb 25: Why Temperance Reformers should ask for the Direct Veto: ‘Church Life in Manchester’ (1. Congregationalists)

March 4: About going over to the Church: ‘Church Life in Manchester’ (2. Baptists)

March 11: The Disestablishment Movement in Scotland: Bkwhim (Joseph Parker): ‘Prosperous Churches’ [8] New Court, Tollington Park

March 18: Henry Ward Beecher: Bkwhim (Archdeacon Farrar)

March 25: ‘The Revolution in Tanner’s Lane’ [Review of Mark Rutherford’s novel]: ‘Prosperous Churches’ [9] St John’s Wood Presbyterian Church

April 1: ‘The Lord’s Ear is not heavy that it cannot hear’: Bkwhim (W.T. Stead)

April 8: Against Coercion [Home Rule]: ‘Here and there among the Churches’

April 15: The Redemption of the Evening: Bkwhim (Walter C. Smith): ‘Prosperous Churches’ [10]. Clifton Road Congregational Church, Brighton

April 22: What can Books do for us?  ‘The Revision of the Westminster Confession’ – W.G. Blaikie & Marcus Dods

April 29: ‘Spurgeonism’: ‘Christ’s Kingdom and how He wins it’ – by Marcus Dods: ‘Miss. Annie S. Swann’ (intro & portrait)

May 6: Life without Clocks and Watches: Bkwhim (Prof. John Stuart Blackie)

May 13: ‘Is Preaching Doomed?’ Bkwhim (Robert Louis Stevenson).

May 20: The People’s Palace, or the Pessimist put to shame: ‘Editors of Today’ [1] W.T. Stead of the Pall Mall Gazette): R.W. Dale on ‘The Future of the Heathen’

May 27: The New Puritanism: ‘Editors of Today’ [2] - Charles Alfred Cooper of the Scotsman): Bkwhim (H. Rider Haggard)

June 3: Buried Alive: ‘The London Wesleyan Mission’ – St George’s-in-the-East (Peter Thompson): Bkwhim (John Ruskin)

June 10: Standing Still: ‘The Second Advent: will it be before the Millennium?’ [1] Affirmative – Canon Fausset): Bkwhim – John Ruskin [part 2]

June 17: Canon Westcott’s Castle in the air: ‘The Second Advent’ [2] Negative –J.A. Beet

June 24: Jubilant? ‘The Second Advent’ [3] Affirmative – Mr & Mrs Grattan Guinness; Bkwhim (Walter Besant)

July 1: The Crisis in New College, London: ‘The Second Advent’ [4] Mr & Mrs Grattan Guinness (cont): ‘The Rev. Dr. Whyte’ – by J.M. Barrie

July 8: More troubles in the Theological Colleges: ‘The Second Advent’ [5] Negative – Principal T.C. Edwards: R.W. Dale’s Farewell: ‘Bkwhim (Alexander Whyte)

July 15: About Holidays: ‘The Second Advent’ [6] Affirmative – Prof Godet: ‘Prof. John Stuart Blackie’ – by Gavin Ogilvy (J.M. Barrie)

July 22: The Temper of Science: ‘The Second Advent’ [7] Negative – Principal Brown)

July 29: A Welsh Worthy [Dr. Lewis Edwards]: Prof Calderwood – J.M. Barrie: ‘The Second Advent’ [8]. Principal Brown (cont)

Aug 5: The Link between Wesley and Newman: Bkwhim [12] (Philip Gilbert Hamerton): ‘The True Method of Learning’- Henry Drummond: Spurgeon on ‘The Downgrade’

Aug 12: The Coming Battle: ‘The Second Advent’ [9] Affirmative – Canon Fausset

Aug 19: The Influence of Journalism: ‘The Second Advent’ [10] Negative –J.A. Beet: ‘Professor A.B. Davidson in the Pulpit’

Aug 26: The Hope of Glory: ‘The Second Advent’ [11] Negative – J.A. Beet: ‘Editors of Today’ [3] - Edward Richard Russell of the Liverpool Daily Post

Sept 2: What Students expect in a Professor: ‘Mount Etna’ (by Henry Drummond): ‘The Second Advent’ (Correspondence)

Sept 9: What are we to believe about the Old Testament? ‘Are Nonconformists Departing from the faith?’ (Correspondence): ‘The Week’ – Editorial discussion of Spurgeon’s Attitude in the Downgrade Controversy

Sept 16: Our Case against the High Church Party: ‘Are Nonconformists Departing from the Faith?’ (Correspondence, cont)

Sept 23: Tempted London: ‘Are Nonconformists departing from the Faith?’ (Cont): ‘The Second Advent’ – letters: ‘Love- the supreme gift (by Henry Drummond)

Sept 30: ‘Leave Thou Thy Sister’: ‘Prof. A.B. Davidson’; ‘Love’ (pt 2) Drummond

Oct 7: ‘Friend against friend the polished missile flinging’: ‘Tempted London’ [Series begun], Young Men: ‘Are Nonconformist Ministers departing from the Faith?’ (Letters, cont)

Oct 14: Face to face with the mountain: Professor Elmslie on the Bible and Modern Thought

Oct 21: The Defence of the Faith: ‘An Appeal to wavering Nonconformists’ (R.F. Horton)

Oct 28: Bowing in the House of Rimmon: ‘The Week’ – Spurgeon’s resignation from the Baptist Union (CCC) [First Article of a regular feature by WRN]

Nov 4: Foreign Missions- Theories and facts: ‘The Week’ – Spurgeon’s   secession from the Baptist Union

Nov 11: Can English Literature be taught? ‘On the need of maintaining Nonconformity as such’- R.F. Horton

Nov 18: ‘Natural Law in the Spiritual World’: Tempted London - Gambling

Nov 25: How Mr. Greatheart was recovered of his Fainting: Prof. Masson – J.M. Barrie: ‘Evangelicalism and its prospects’ – R.W. Dale

Dec 2: The Mercilessness of Universalism: ‘The Testimony of the Free Churches’- R.F. Horton

Dec 9: Remembrancers: ‘Tempted London’ (Gambling and the Law: an indictment of the Police)

Dec 16: Are Ministers Lazy?

Dec 23: A Word to our Readers

Dec 30: ‘Ordered South’- R.L. Stevenson: ‘The Testimony of the Free Churches’- R.F. Horton: ‘Editors of the Saturday Review’ (CCC)




Jan 6: The Gift of the Morning Star (TMS): ‘A Gallery of Pulpit Portraits’ – [1] Canon Liddon (appreciation by WRN)

Jan 13: Notes and queries on the Mission Hall Census: Rv of Dr. Ker’s Bk on Preaching - WRN

Jan 20: The Ecclesiastic; Mr. Spurgeon and the Baptist Union: Rv of Marcus Dods Genesis by W.G. Elmslie

Jan 27: The Baptist Union and Mr. Spurgeon: The London Mission-Hall Census- Is the Salvation Army a Failure?

Feb 3: Dr. R.W. Dale [An Appreciation]: ‘Rev Eli Julius, minister of Blossom Lane Chapel, Surrey (CCC).

Feb 10: ‘Why Orthodox Men do not preach the Gospel?’ ‘R.L. Stevenson on Fleming Jenkin’ (CCC)

Feb 17: R.H. Hutton as a guide of faith: ‘Pulpit Portraits’ [2] ‘Spurgeon in the Metropolitan Tabernacle’

Feb 24: ‘Speaking Sponges’: ‘The Baptist Council and Mr Spurgeon’: Tempted London –‘Dancing Rooms

March 2: The Lost Gift: Christian Baptism – J.A. Beet: ‘Preparing for Italy’ (CCC).

March 9: The Woman of Feeling [Mrs Humphrey Ward’s Robert Elsmere]: Clerical Incomes- how they are spent: ‘The Psalmist and the Scientist’ – W.G. Elmslie

March 16: Gordon’s Gospel: ‘Robertson in Venice’ (CCC)

March 23: The Bridge of the Saviour: ‘An appeal to Mr Spurgeon’ (letter)

March 30: ‘Lead, lead me on, my hopes’: ‘What it is to be educated?’ – Henry Drummond: ‘Tempted London’ – What the Churches are doing?

April 6: The critic as a poet, Lowell, Sharp, and Brooke: ‘Pulpit Portraits’ [3] Archdeacon Farrar

April 13: ‘Tempted London’ – Young Women: ‘A flight from winter’ (CCC)

April 20: What justifies secession? The Baptist Union debate –John Clifford’s speech: ‘Matthew Arnold’ (Obituary)

April 27: The Scotsman [Dr Begg] (POTC): ‘Home to buds and books’ (CCC)

May 4: Disestablishment- duties of the lull: Parker on Spurgeon and the Baptists

May 11: Knowledge shall vanish away: ‘A frivolous letter’ (CCC)

May 18: A living soul or a quickening spirit? ‘The true imitation of Christ’ – sermon by R.W. Dale: ‘Books which have impressed me’ (CCC)

May 25: Fallacies about compensation; ‘Books which have impressed me’ – poetry (CCC)

June 1: The Religion of the Scottish Highlands: ‘A Visit to Mosby’ (CCC)

June 8: The Apology of the ‘Narrow-minded’: ‘Pulpit Portraits’ [4] R.W. Dale; June magazines (CCC)

June 15: The Mystery of Divine Love and Hate (TMS): ‘Books which have impressed me’ – stories (CCC).

June 22: A death in the open [Death of Emperor Frederick]

June 29: The Duty of the Church of England to Nonconformists: ‘The Reminiscences of an Editor’ (CCC)

July 6: The Imitation of St Paul: How far is the Church Responsible for the Present Scepticism? (Marcus Dods): Walks Abroad (CCC)

July 13: ‘Taking the Divine Wind out of their Sails’: ‘Present position of Religious Thought in Wales – Principal T.C. Edwards: July Magazines (CCC)

July 20: ‘Make His Paths Straight’: ‘A question of creed’ (W.G. Elmslie): At Eastbourne (CCC)

July 27: Church and Morle: Mr Pepys in Scotland (J.M. Barrie)

Aug 3: ‘He wept over it’: ‘Dr. George MacDonald in the pulpit’ (CCC).

Aug 10: The Enduement of Power: ‘A Minister’s Breakdown’: August Magazines (CCC)

Aug 17: The Enduement of Power, its manifestation: ‘A gossip about holidays’ (CCC)

Aug 24: Soured: ‘Margaret Veley’ (CCC)

Aug 31: The 200th Anniversary of John Bunyan’s death

Sept 7: Ethics to Saturn?

Sept 14: Suggestions towards a new kind of economy (TMS); Archbishop Trench (Obit)

Sept 21: Present-day preaching, Preachers who have arrived: ‘A bundle of books’ (CCC)

Sept 28: Present-day Preaching, Coming Preachers: Tempted London – ‘Factory Girls’

Oct 5: The Moving soil (TMS): ‘Lord Rosebery’ – J.M. Barrie.

Oct 12: The Descending Jerusalem

Oct 19: At Great Length: ‘The awful experience of an old minister’ (CCC).

Oct 26: Nonconformity and Liberal Unionism [R.W. Dale withdrew from Congregational Union];’Father Addis in a Unitarian Pulpit’ (CCC)

Nov 2: Alleluias through the smoke

Nov 9: Three Strict Particular Baptists [.J Hazelton, Jas. Wells, C.W. Banks]

Nov 16: Pulpit Plagiarism

Nov 23: Gladstone’s New Elizabethan Question

Nov 30: Gladstone on the Modern Church Question

Dec 7: The Weight that hangs on Jesus (TMS): December Magazines (CCC)

Dec 14: Who are the plagiarists?’Mr McNeil and Mr Henry George’ (CCC): Whyte on ‘Pride’

Dec 21: The Difference Christ has made: ‘A Christmas poem’ (CCC): ‘The uses of sin’ (A. Whyte)

Dec 28: December Sunshine: ‘Tempted London’ (Survey of articles): ‘Holiness’ (A. Whyte)


Jan 4: The Deep between the Old Theology and the New: ‘Introduction’ to series on ‘Unknown Paris’: Prof. Delitzsch’s changes: Note on Adolf Harnack’s Lectures: January Magazines (CCC)

Jan 11: ‘Whate’er the faithless people say’: ‘Unknown Paris’ [series] – Education: John McNeil and Regent Square Church (London).

Jan 18: The Age after Macaulay: ‘Was John Bunyan a Baptist?’ (John Brown).

Jan 25: The Perseverance of the Saints

Feb 1: Has Evangelicalism a Future? ‘Is London growing better?’ ‘London Literary Homes’ [1] Ruskin and Herne Hill (CCC): McNeil sermon – ‘The Healing of the Leper’

Feb 8: The Duty of Dissatisfied Church Members: ‘Unknown Paris’ [continuing] - A peep beneath the surface

Feb 15: The Duty of Dissatisfied Ministers: ‘London Literary Homes’ [2] Author of “Festus” at Blackheath (CCC)

Feb 22: Present Opinion on Future Punishment: ‘Against Long Pastorates’

March 1: The shadows that will not flee away: ‘London Literary Homes’ [3] Mr Spurgeon at Upper Norwood (CCC)

March 8: The Preaching of Doom: ‘Principal Rainy and Mr McNeil at Regent Square’ (CCC)

March 15: Social Christianity [review of book by H. Price Hughes]: Introduction to series on ‘Student Edinburgh’

March 22: Gosse and Carlyle, two generations

March 29: Temperance lessons from Recent Biographies.

April 5: ‘The Grievous Crab-tree Cudgel’: Dr Herber Evans at Westminster Chapel (CCC).

April 12: The Religious Situation (Parker, Huxley and Morley): The Literary calling- by J.M. Barrie: April Magazines (CCC)

April 19: The Saving Resurrection Faith: ‘Semi-jubilee of Marcus Dods’: ‘A preliminary trip to Paris’ (CCC).

April 26: Preliminaries to a discussion of the Atonement: ‘The Late Professor Smeaton’

May 3: The Foundation of the Atonement: Professor Cheyne’s reply to his critics’

May 10: The Heart of the Atonement: ‘The Position and Prospects for Nonconformity’- Henry Dunckley [Series of 4 articles]

May 17: The Congregational outlook

May 24: The Key of the Mystic Gates

May 31: Mr Gladstone and Disestablishment

June 7: ‘Why They will not Die’: ‘Mr Moody in his own Church’ (W.G. Blaikie): ‘New Songs of Innocence – Some Magazines’ (CCC)

June 14: The Social Condition of France

June 21: Mr. Gladstone crosses the Rubicon.

June 28: Interesting: ‘Open Letter to Andrew Lang’.

July 5: ‘Free among the dead’: John Macleod on ‘Pentecost’

July 12: The Duty of the Wesleyan Methodists to their foreign missionaries: Henry Drummond’s appreciation of Marcus Dods

July 19: Three years in Central London

July 26: The remission of earthly penalties

Aug 2: The Fire Christ Flung on the Earth (TMS): ‘Open Letter to Marcus Dods’: ‘A visit to the Thrums’ (CCC)

Aug 9: Dr Horatius Bonar (POTC): ‘Address at the induction of Marcus Dods’ by Alex Whyte: An interview with Mr Gladstone: ‘The Magazines’ (CCC).

Aug 16: Twelve sermons a year: ‘Sweet psalmist of Israel’ - Tributes to Horatius Bonar

Aug 23: Thoughts for a Wrinkled People

Aug 30: Is Christianity Losing its Hold?

Sept 6: Shall we establish a Roman Catholic University in Ireland?

Sept 13: ‘As sheep having no shepherd’: ‘Archibald Brown on the Strikes’.

Sept 20: Our page for young men

Sept 27: Can the Apostolic Theology be revived? ‘Our Young Men’s Page – Programme and Prizes’

Oct 4: In the Shadow of the Thundercloud: ‘Dr. Somerville appreciated by A.A. Bonar’

Oct 11: The Unity of the Church: ‘The National Home Reading Union’

Oct 18: Demos Stirring: The Opening of Mansfield College [WRN]

Oct 25: Theological Blondinism [Defence of Marcus Dods against heresy charges]: ‘The Decline of Dissent’: ‘William and Mary Howitt’ (CCC)

Nov 1: Dr. Charles Stanford [Bio Review]: ‘Essentials of a good newspaper’ – W.T. Stead.

Nov 8: Trimmers and mediators: Inaugural address of Marcus Dods at New College, Edinburgh

Nov 15: A New Imitation of Christ [Review of James Stalker’s book]

Nov 22: Professor Elmslie (POTC)

Nov 29: ‘Over-worked, Over-worried’: ‘Should women have the vote?’

Dec 6: The Consecration of the Common Sunshine: Should women have the vote? - WRN

Dec 13: Theological Reconstruction (Briggs, Dale and Gore): ‘Malvern and Worcester – Mrs Browning, Jenny Lind and Mrs Henry Wood’ (CCC).

Dec 20: Mr. Browning’s Religious History: WRN’s James Macdonell, Journalist reviewed by Taylor Innes.

Dec 27: The Times of Christ: Dr. Dods’ position



Jan 3: Bishop Lightfoot (POTC): Open letter to Wemyss Reid: ‘A Bachelor in Search of a Wife – Annie S. Swan: ‘Alfred Tennyson’ by WRN

Jan 10: Harriet Beecher Stowe: ‘Does God forbid war? –John Clifford [pacifist]: Dr. Dods’ sermon notes – Joseph Parker

Jan 17: Religious Journalism in a New Era: ‘Does Christianity forbid war? ‘–W.J. Dawson [reply]

Jan 24: The Future of Religious Journalism: ‘Robert Browning’- J. Munro Gibson: The Controversy in the Free Church [of Scotland] – Dr. Ker & Dr. Dods

Jan 31: Lord Salisbury at the Vatican: ‘Bunyan in prison’ – Alexander Whyte

Feb 7: The Reality of Redemption and Revelation: ‘Seven Abominations’ – Alexander Whyte

Feb 14: The Antinomianism of Today: ‘Remarks on Reading’ – John Morley; Rv of W.R. Smith’s The Religion of the Semites: ‘Pride’ – Alexander Whyte

Feb 21: The Book of the Holy Ghost: ‘Remarks on Reading’ – John Morley [2]: Dr. John Brown and his sister Isabelle: ‘An Unsworn Affidavit’ – Joseph Parker

Feb 28: Some Plain Questions for Unitarians: ‘Parable of the Prodigal son and the Atonement’ (by R.W. Dale)

March 7: Mr. Stead and Mr. Pope: ‘Canon Liddon’ – F.C. Burnand [ed. of Punch]: Letter from David Brown on Marcus Dods

March 14: Franz Delitzsch [Obit WRN]: ‘Dr. Bruce on the Kingdom of God’ (by James Stalker)

March 21: A New Defence of the Old Testament: ‘A Sunday in London, Preachers and Music’ (CCC)

March 28: ‘At the evergreen thorn-bush in the wilderness’ (KOTG): ‘Atheistic Science’ – John Stuart Blackie

April 4: Mr. Stalker on Theological Progress [Rv of article in Expositor]: Sermon by R.W. Dale

April 11: On ‘Reserve’ in Congregations: ‘The Future of the New Hebrides’ – John G. Paton

April 18: Greater works than Christ’s: ‘Robert Browning and Jane Austen’ (CCC)

April 25: Methodist puzzles: ‘An Open Letter to Spurgeon’ (Joseph Parker)

May 2: ‘More than they that watch for the morning’: ‘The Close Brethren’ [series starting]

May 9: The ‘Forward’ Movement in English Presbyterianism

May 16: The Gospels and the Gospel

May 23: The Theological Crisis in Scotland

May 30: After the May Meetings: The Free Church Assembly and Dr. Dods: ‘The Two Gospels’ – R.W. Dale

June 6: A Sop that missed Cerberus: The Settlement of the Marcus Dods – A.B. Bruce Cases:

June 13: Today in Oxford

June 20: W.F. Callaway: ‘Life among the Close Brethren’ (No. 7 Mr. Darby’s False teaching’): Miriam’s Schooling (CCC) [Novel of W.H. White].

June 27: Spurgeon and McNeill, their first volumes: ‘John F Ewing, a Tribute to a friend’ - Henry Drummond: ‘A Letter from the Law Courts’ (CCC)

July 4: Imputed Righteousness (TMS): The Wesleyan Missionary Controversy

July 11: The Approaching Crisis in Methodism: ‘Life amongst the Close Brethren’ (No. 9 The Great Schism of 1880)

July 18: The Knowledge of Christ (TMS): ‘Slavery in the South Seas’ – John G. Paton

July 25: A palm branch from Judah: Lord Salisbury and the Pope

Aug 1:  A Ministry in New Conditions: ‘Temple Gossip’ (CCC)

Aug 8:  ‘But then face to face’ (KOTG): Lord Salisbury (CCC)

Aug 15: John Henry Newman (POTC): ‘Dr. Newman as a Preacher’ (by R.W. Church)

Aug 22:  The Treatment of Seceders [From Nonconformity to Anglican]

Aug 29:  The Worth of the Solitary Life [Newman & Manning]: ‘London in leaf’- a suggestion to holiday makers (CCC)

Sept 5: The Standing Miracle of the Church

Sept 12:  Labour, Parliament and the Church

Sept 19:  ‘A Debtor to the Wise’ [obit Dr. Liddon] (POTC)

Sept 26:  The Brightness of the Day of Christ (TSM): ‘The Bundling of the Books’ (CCC)

Oct 2:  Signs of hope: ‘To those about to become Journalists’ [Our Young Men’s Page]: Advice to a young journalist

Oct 9:  The Blunting of ‘All-Prayer’: ‘The Christadelphians’ [series] No. 1 ‘Dr. Thomas and the Campbellites’): Advice to a young journalist [2]

Oct 16:  MacKay of Uganda [review]: ‘In Bath – William Jay & Henry James’ (CCC)

Oct 23:  Aspects of the Cross (1): ‘The Trials of Youth’ – Marcus Dods

Oct 30:  Mr. Gladstone’s Third Death

Nov 6:  The Modern Sermon [Appreciation of Sermon by Joseph Parker]: ‘Should Parliament enforce an eight hours working day?’ ‘The Ministry required by the Age’ (by R.W. Dale): November Magazines (CCC)

Nov 13: Aspects of the Cross (2): ‘Charles Dickens’ – J.M. Barrie: ‘The Ministry required by the Age’ [2] by R.W. Dale: ‘Bishop Boyd Carpenter on Dante – The Scottish members’ (CCC)

Nov 20:  Dr. Hannay [an appreciation]: G. Adam Smith’s Second volume on ‘Isaiah’ – reviewed by Marcus Dods

Nov 27:  Liberalism vs Libertinism

Dec 4:  After the High Winds [the fall of Parnell]: ‘Theology and the Universities’ by A.M. Fairbairn: General Booth’s Scheme – R.W. Dale

Dec 11: The Rose that cannot wither [Rv of a Henry Drummond Booklet]: ‘Letter to a young man beginning to gamble’ [Our Young Men’s Page].

Dec 18:  A Christian Journalist [obit. Dean Church] (POTC): ‘Recollections of Dean Church’: ‘Should Nonconformists adopt Liturgies?’ [1. Affirmative]

Dec 25:  Christmas Cheer: ‘Should Nonconformists adopt Liturgies? [2. Negative]



Jan 1:  A Problem of Ulster: ‘Opinions of Nonconformist Ministers’ [Clifford, Parker, Horton, etc]: ‘The Incarnation’ – R.W. Dale: ‘New Stories- The Dictionary of National Biography’ (CCC): BD and DD degrees by Joseph Angus

Jan 8:  General Booth: ‘The Preacher and his Work’ (by Joseph Parker)

Jan 15:  A Plymouth Brother [review of Philip Gosse’s Father and Son]: ‘A Rare volume of Sermons’ [Rev. S. Tipple] (CCC): ‘What is Scott’s best novel?’ by J.M. Barrie.

Jan 22:  Trade Unions and other Unions: ‘The Editor in the East End’

Jan 29:  ‘The Faith once and for all delivered to the Saints’: Quotes from Spurgeon’s ‘Our Manifesto’

Feb 5:  The Sources of Spiritual Influence: ‘Are the Churches on the Downgrade?’ – Affirmative [Our Young Men’s Page]: Rome – the Graves of Keats and Shelley (CCC)

Feb 12:  Accidie and Pues: ‘Are the Churches on the Downgrade?’ – Negative [Our Young Men’s Page]

Feb 19: Aspects of the Cross – End of Ends (KOTG): ‘How to read the Bible’ by Archbishop of Canterbury

Feb 26:  The Stars against Sisera: ‘The Sanctification of the Intellect’ by R.F. Horton [Our Young Men’s Page]

Mar 5:  The Heart in the Cross and the White Rose: ‘Impression of Scotland’ by W.J. Dawson

Mar 12:  Professor Drummond’s teaching [1] His Influence: Spurgeon at an Anti-Downgrade meeting: ‘Charles Dickens and Mr Micawber’ (CCC).

Mar 19:  Professor Drummond’s teaching [2] His Recipes: ‘Letter to a young man about to form a library’ (WRN)

Mar 26:  Life, a patient waiting; death, a falling asleep (KOTG): ‘Inspiration’ (by James Denney)

April 2:  Professor Drummond’s teaching [3] His System; ‘Living Authors- [1] Henrik Ipsen

April 9:  Professor Drummond’s teaching [4] His Mission: Living Authors – Mrs. Humphrey Ward (CCC)

April 16:  Wanted – a New Unionism: ‘My Self’ (by Alexander Whyte)

April 23:  The Life of Atonement (TMS)

April 30:  From Albermarle Street to Grub Street [review of biography of John Murray].

May 7:  The Prophet May (TMS)

May 14:  The Parable of Mr. Morley and his gig

May 21:  The Sin against the Holy Ghost (TMS)

May 28:  An Arrested Chapter in English Theology

June 4:  The Scottish Gladstone [Principal Rainy an appreciation]

June 11:  Nor Crying (TMS): ‘Poets of Congregationalism’ (CCC).

June 18:  Tait and Oliphant [review of biographies].

June 25:  Recollection (TMS)

July 2:  Religious opium eaters: American Notes by James Stalker [on the Dr. Briggs’ case].

July 9:  Robert Browning, was he a philosopher? [Bk Rv]

July 16:  An open letter to American members of International Congregational Church [plea for more open-mindedness than a defence of Briggs): Spurgeon Illness

July 23 After the Council (Congregationalists gathering): ‘Impressions’ by Joseph Parker

July 30:  The Leaven of the Sadducees: Series ‘The Perfectionist’s Circle’ (Pt 1 Is Perfection Possible?) [Series]

Aug 6:  A Vexed Ghost [Rv of biography of Jane Welsh Carlyle]

Aug 13:  William Howie Wylie

Aug 20:  Thoughts in a Country Lane

Aug 27:  The Church of the ‘Intellectual Aristocracy’

Sept 3:  The Evangelistic view of Sin: ‘The Depopulation of the Rural Districts’

Sept 10:  ‘The Bookman’ [the launch of new magazine]: ‘The Depopulation of the Rural Districts’ –can anything be done to check it?

Sept 17:  Found in Him: ‘How I became an Abstainer’ by Mark Guy Pearse

Sept 24:  ‘I will make thee a ruler.’

Oct 1:  Mr. Albert Spicer on Land Reform

Oct 8:  St. Paul at the Indian’s grave: ‘Parker to Spurgeon’, An Open Letter [second]

Oct 15:  The Burden of Egypt (TMS)

Oct 22:  In Praise of Provincials: ‘Advice about books’ (by Henry Drummond)

Oct 29:  Dr Dale’s Theological System [Rv of Bks]: ‘Dr Pierson in the Metropolitan Tabernacle’ (CCC

Nov 5:  The Restoration of Passion

Nov 12:  Literary Criticism, Over-estimates and Under-estimates

Nov 19:  The Programme for Christianity (review of Henry Drummond): ‘The long-suffering of God’ by G. Adam Smith: ‘On Conversation’ (CCC)

Nov 26:  The Sabbath day [Rvs]

Dec 3:  Sabbath day singing [Rvs Cont]

Dec 10:  Waiting: ‘Letter to a young man on how to use a library’ (WRN)

Dec 17:  The Sonetham Letters

Dec 24:  The Brightness of His rising

Dec 31:  ‘In the midst of the years make known’



Jan 7:  The Green Stone: ‘Teachers of Young Men’ – Henry Drummond [series]

Jan 14:  Authority in Religion [Rv of Bk by Charles Gore]: ‘English Evangelicals & Higher Criticism’

Jan 21:  My Father’s House’: ‘Criticism – Letters to a Friend’ (by James Stalker)

Jan 28:  The House of David Grieve: ‘Teachers of Young Men’ – R.F. Horton

Feb 4:  Charles Haddon Spurgeon – Memorial Issue (POTC): ‘Biblical Criticism a letter to James Stalker’ (by G. Adam Smith): Professor Drummond and the Students

Feb 11:  The Mansfield Summer school: Tributes to Spurgeon: ‘Teachers of Young Men’ – Joseph Parker

Feb 18:  Why they cast down their Crowns: Spurgeon’s Funeral

Feb 25:  The Soul’s Death and Awakening: ‘Should ministers be styled Reverend? ‘Teachers of Young Men’ – Marcus Dods

Mar 3:  ‘Homeland and bog-land: The wall between’ [review]: ‘Teachers of Young Men’ – Hugh Price Hughes

Mar 10: ‘Not by water only’: ‘Biblical Criticism’ (by James Stalker)

Mar 17:  Principal Cairns [memorial issue]: ‘Biblical Criticism’ (by G. Adam Smith)

Mar 24:  In Heavenly Places: ‘Teachers of Young Men’ – John Clifford: ‘Biblical Criticism’ (by T.K. Cheyne): Dale on ‘Calvinism’: ‘The Tyranny of Todd’ (CCC)

Mar 31: The Case against Broad Churchism (1 Theology & the Believer): Thomas Spurgeon on his father: ‘Walt Whitman’ (CCC)

April 7:  The Case against Broad Churchism (2 the Relation of Theology to the Church): ‘Teachers of Young Men’ – R.W. Dale

April 14:  The Church in the Churchyard (KOTG)

April 21:  Dr. Henry Allon [Obit WRN]: Are the churches losing ground? ‘A Group of Gossips on Sunday Schools’: ‘Easter at Deira’ (CCC)

April 28:  ‘Mialism’

May 5:  A Missionary People [Rv of Diaries/Letters/Reports]

May 12:  The Face of the Deep [Bk Rv]

May 19:  The Lost land of Beulah (KOTG)

May 26:  The Church at School (Rv of W.G. Blaikie Moderator’s speech): Dr. Dale’s Illness: Boy’s Brigade speech by Henry Drummond

June 2:  ‘The Shot heard round the World’ [Anniversary of William Carey’s Mission Sermon]

June 9:  An Old Psalm freshly read: ‘Studies in Scottish History’ (by Principal Rainy)

June 16:  ‘It is of the Lord’s mercies’ (TMS)

June 23:  A new Polonius: ‘In the life of Gladstone’ [1] His early triumph

June 30:  Mr Huxley on Christianity [bk. review]: ‘Gladstone’ [2] His first premiership

July 7:  The nourished and cherished Church (TMS): ‘Gladstone’ [3] His longest holiday

July 14:  Progress in Theology: Nonconformity and the General Election: ‘Gladstone’ [4] Miscellanies

July 21:  That we must believe or die (KOTG).

July 28:  Christianity and Evolution (book review): Lloyd George on Wales and the Liberal Party.

Aug 4:  The Division of Christian labour

Aug 11:  The Fourth Province of Life

Aug 18:  Pierre Loti

Aug 25:  Immortality without God (KOTG)

Sept 1:  British Wives: ‘The Soteriology of the New Testament’ (by James Denney)

Sept 8:  That the Scripture might be fulfilled.

Sept 15:  I saw the earth move sunward

Sept 22:  To our readers [Enlargement]: Criticism of Prof. Drummond: ‘The Reporter in Literature’ (CCC)

Sept 29:  Re-union: in reply to Mr. Hughes: ‘The Work of the Ministry’ (by R.W. Dale): ‘Two Famous Scottish Views’ (CCC)

Oct 6:  ‘A place for you’ (KOTG): ‘Letter to Young Men – On self-culture’- WRN.

Oct 13:  Dr. Cairn’s sermons (Bk Rv)

Oct 20:  The Church Termagant

Oct 27:  The Fellowship of Church Members

Nov 3:  Even weeping

Nov 10:  This word ‘yet once more’ (TMS): ‘The Church and working men’ (by Marcus Dods)

Nov 17:  The Free Church Congress

Nov 24: First things first: ‘Letter to young men beginning to study theology’ – Marcus Dods

Dec 1:  Saved by grace: ‘Letter to young men beginning to study theology’ - [2] Marcus Dods

Dec 8:  The Perils of Evangelism

Dec 15:  George Gilfillan [Bk Rv]

Dec 22:  ‘Let nothing you dismay.’

Dec 29:  The Defence of the Gospel [review of A.B. Bruce’s Christianity Defensively Stated]



Jan 5:  The Justifying faith of Dante: Our Young Men’s Page [series] ‘Letters to a young man who wishes to acquire knowledge of English Literature: ‘Christian Perfection’ [series]

Jan 12:  ‘He was not afflicted’ (KOTG): Death of Andrew Bonar

Jan 19:  Some limits of political compromise: ‘Higher Criticism’ (by A.B. Davidson)

Jan 26:  The Happy Ending (KOTG): Death of Phillips Brooks

Feb 2:  Moses and God – address by A.B. Davidson: Dr. Stalker in London’ (CCC)

Feb 9:  Three books of sermons [reviews of R.W. Church; J.R. Illingworth; J. Vickery]

Feb16:  ‘Harden not your hearts’: Questions & Answers about the Home Rule Bill: Christian.

Feb 23:  Christianity without Christ [Rv of Caird’s Gifford lecture]

Mar 2:  The riches of poverty: W.T. Stead on Home Rule: ‘Welsh Disestablishment, its present position’ – D. Lloyd George: ‘People I have met’ – Alexander Whyte (CCC)

Mar 9:  The Divine Yea: Dr. Dale on the pursuit of Perfection: ‘People I have met – Prof. Minto’ (CCC)

Mar 16:  The agony in the garden (KOTG): A sermon by A.B. Davidson, ‘God’s answer to depression’: ‘People I have met – Prof. Elmslie’ (CCC)

Mar 23:  This Regal Hour: Are Welshmen in earnest?  ‘People I have met’ – Louise Chandler Moulton (CCC)

Mar 30:  Falling asleep by the counsel of God (KOTG): ‘Is Nonconformity declining?’ (by John Clifford): Interview with John G. Paton

April 6:  Ishmaelites: ‘The Stickit Minister’ [appreciation of S.R. Crockett’s book] (CCC)

April 13:  Should churches cry for the moon? Is Nonconformity Declining? ‘People I have met’ – Prof. Cheyne (CCC).

April 20:  Why not take a plebiscite? [Scottish Church Establishment]: ‘The Evolution of Man ‘[address by Henry Drummond (1)]: ‘People I have met’ – Thomas Hardy (CCC)

April 27: George Macdonald: poet [appreciation]: ‘Evolution of Man’ [2]: Missions in the South Seas – R.L. Stevenson: ‘People I have met’ – H.W. Massingham (CCC)

May 4:  Is literature on the Downgrade? ‘Evolution of Man’ [3]: ‘People I have met’ – William Forsyth (CCC)

May 11:  The River in the City of God [1] The Bible [a serial review of Faith and Criticism – Essays by Congregationalists]: Free Church Jubilee Extra Supplement: ‘Evolution of Man’ [4]: ‘Reminiscences of Free Church Assemblies (CCC): Reminiscences of Free Church Assembly [1] (CCC)

May 18:  The River in the City of God [2] The Atonement: Evolution of Man [5]: History of Free St George’s, Edinburgh – Alexander Whyte: Reminiscences of Free Church Assembly [2] (CCC)

May 25:  The River in the City of God [3].The Penal Element in the Atonement: ‘Evolution of Man’ [6]: ‘People I have met’ – Olive Schiliner (CCC)

June 1:  The Haunting Tomorrow: G.A. Smith on the Free Church Jubilee: The Declaratory Act in the Free [Church] Assembly

June 8:  The river in the City of God (4.Prayer): ‘Sunday Schools’ – a sermon by R.W. Dale: ‘The Evolution of Man’ [7]: ‘People I have met’ – Henry Drummond (CCC).

June 15:  Where is thy sister? ‘Evolution of Man’ [8]: ‘People I have met – George Augustus Simcox’ (CCC)

June 22:  Rudyard Kipling [Rv]: Adolf Saphir [an appreciation]: ‘The Simple Gospel’ (CCC)

June 29:  The Silence of the Dead [Rv] (KOTG): ‘A Scientific Socialist’ [Mrs Sidney Webb] – Frances Willard

July 6:  The Present Political Temper [Rv Home Rule Debate]: ‘How to make a Living in London’ [new series]

July 13:  The Case of James Tims L.C.C. [a ticket ‘bilker’ sentenced]: ‘The World and Worldliness’ – G.A. Smith: ‘People I have met’ – Augustine Birrell (CCC)

July 20:  The Prisons of the Soul: ‘People I have met’ – William Alexander (CCC)

July 27:  Immortal Love (KOTG): ‘People I have met’ – Dr. John Ker (CCC)

Aug 3:  The Abundance of Time: ‘What we remember’ (CCC)

Aug 10:  Christianity and Socialism: ‘A Sunday on Dartmoor’ (CCC)

Aug 17:  Diana of the Ephesians (TMS)

Aug 24:  The Transcendental Philosopher [review of biography of Bronson Alcott]: ‘Visit to Mr Baring Gould’ (CCC)

Aug 31:  How to be sure of God [Rv of Christian Certainties by John Clifford]: ‘A Scotch Student 60 years ago’ (CCC).

Sept 7:  A Great Preacher- Mr T G Selby [Bk Rv]

Sept 14:  ‘The Woman at Home’ [Launch of new magazine]: Review of Joseph Parker’s None like it

Sept 21:  Scott and Stevenson [Bk Rv]: ‘The Absolute Inerrancy of the Bible’ (by John Urquart)

Sept 28:  Let us Labour: ‘Are there errors in the Bible?’ (by John Clifford)

Oct 5:  The Life of Dr Pusey [Rv of biography]: ‘Are there errors in the Bible?’ (reply by John Urquart): Adventures in Old Bookshops (CCC)

Oct 12:  Catholic Nonconformity: ‘Are there any errors in the Bible?’ (by Principal Cave): Prof Jowett on the Profession of Ministry: Prof. Drummond by J.H. Jowett

Oct 19:  The Gospel to the Poor: ‘Are there any errors in the Bible?’ (by Prof. Adeney): ‘A Gossip about London’ (CCC)

Oct 26:  Things which must be Saved (TMS): ‘Are there any errors in the Bible?’ (by Robert Howie): Leitch Ritchie (CCC)

Nov 2:  What is the Joy of our Lord? (TMS): ‘The Absolute Inerrancy of the Bible’ – Prof. A. Beet: ‘The Brontës in Ireland’ (CCC)

Nov 9:  Dr. Parker and Dr. Horton [Rv of Parker’s None like it]: Interview with Dr. Paton: Some new Writers (CCC)

Nov 16:  The Lord, the Burden Bearer: ‘Are there errors in the Bible’ (by Rev M’Craig): ‘Beside the Bonnie briar bush’ – Ian Maclaren: ‘Fireside travels’ (CCC).

Nov 23:  The Deep that Coucheth Beneath [Rvs of sermons of Spurgeon and Phillips Brooks]: ‘Inerrancy of the Bible’– Fergus Ferguson: John Norris of Bemerton (CCC)

Nov 30:  Noah Porter [Rv of biography by R.W. Dale]: ‘Inerrancy’ (by T.H. Darlow)

Dec 7:  Dr. Andrew Bonar [Rv of Diary and letters] (POTC)

Dec 14:  From strain to rest (TMS): ‘Inerrancy’ (by Principal David Brown)

Dec 21:  The Christmas Number: Unto Him that loved us: Life of Dean Stanley [Rv]

Dec 28:  The Kingdom of God [book review]: ‘Are there any errors in the Bible?’ – reply by John Clifford: ‘Dean Stanley’ (CCC)



Jan 4:  The Waylessness of Life: Review of F.J.A. Hort’s lectures: ‘Socialism’ (by Marcus Dods)

Jan 11:  ‘Nevertheless’: New Year Sermons by R.W. Dale and Joseph Parker

Jan 18:  The Moral of Horncastle [comment on the election]: ‘Socialism’ by Keir Hardie

Jan 25:  A Story of Salvation: [Rv of Mark Rutherford’s Catherine Furze]: ‘On a Painful Problem and its Happy Solution’ (CCC)

Feb 1:  The Religious Experience of Novelists [Bk Rv]: ‘His Mother’s Sermon’ – Ian Maclaren

Feb 8:  A Study of Low Churchism [review of Overton’s English Church in the Nineteenth Century]: ‘The Young Men’ (CCC)

Feb 15:  Atra Cura [black care] (TMS): ‘Lord Salisbury’ (CCC)

Feb 22:  Epaphras, ‘A heart at leisure from itself’ (TMS)

Mar 1:  Goldwin Smith [book review]: Gladstone resigns

Mar 8:  Prayer for the Dead: Mr. Gladstone and after

Mar 15:  The Light over the Law (TMS): Review of Handley Moule’s ‘Romans’

Mar 22:  He descended into Hell (TMS)

Mar 29:  The Preaching for Mission Halls

April 5:  Dr. Robertson Smith (POTC): ‘Prof. Robertson Smith at Cambridge’: ‘The Gospel Offer’ by Robertson Smith: April Magazines (CCC)

April 12:  The Triumph of Continuance (TMS):

April 19:  The Souls behind the Soul

April 26:  What it is to Faint (TMS): ‘Welsh Disestablishment’ – interview with Lloyd George

May 3:  The Welsh Disestablishment Bill: ‘Evolutionary Christianity’ by Henry Drummond [1]: ‘The Growing difficulties of the Ministry’ [Notes of the Week]

May 10: ‘If Christ came---’: ‘Evolutionary Christianity’ by Henry Drummond (2)

May 17: The Ascent of Man [review of H. Drummond’s book]

May 24:  God the offerer of Prayer (TMS): Prof. Drummond’s new book

May 31:  If Chicago came to Christ: ‘Growing difficulties of the Ministry’ [Notes of the Week].

June 7:  Ought not Socialists to be Christians? [Review of B.F. Westcott’s book]

June 14:  Is Christianity a Natural Religion? (Marcus Dods’ Rv of the Gifford Lecture)

June 21:  ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged.’

June 28:  R.H. Hutton [Rv of Spectator articles]: James Stalker on the late Mr. Spurgeon

July 5:  Brought Home (TMS)

July 12:  Advancing and Abiding: ‘Best 100 Religious books’

July 19:  The Peace of Defeat (TMS): ‘Best 100 Religious books’ (by Marcus Dods)

July 26:  A Mediterranean Galley of the 15th Century [Bk Rv]

Aug 2:  First, Religion

Aug 9:  The Decay of Puritanism

Aug 16:  The Obedience of the Gospel [Bk Rv]

Aug 23:  The Notes of False Religion

Aug 30:  ‘This Beginning of Miracles’: ‘Best 100 Books’ (by James Denney)

Sept 6:  The Independent Labour Party

Sept 13:  Against Hurry

Sept 20:  The Future of the Liberal Party: ‘Should wives promise to obey their husbands?’

Sept 27:  ‘Young’ Preaching [an assessment]: ‘The Hardness of the Christian’ (by R.W. Dale)

Oct 4:  The Coming Revival: The Life and Letters of Erasmus – reviewed by James Denney.

Oct 11:  Ian Maclaren [review of Beside the Bonnie Briar Bush]

Oct 18:  St. Paul on the Last Things

Oct 25:  Lord Rosebery’s last opportunity: Serialising of The Clerical Life starts: Alexander Whyte on Biblical Characters [start of series] – ‘Eve- in Moses, in Milton, in Paul’

Nov 1:  The Lost Grace of Godly Sorrow.

Nov 8:  Theology in the Pulpit [review of Christian Doctrine by R.W. Dale]: John Macgregor ‘Rob Roy’ by Wm. Wright: Late Principal William Chalmers

Nov 15:  The Value of Mr. Hamerton

Nov 22:  ‘We bid you to hope’: ‘Individual Responsibility’ by R.W. Dale: ‘On Log rolling: Some remarks by a person of no consequence’ (CCC)

Nov 29:  The School of Tyrannus (RTTC): ‘Interview with Ian Maclaren’ – Lorna [J.T. Stoddart]

Dec 6:  The Wisdom of God in a Mystery [review of Jacob Bohme by Alexander Whyte] (RTTC):’ Profile, with picture’, of Andrew Murray:  ‘Prof Drummond on Mr Moody’: ‘A.K.H.B. Once More’ (CCC)

Dec 13:  Dr. Bruce on St. Paul: Review of biography of Dean Church

Dec 20:  The Discovery of Christ the Lord: Death of R L Stevenson – articles

Dec 27:  ‘They without us’ (RTTC): Dr Maclaren on ‘Higher Criticism’: ‘The Gift of Life’ by R.W. Dale



Jan 3:  In the New Testament World [review of J. Denney’s Studies in Theology (1)]: Mr. Moody Impressions – Henry Drummond

Jan 10:  The Open Secret of the New Testament [review of Denney’s Studies in Theology (2)]: Mr. Moody Impressions – Henry Drummond (2)

Jan 17:  The Power of an Endless Life [review of Denney’s Bk (3)]: ‘College rhymes’ (CCC)

Jan 24: ‘Being let go’ (RTTC): ‘Student Reminiscences, The Careless Crew’ (CCC)

Jan 31:  Mr Illingworth’s Bampton Lectures [review]: Death of Randolph Churchill: The preaching of John Pugh – by Parry Owen

Feb 7:  Almost an Archbishop: ‘Welsh Disestablishment’ – David Brown: ‘A Sunday in Edinburgh’ (CCC)

Feb 14:  Mr. Balfour as a Theologian: The Fight for the London County Council: ‘Aberdeen preachers 25 years ago’ (CCC)

Feb 21:  The Sweet Bitterness of the Divine Word: ‘Mr. Balfour as a Christian’ – James Denney.

Feb 28:  An Autobiography of Jesus Christ

Mar 7:  Pastor Naumann: ‘Sermon on the Mount’ – Canon Gore [first of a series]: ‘John Stuart Blackie’ by J M Barrie.

Mar 14: The Ecclesiastical Situation in Scotland

Mar 21:  Memorial Issue: R.W. Dale (POTC): ‘Tributes & Appreciation’: ‘R.W. Dale: Man, Minister and Theologian’ by A.M. Fairbairn: ‘Three Anthologies’ (CCC)

Mar 28:  Givers and Receivers (RTTC): Unpublished story by Charlotte Bronte: ‘Vacant Places in the Literary World’ (CCC)

April 4:  God, not ashamed of His People (by James Denney): Chamberlain’s tribute to R.W. Dale

April 11:  The Logic of Life: John Skinner’s ‘Ezekiel’ reviewed by A.B. Davidson: ‘To a writer of Scottish Idylls’ (CCC)

April 18:  Maurice Maeterlinck on Novalis [review]

April 25:  In reply to Lord Tweedmouth and Mr Haldane: ‘Charles Loring Brace’ (CCC).

May 2:  The Backwater of Life (RTTC): ‘Ian Maclaren among the Wesleyans’ (CCC)

May 9:  A Spiritual Triumph [review of the Life and letters of John Cairns] (POTC)

May 16:  The Consolations of Slow Advance

May 23:  ‘The style of a field preacher’: ‘Congregationalism during Victoria’s Reign’ by R.W. Dale.

May 30:  I have taken no part: A Chat with Sir Walter Besant: ‘John Thompson & J.M. Gray’ (CCC).

June 6:  The weight of the ends of the world (RTTC)

June 13:  Dr. Miller on the problem of missions [review by James Denney]: The Welsh Calvinistic Assembly

June 20:  The Hindu and Christian Ideals (review of lecture of Prin. Miller]: Interview with Prin. Cave: ‘Liverpool – there and back’ (CCC)

June 27:  Fitzjames Stephen [review of biography]: ‘Mr Clement King Shorter’ (CCC).

July 4:  The Political Duty of Nonconformists: Interview with Joseph Parker: ‘Visit to Bronte Country’ (CCC).

July 11:  Lord Rosebery: Thought in the Albert Hall [review of a speech]: ‘Third Class Ministers – Ian Maclaren: ‘In the country of Shirley’ (CCC)

July 18:  The Secret of a Burning Heart: ‘George Meredith’s Maiden Speech’ (CCC)

July 25:  There is a budding morrow in Midnight [Liberal Party promises]: ‘Some Suffolk Stories’ (CCC)

Aug 1:  The Fate to Fear: ’Two New Writers: Mr. Max Pemberton and Mr. Richard Harding Davie’ (CCC)

Aug 8:  The Attacks on Lord Rosebery [defence]: ‘Carlyle’s house at Chelsea’ (CCC).

Aug 15:  The Piety of Jesus (by James Denney): ‘Calvinism’ – R.W. Dale

Aug 22:  ‘But Little Lower than God’: ‘A talk with a German Lady Editor’: ‘London Houses – Hugh Price Hughes’

Aug 29:  Law and Vision (by R A Watson): ‘Dr. Dale and Calvinism’: ‘At Murren’ (CCC)

Sept 5:  Our Lord’s Knowledge of Sin (SWFTC: 1): Interview with George Jackson: ‘Dr. Johnson of Belfast’ (CCC)

Sept 12:  Our Lord’s Knowledge of Redemption (SWFTC: 2): ‘In Memoriam’ (CCC)

Sept 19: Our Lord’s Knowledge of Bereavement (SWFTC: 3)

Sept 26:  Ignorant on the Cross (SWFTC: 4): ‘The Men on Moss Hags’ (CCC)

Oct 3:  Our Lord’s Knowledge of Holy Scripture (SWFTC: 5)

Oct 10:  Our Lord’s Knowledge of the Divine Sender (SWFTC: 6): ‘Dr. Parker’s new novel’ (CCC)

Oct 17: Our Lord’s Knowledge of the Father (SWFTC: 7) ‘Shirley reminiscences’ (CCC)

Oct 24:  Should wealthy Christians be Socialists? (by F. Nauman): ‘Why be religious? by Marcus Dods: ‘Professor Blaikie’ (CCC)

Oct 31:  The Revival of Sentiment [review of Ian Maclaren’s Days of Auld Lang Syne]: ‘The contempt for Foreign Missionaries’ by R.W. Dale

Nov 7:  John Knox [review of biographies]: ‘Welsh Disestablishment’ by D. Lloyd George: ‘A trip to Scotland’ (CCC)

Nov 14:  The Claim to Christian Perfection [review]

Nov 21:  The Latest Word on St Paul [review of Prof Sanday’s ‘Romans’]: ‘A Morning’s Letters’ (CCC)

Nov 28:  The Strength of Higher Criticism: ‘Matthew Arnold’s letters’ (CCC)

Dec 5:  The Christian Doctrine of Immortality [review of Prof Salmon’s book]: ‘Tribute’ to Peter Mackenzie

Dec 12:  The Imminence of the other World [review of R.W. Dale’s ‘James’]: ‘Hindrances to acceptance of Christ’ by Marcus Dods.

Dec 19:  ‘Aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel’: ‘Strangers at Lisconnel’ (CCC)

Dec 26:  ‘As dying and behold we live’ (by R.A. Watson): ‘D.G. Rossetti (CCC)

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